[R2R] The Color of Grace by Linda Kage

Friday, December 28, 2012


Not Interested -- that's what's Grace has said when the famous jock of the opposing team asked her of her name. It was one of the regrets of Grace since she can't get him out of her mind especially that green eyes. And now that she's transferring to his school, away from her home and to her friends, part of her wishes that he remembers her.

But when she met him again, Ryder already has a girlfriend clinging to him everywhere. Realizing that the only part of her that wants to be in that school was already killed with Ryder having a girlfriend, Grace felt all alone. Bit by bit, she and her old friends grow apart because of misunderstanding, her mother is changing-- no longer the friend she has, and her new stepfather acting weird and creepy towards her.

With everything that's happening to her, Ryder is always there.  Noticing even the slight changes in her clothing, appearance and moods. It seems like Ryder knows all the problems and fear she's having, no matter how good she hides it. 

My Review

Is this another story of a girl moving to a new school, then ending up with the famous jock? Yup is it! Sometimes, it gets tiring to read the same kind of stories over and over again, but the the other part of the story made me continue reading.

I was only expecting a young-adult story here, where the characters' biggest problem is unrequited love. But as I continue reading, there's something mo in this story. The storyline has potential, but there are lots of anticlimactic events. Like when Ryder end up crying when he should be comforting Grace. Or when Grace's problems doesn't been emphasized due to love problems and other high school stuff.

I want to like Ryder. He's gentleman, clever p, friendly and he's very popular. But I feel like he's too good to be true. Is there really someone like him. Though I totally loved him in the end, on how he handled things including Grace, most of the times, it feels like he wasn't given much opportunity as the leas character. Honestly,  his bestfriend's exposure was better.

it feels like there's something that's missing. I didn't see the characters developed. The problems were solved, yes. But that's just it. Still, all in all, the story went nice and didn't end up as a shallow one.

Lorien Legacies 1 ~ I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

Friday, December 21, 2012



There are nine of them who came into this world, along with their Cepan or guardians. They're from the planet Lorien, and when the Mogadorians invaded and destroyed their planet, 9 children who are meant to restore their planet once again in the future, was sent to the closest living planet -- the earth.

 A magic was cast upon them, to protect them against the Mogadorians who are hell bent to kill them. They can only be killed in order. Otherwise, the injury will bounce back to the one who did it. Three has already been killed, and now, they're coming for four.

This is the story of four, and how he lived his life hiding from the Mogadorians And hiding his real identity to the people of the earth pretending to be a normal high school boy. Until he and his Cepan Henri chose Paradise, Ohio as they're next hiding place.

Here, now john, experienced to be a normal person by having a real friend who accepts him by what he really is and fall in love with a girl.  Until, john could not leave paradise, even if the Mogadorians are close.

My Review

I  have watched the movie first -- a lot of times, before I even decided to read this. Actually, I chose it as a gift when my boyfriend asked me what I want to have for Christmas. So here it is, a set of the Lorien Legacies. At first, I was glad that what I'm reading is what exactly I have watched. Exact lines were used and the setting is almost the same. But then, as I continue reading, I'm taking back everything I say. I ended up so different from the movie. Well, the major story is still there, but what exactly happened, and what really came to be is totally different. So I was quite disappointed for awhile.

The pace of the story is also faster in the movie compared to the book. I guess iy's natural, but I'm only in chapter15 and when I replay the movie in my mind, I'm already halfway through. Anyways, I'm still enjoying it so I proceed.

It's really a nice story, enough actions and enough history and details to keep you informed and not out of place. Four's world has been defined elaborately that you can believe it's really real. What I just don't understand, is why these Mogadorians after them, they have already destroyed their planet, and they're planning to invade another one, so how come they still want them dead?

Four's character quite annoy me. He's uncontrollable, inconsiderate of Henri and his power gets into his head. Maybe because I'm aware of what will happen to Henri, that I can't blame anyone but four on what happened. I really like Henri and his dedication in protecting four, but he's so selfish that he forgot that it's not just his life that is in danger but Henri as well.

It's a  very good start for a trilogy. An elaborate introduction of what's happening, and living enough mysteries for the reader to keep going. It's not a cliffhanger that would kill readers in anticipation. What I noticed while reading this, is that it made me relax in reading. I could go on and on as long as long as I want just for the sake of reading, but I could stop anytime and continue later, without me being anxious on what will happen next. Except for the climatic part of course! ;)

Off to the next book now :)

The Iron Fey 4 ~ The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Meghan is now the Iron Queen. That means, Ash can't be with her, as long as he's a fey, he'll never be able to survive in the Iron Kingdom and be with Meghan. As long as he's a fey.

And that's why Ash has embarked to a journey, along with Puck and Grimalkin, to the end of the world, and be a human -- it's the only way.

But as Ash gets nearer to his goal, things come in his way. A legend willing to go with them, a past he thought will always remain in the past, the life he was brought up and many more.

In the end, it will be Ash to decide if what he chose just to be with Meghan would be the life he really wanted.

My Review

If you haven't started reading The Iron Fey series, don't you think this cover is enough to convince you to do so??? This guy is totally hot! It really suits him as Ash.

Anyways, back to the story...

There are a lot of happenings in this book, and it feels soooo llooonnggg..  Maybe because I was waiting for the scenes with Ash and Meghan. And I'm warning you, it's not that much in this book. But I swear! It's all worth it.

It's nice to see Ash and Puck together, working on the same goal. Though it breaks my heart on what's Puck is doing, you could still see the camaraderie between the two, even though it's being hidden behind all their "fights" and "angst" toward each other. Also, I was able to have the opportunity to see different sides of both of this amazing guys. You'll see a Puck so serious, and fill of regrets. And you;ll see a vulnerable Ash. An Ash who love so deep.

From here on onward, I won't be able to write a proper review without some spoilers... so BEWARE OF SPOILERS if you continue reading..

There's a big surprise in this story and I didn't like so much. Yes, it's Ariella. When she returned, and the way Ash acts toward her is so annoying. It makes me wonder, If Ash have known that Ariella is alive all this time, Would Ash still fall for Meghan? It would be nice to know that even with Ariella in the scene, Ash would still choose Meghan. Although, I don't blame Ash that much for acting that way. He had believed Ariella is already dead for thousand of years, and in those years, he's suffering. Though Ariella is nice, I can't help but hate her. Every scene, I was wishing Meghan would just pop out there and end everything right there and then!

There's a lot of action here as well. And not the usual war we've seen in the past books. A very good type of action that suits well in every character. In the end, it became so intense and very dramatic.

The ending is the best ending I've ever read so far. It's better than any fairy tale. It's not that cheezy, but it would make you go head over heels for Ash. He's the best knight ever!

Then, at the last part, it keeps me wondering. Is Grim Ariella's cat???

The Iron Fey 3.5 ~ Summer's Crossing by Julie Kagawa


Ash and Puck has been friends since forever. Until, Ariella was killed and Ash blamed Puck for it and vowed to kill Puck someday. 

But now that Ash is on his journey to find a way to be with Meghan, Puck won't let Ash go on his own. Just to make the girl both of them love be happy, Puck would do anything, even if it's to steal something from the scary summer queen herself.

But when Oberon gave him the blessing to be with Meghan, and an opportunity to be with her. Will Puck take the chance he longs to have, if it means removing Ash out of the way?

My Review

Finally! A novella for Puck! I always love Puck. I loved him more in Iron Queen, when he broke my heart with all the pain he made me felt during his heartbreak when Meghan is dying. At first, I felt his pain more than Ash. But don't get me wrong. I'm team Ash all the way. It's just that in my opinion, and I know yours as well, Puck is the best person to fill the love triangle for Ash and Meghan.

And now, a novella on his POV is a great gift from Ms. Kagawa. Here, I learn to know Puck more, the way he thinks and how deep his feelings for Meghan is. And when I felt it, the -I-will-do-everything-even-if-it-is-helping-my-rival-to-be-with-you-just-to-make-you-happy kind of love, it would melt your knees seeing the real Puck behind the prankster.

Blog Tour ~ Find You In The Dark ~ Clay Interview


Clay Interview

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Readiacs and Meredith Walter for the opportunity to be part of htis blog tour. The book was amazing, and so is Clay! So here he is... I am so lucky to have him for interview *blink blink

Bookgineer: Basic Information
Full Name:  Clayton Allen Reed
Birthday:  March 18, 1995
Age: 17 years old
Favorite color:  Grey

Bookgineer: When you first saw/bumped Maggie, what is your first thought about her? Clay: Well, my first thought was that I was pissed!  I wasn't having a great morning to start with and then some girl bumps into me.  She didn't apologize, she didn't help me pick up my stuff.  But she had fire and she didn't back down.  So even though I wanted to yell at her, I was strangely intrigued by her as well.

Bookgineer: In what specific event did you realized you are falling for Maggie? 
Clay:  I think I started falling for Maggie the first time we had an actual conversation.  The way she came up to me and sort of just called me out on my attitude.  It took me back, but damn if I didn't enjoy it.  She was brash and to the point, but she had compassion about her as well.  I knew there was a lot to this girl that I just had to find out about.  Then the more I got to know her, the deeper I fell.  I really didn't have a chance.

Bookgineer: What is your favorite memory with Maggie? 
Clay: The morning in the cabin.  Waking up with her.  Feeling her pressed against me while I slept. I've never felt that safe and secure with someone.  She makes me feel the best of everything.  Watching her face light up when I gave her the butterfly necklace was a memory I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Bookgineer: Humility aside, who in Hollywood or any actors in that manner do you thing resembles you the most?
Clay: That's tough...I guess Aaron Johnson from Nowhere Boy..

Bookgineer: . If you'll not really end up with Maggie, who do you think deserves her the most?
Clay: She deserves to be with someone that makes her smile.  Someone who doesn't drag her down.  Maggie deserves to be with a guy who doesn't make her cry.  It's really hard for me to think of Maggie with anyone else.  It sort of guts me actually.  But if she's happy, I could be happy too.  Even if that means she's not with me.

Bookgineer: . When you're already ok, do you plan on returning to Maggie? if yes, what is the first thing you'll say to her? 
Clay: I hope I can see Maggie again.  It's the one thing that keeps me going every day.  I don't know what I'd say to her if I see her again.  I'd probably just stare at her like an idiot.  She's always made it hard to think straight.  More than anything, I think I'd want to apologize...face-to-face.  I don't think you can tell someone you love “I'm sorry” enough. Particularly when it's the one thing you want to and should say.

Bookgineer: Message for people like you with bipolar disorder?
Clay: You can have a life.  You can find love.  But you have to take care of yourself.  You can't ignore the things you need to be healthy.  If medication is what you need...take them.  If it's therapy...then go.  You have to find a balance within yourself.  And you have to be willing to face the ugly even if it hurts.  Denial is a horrible thing and doesn't help anyone...particularly yourself. 

Bookgineer: Message for people who's considering committing suicide?
Clay: Talk to someone.  The worst thing you can do is bottle it up inside and let it eat away at you.  If you're at a point where you're thinking about hurting yourself, you have to find that person you trust...that person who will listen.  Then you tell them.  If they don't listen, you KEEP telling until someone hears you!  EVERY life matters...so that means YOU matter!  And every life is worth living!

blog Tour - Find You in the Dark by Meredith Walters

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hi Guys! It's my turn for the review so... Welcome to The Bookgineer!


Maggie is ok. Except for her car that won't start more than it starts and having bad days sometimes, she's definitely ok. Then she met Clay, who is obviously not ok. Actually, saying he's not ok is an understatement. The moment Maggie saw Clay, she can't stop being curious of the aloof mysterious guy and started growing an attraction to him. Everything in him shouts "leave me alone" and her friends definitely sees him as trouble but it seems Maggie is not listening to any of that.

And when she finally succeeds in breaking the new guy's personal wall, Maggie founds out the problem and burden Clay has. At the start both believe that love would make everything works. But as Clay's problem grew bigger than both could handle, would just love be enough to make everything be ok for both of them? 

My Review

This is more than a YA Romance book. It's not just a story of a girl falling in love with the new boy type of thing, it's more than that. This was not written just to make us giggle, roll our eyes with all the love and put butterflies in our stomach. Well, it does that too but this book also give us awareness on one of the major issue of teens right now. Suicide. It is so intense that makes my hand hurt in gripping my phone while reading it. I guess this is the reason why my reader was glued in my hand I can't put it down. The story is so emotional, but at the same time frustrating. There are parts that I want to enter the story just to explain to both of them that hey... he needs help.

The characters are familiar but also different. There's the girl in high school who find her life boring and everything changed when the new mysterious guy came and turned her life upside down. But in my opinion, the characters are the closest to reality compared to other YA I've read. The girl is not the "she-is-beautiful-but-she-does-not-know-it" and there are no secret love of a best friend toward the girl. Also, there are no love triangles that other books' hope in putting excitement in the story. This story is just plain and very real. Though the other characters are just "other characters" they are also nice to read. But still, the story focused mainly between Maggie and Clay.

At first, I am like them. Hoping that they're love is enough to make everything all right. But as I continue reading, realizations come. Realitywise, there are things that teens like Maggie and Clay could not handle on their own, no matter how big their love for each other is. I guess that's where the lesson starts. Those teenagers who are experiencing the same thing, they feel like they could surpass anything, feels like noone understands them and too proud to ask for help. I think this book made a very good point.

But aside all the dramas, I really love when Maggie and Clay are together. The hope of this two is contagious. It makes you hope as well and root for them more. So I'm hoping to read more of this two on the next installment. I'm definitely waiting now and so excited what will happen next.  

Please don't forget to stop by again on December 20 for Clay's Interview! I know you want him too! :p 

Blog Tour ~ Find You In The Dark

Monday, December 10, 2012


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The Iron Fey 3 ~ The Iron Queen

Wednesday, December 5, 2012



Ash and Meghan are now free to love each other. After choosing to be banished that to swear never to see each other again, they are now in the mortal world to find a future together. But with the Fake Iron King trying to kill her, Meghan can not return to her family and risk them being involved. So, Meghan and Ash decided to go to the queen of exiles--Leanansidhe (did I spell it correctly? :-s) but before that, they need to return first to the Oracle whom took Meghan's best memory before-- the momory of her stepfather, who happened to be under the care of the queen of the exile herself.

However, the NeverNever is not yet through with Meghan and Ash. The truth is, they needed them badly, especially Meghan and her being immune to iron. Seelie and Unseelie court are now at war against the Iron Kingdom. And truth be told, they are not winning. Meghan is their only chance of surviving this war. But of course, Meghan would not do it alone. Ash and Puck would be where Meghan is.

My Review

This is like a whole new story with more excitement! But first, let me quote one of Meghan's line in this book:

"... Fairy godmother didn't exist...Besides, I had something better than a fairy godmother. I had my faery knight, my faery trickster, and my faery cat, and that was enough. In the end, it didn't matter."

I think this says it all on the story. This is a faery story but not a faery tale. 

I totally love the Ash in this story. The cold Ice prince is gone and is replaced by a very sweet, thoughtful and vocal Ash. I already love him being the Ice Prince but this one, it's like I want to enter the book and take Ash for myself! Sorry Meghan! I never enjoyed much of the fairy tale's princes, but I would say they are nothing comapred to Ash! The best knight-in-shining-armor ever! and oh! He has the ice gamour! beat that! Also, there's a new character I come to love as well is Razor. He's like an animal pet you could put in your pocket.. haha

Among all the Iron Fey books, this one is my favorite. It's because it tells so much the love between Meghan and Ash. It even included Puck's feeling for Meghan. This book tells a lot on all the characters feelings... well, except for Grimalkin of course! And I guess this is where you could really see how much all the characters have grown from the day Meghan found out about the feys.

Then there's the war. It was pictured perfectly. Detailed and very clear. It's like I'm seeing the war myself--like watching a movie. The excitement was heightened further by the idea that the only chance for winning a war is a mere human. Who in all honesty does not have any idea/plans on how to beat the fake iron king. What Meghan only has is her determination and Ash and Puck behind her. 

But what I really enjoyed more in this story is Ash and Puck's banters. I told you before how Ash changed from cold to warm. You could definitely notice it first on how he talks and jokes. Yes! Ash is doing jokes!!!  This part was when they are in the cave in the Iron Kingdom and Ash and Puck are debating who to stay awake to guard the entrance:

Puck: Why don't you take first watch, prince? you could actually be doing something that doesn't make me want to gouge my eyes out with a spork

Ash: I would think you're better suited to the task, Goodfellow. After all, that's what you're best at, isn't it? Watching?

Nice one Ash! I totally love that comeback. I was laughing out lout after reading this! haaha!

Then, near the end, Meghan did some speech:

"Summer and winter are not your enemies! They are different, yes, but they are fighting the enemy that you hate -- a tyrant who seeks to destroy everything..... Who is with me?"

This speech is better than Snow White and the Huntsman! Really! this would be a better movie indeed! I just hope if they decided to put it into movie, they'll stick on the story.

And at the end, (I want to give spoilers here) this book has been successfully in making me cry. Not just teary-eyed, but really cry. I had red and puffy eyes after!

The Iron Fey 2 ~ The Iron Daughter

Monday, December 3, 2012



Meghan Chase now needs to uphold her side of the contract. Now that Ethan is safe back home, Meghan is now at the Unseelie court and she's anything but safe. She's the daughter of Oberon, the Seelie king, a half-blood faery immune to iron and now and is now a hostage by the Seelie queen, her father's mortal enemy and her love's mother. But here in the Unseelie court, her love is nowhere to be found. Though he's there physically, the Ash she knows during their journey to the iron kingdom is MIA. The Ash in this court is the Ice Prince. The cold and soulless youngest prince of the Unseelie court. 

Doing her best everyday to survive the winter court, Meghan also needs to prove to everyone of the danger the Iron Kingdom has to NeverNever. But noone believes her. Even when the scepter of the season was stolen by the Iron faery, no one believes her but Ash. And with the Scepter stolen, Winter and Summer are preparing for the war. Again, it is up to Meghan and Ash to save the day. But with forbidden love in the way ,how will the two succeed?

My Review

I'm so excited for this second installment, but the story's plot at the start is getting me frustrated. It started with Meghan reminiscing the past events on book1 and even put a paragraph with the exact words from Winter's Passage which for me is kind on useless and waste of space. Though it's nice to have a reminder of what happened, it's kind of tiring to read the story again and again epecially when I have already read the first books/novella which is sort of a requirement here. OR maybe, I think this way because this is my second time reading this story and I did a marathon (meaning, just read Iron King and Winter's Passage a couple of days ago).

Reading about Grimalkin always made my day. I love how he talks and I love how he always say "because I am a cat." The way Grim talks strongly expresses how smart he is. Then there's Iron Horse. Amongst all Iron Fey, I love Iron Horse the most. You could feel his loyalty towards the Iron Kingdom. Don't want to put spoiler here, but I just wished I could read more about him.

I really like how Meghan was presented in this story as a strong character. Finally! Now, she has her power and her determination is stronger than before. She's definitely so different from the Meghan we saw in the first book. Meghan in this story has lost the innocence and fear of the NeverNever. From just the few months she lived in NeverNever, she immediately got familiar with how the NeverNever works...almost. :/ And the best thing is, even if she knows how cunning the faeries are, even after all the deals and contracts she experienced, she still does not think twice in doing contracts with them for the sake of her loved ones... which I believe defines so much what Meghan's character really is. Loyal and selfless.

I love Ash.I will always love him. But here, Ash's attitude annoyed me a lot. He has full of dramas and too proud. But since I love him, I understand him. I sympathize what he's going through. Growing up in the Unseelie court as he describes and falling inlove and knows that it is forbidden, who wouldn't act the same way as he is? And when he's breaking Meghan's heart by saying they can't be together, my heart is breaking with Meghan's. The pain of breaking was perfectly captured by Ms. Kagawa in her writing. It's as if I'm the one breaking up with Ash! :((

A perfect ending. Though of course it's not yet the ending since two more books are ahead, I just want to say how romantic the story ended.