Divergent 3 ~ Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Monday, October 21, 2013

My Review 

This book is definitely worth the wait! The conclusion of Veronica Roth's Divergent Trilogy finally came, and now that I knew how Tris and Four's story ended, I wish for more. I almost forgot Ms. Roth's gift in putting up an absolutely great and complicated story in simple words. I never had a hard time remembering what happened in the past books, never had difficulties in imagining how is the world inside the story. The writing made it easy for me to capture all the characters' feelings and thoughts in just a few words, no further explanations needed.

The story started where the second book left off. Now that Tris' group knows that there's a world out there, possibly a world where there won't be any factions, they venture to find that world.  Living the world they grew up to to look for the unknown. As long as there's the hope that the world would be a greater place, of course Tris won't let that pass. However, it seems that no matter where they go, the government tends to classify people and find scientific explanations on how they are. Again, Tris and Four found themselves in the middle of another society where one group believes they are genetically better than the other. Not much revelation in this book that I didn't expect, but I guess that's how the final book should be. All mysteries in the past books were answered clearly leaving no questions at all for the readers.

Tris' dauntless character is back this time. I was frustrated on how stupidly heroic she was in book 2, but now, I guess Tris learned her lesson. She became the careful one, the one who think things through. However, I feel like Four lost his touch. He became so lost because of what's happening between him and his parents and it seems like he can't adapt on the new world they found. Tris became the pillar of the group, she became the stronger one, the real hero their world needs. On the side of Tris and Four's relationship, not much since the story is focused on how to make the world a better place. But as the story progresses, you could see how mature their relationship has become. It's not about the butterflies in their stomach anymore nor how Four is so handsome (I guess that's meant for me :p) but it's about how these two people surpassed all the hardships in their relationship that they know for sure that they two belong to each other. :)

SPOILER ALERT! (Stop if you haven't read the book yet)

So many characters were lost in book 2 that I thought I couldn't handle anymore. But this is war, so I guess I should expect more deaths. But to realize that death comes to those characters I learned to be familiar with, oh my... It's like I lost my own. So when Tris died... (yes, she did. I told you not to go here if you haven't finished the book yet!) I was hoping that this is just a fake death like what they did to Four's mom. I was hoping until the end that Tris will pop out of nowhere and kiss the life out of Four. But no! That's when I started to cry! :(( I could count the books that made me cry and I never expected this book to add to it. It was so unexpected. That's why I couldn't tell if this book ended happily or not. Tris life was not wasted as they achieved a place where there would be no factions or classification of who's damaged and who's not. It's a very nice place to start anew. But I still remember Four and how devastated he is, I find the story sad. After everything that they did to be free, Four and Tris did not lived happily ever after.