The Iron Fey 1.5 ~ Winter's Passage

Friday, November 30, 2012


To save her younger brother Ethan from the Iron King, Meghan Chase, the half-faery princess of the seelie court made a contract to the unseelie prince and her forbidden love to help her go to the Iron Kingdom. In return, Meghan Chase will voluntarily go with Ash to the unseelie court and be a captured by Mab, the Unseelie Queen. And now that Ethan is safe back home, Meghan needs to uphold her promise. 

But on their way to the Unseelie Court, they sensed that someone is going after them. An ancient hunter, older than anyone could remember and very powerful through all the faery stories he's in. And it's coming after them.

My Review

This just shows how good Ms. Kagawa in doing stories. To create an adventure to a simple journey in going to the Unseelie court and introducing such a powerful character at the same time is amazing!

It's nice to have this story. I think this tells a lot on what's Ash is feeling for Meghan and the battle going inside her. He's bringing the love if his life to the his court. It's like bringing Meghan to her death, the thing Ash wanted to protect her from.  

It's a very short story but tells a lot. I remember that this novella helped me a lot in my frustration during the time I was waiting for Iron Daughter to be released. :)

The Iron Fey 1 ~ The Iron King by Julie Kagawa


Meghan Chase will turn 16 years old in a few hours. All she's expecting on this day is a time with her all -time crush, the campus jock. But fortunately or unfortunately, life has to reveal something very unexpected to her the day she'll turn 16. Turned out to be, her best friend for almost 10 years is a faery and the famous prankster of Midsummer Night's Dream- Puck. Robin Goodfellow the Puck! But before learning this, his younger brother Ethan was kidnapped by an unknown faery. Together with Puck, Meghan ventures to NeverNever- the faery land.

And when Meghan thought she knows everything she needs to know about her life, when she met Oberon the king of the Seelie court. Then, she met Ash, the youngest prince of the unseelie court, and fell in love. 

Along with a cat, Puck and the youngest prince of the unseelie court named Ash, they traveled to the unknown part of the NeverNever to save Ethan. But the journey became dangerous in every revelation. Continuing the journey could kill not just the faery she's with, but also the whole NeverNever and Meghan is the onle one who could stop it.

My Review

This book started me in reading faery books. And until now, nothing still beats the Iron Fey series in its genre. The idea was well-thought of and very detailed. It makes you think if NeverNever really exists. Julie Kagawa have created a whole new world of faery with some twists and everyone's loving it. The Iron Kingdom is really a unique idea that won't make the reader say it's a typical faery story. There's no cliche in this book.

Everything in this book will intrigue you. First, the cover. I really love the concept of the cover. Then the title. Iron King? in a Faery story? What's the connection. Then Meghan's POV. You'll just find yourself sleepless and not stopping until you finish the book. And even the ending won't make you stop and will force you to continue reading the next book. 

But of course, a story will be good as much as its characters. And good thing, I love all the characters even the antagonists. Meghan, is the best lead character. Meghan's character is a fighter, though she seem weak and all, it does not stop her in leading the way to the unknown to save her brother.  And who would not love Ash and Puck. My dream boys came into life in this book. And of course, the caith sith! I totally love Grimalkin! Why? Well, because he is a cat!haha He's one of the major contributor in making this story not boring.

It's a perfect book for relaxing. A way for you to escape the real world for a while and enjoy another world, with faeries, cat talking and all the twists the NeverNever could offer.

[R2R] A Shimmer of Angels by Lisa Basso

Wednesday, November 21, 2012



Rayla can see people with wings, and that brought her to the mental clinic - SS crazy she calls it. After 3 years of therapy, Ray finally was released. But only few days after being released, she can see them again. And worse, a new student in her school has wings. But when Cam, the new guy with wings turned out to really have wings (only Rayla could see) she expected it to justify everything about her and proves to herself that she's really not crazy and angels really exist. But then, things got more complicated as students started killing themselves and Rayla trapped in between with what seems to be the working af another angel with black wings. cam turned out to be a guardian angel for Luke, one of the students who's life is in danger.

When Ray thought things won't get any weirder, she met Kade. Kade is another guy with wings. But unlike Cam with golden white wings, Kade's wings are dark and shiny as night. And what's more? other angels won't see each other's wings, and in an anomaly Ray can't explain, she's the only one who could see wings from either sides. From Kade, she found out that Kade was a fallen angel, who succumbed to human emotions, and coincidence it might be, he once met with her mother and fell in love with her. Through Kade, she also found out that another fallen angel is causing the suicides in her school for his evil plans and if she won't do anything to stop it, more students would die, and that may include her best friend Lee. 

Together with Cam and Kade, Ray battles with Az, the fallen angel behind all the attacks to stop him from taking another innocent lives. Turned out to be, that Az has plans none of them expected.

My Review

I find the development of the story slow. I was near the midpart of the story and I'm getting bored and frustrated. I'm not sure where the story is going with all the crazy issues of Raylah and her angst toward the world and her family. It even came to a point that I'm getting annoyed with all her blabbering that is going nowhere except that I'm finding her as a self-centered crazy girl. When she started proving that Cam really has wings, she turned out to be crazier. I guess for other persons, that would be some instant realization that she is not crazy, but she has so much doubts and took her awhile before finally believing it to be real. A part of me don't blame her. For years, everyone says she's crazy and that there's no angels, that she was forced to believe it herself. So, I guess proving otherwise needs a lot of time to take in.

Halfway through though, everything went spiraling up. The story got interesting and really exciting. At this part, I'm finally getting a hint of what's the story is all about. Better late than never! haha! Kade and Cam being both angels and one human angel who can see wings started getting intriguing and I can't keep myself turning page to page to know what will happen next. I guess my waiting is worth the wait. Until the end, I was totally absorbed in the story, that I myself seems to be part of the action. 

I'm still not sure who to root for. Would it be Cam or Kade? Well, Cam came first and had Ray's first kiss so I'm guessing it's a hint he'll be the one she'll end up with. But I find Cam stiff and seems that Ray is not his priority. Unlike Kade. Kade is not far behind, though dating Ray's mom before took the romance on them, the way Kade and Ray being friends and being comfortable with each other is a plus point. I'll be anticipating the second book just for these two hot angels :)

[R2R] The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

Monday, November 19, 2012



Nastya Kashnikov is the new student. The girl who only wears black and stilletto. Nobody knows much about her, except that she doen not talk. Literally doest not talk except for "no," "yes" and "maybe." But deep inside, the girl with selective mutism is full of rage. Anger for all the things she could no longer do and anger to the person who took it all away from her.

Josh Bennett is surrounded by death. Everyone arounds him die. His mother and younger sister, his grandmother, his father and now his grandfather. With all the deaths, he can go away wfrom anything, all people avoids him and he avoids all of them. Until Natstya Kashnikov came and destroyed that "force field " that surrounds him. A girl that do not talk but gives him the curiosity and the company he never though he needed, Josh bit by bit is getting used to her and maybe, falling for her.

But Nastya has too many secrets she could not share, secrets that even herself is too afraid to tell. Will Josh love for her break all the walls she put to protect herself from her dark past or would she let her dark past consume not just her voice but everything about her?

My Review

The plot itself got me intrigued, then paragraphs on each chapters makes me more curious what's this book is about. It's hard to do a review without giving some spoilers because this story is one big mystery and I totally LOVE it so firgive me for some spoilers! There are time that Nastya would say something that would make me stop... "what?!" who's emilia? you were murdered? Can someone tell me what's going on??!

When I'm finally having a hint on what's going on, (that means I'm finalyl getting that Nastya survived a murder) I'm a little bit worried that I won't like it that much. I've just finished reading another murder story and it's quite heavy emotionwise so I need a break from those type, but then I find myself laughing at some parts. So.. this story has the heavy emotion of a murder story and death but still has the time to be humorous... I'm really loving this!

The development of the story is perfect. The stages before the two moved on from their grief gives the readers too much lessons. When the part came where Josh and Nastya has the conversation of believing in God, and that Josh says:

"I believe in God, Sunshine. I've always believed that God exists, I just know that he hates me."

That says it all, it's just a line but you could feel the deep emotion on what Josh is saying and somehow, even if you didn't had the experience Josh had, you could relate. The story gives you something to ponder on. Whether it's on overcoming grief, acceptance or moving on... it jsut says so much!

It's nice to see the name "Emilia" in the chapters at the end, I guess it's symbolizes the acceptance and movin on. Saying this is a page-turner is an underestimation. I got late in my date with my boyfriend because I can't stop my "just-one-more-chapter" promise, then I eneded up staying up until 4 in the morning because I can't stop until I finish it. This is just unbelievable amazing! I didn't expect too much from this book but this definitely entertained me more than I wanted it to be. And the ending? There's no better ending than this I swear! Such a perfect ending!

The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten ~ The Lost Prince

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Meet Ethan Chase. Yes, the same Ethan Chase. Younger brother to Meghan Chase that was kidnapped by the Iron King back that led to her sister saving him and ending up as the Iron Queen. The same Ethan Chase who started it all.

And now, he's 17 year old and no one hates the Feys more than him. The feys kidnapped him when he's so young, broke his family apart by taking her sister as the ruler, and now making his life miserable with all of them putting him in trouble because of his Sight.

In his new school, this is the last chance for Ethan to make it right. After being expelled in his former schools because of the Fey trying to burn the school and other else, Ethan wants nothing but to have a normal life away from the Fey. But with his sight, and a school mate who happens to be a half fey, Ethan finds himself trapped once again in the business of the Fey. And now, his family and everyone close to him are being threatened by Feys he never seen before, leaving Ethan with no choice but to go to his sister to the Faery world for help, bringing along a girl he wishes would never be endangered because of him.

My Review

My favorite feys are back!!! Once again. Julie Kagawa proved that the magic of the Feys and the Iron Kingdom has not been lost and forgotten.

It's good that finally Meghan chase had her happy ending, but sad that I would no longer hear new stories about the love of Ash and Meghan in a book. But good thing Ms. Kagawa gave readers consolation by bringing a whole new story starting with Ethan. I think it's just a right thing to put Ethan Chase as a lead character in the this new series since everything started when he was kidnapped. We only saw him before as the younger brother whom Meghan loves so much. But now, here he is, all hunk and all!

But Ethan is full of anger, so I find it less enjoyable than the original series. Grimalkin is right, Ethan are Meghan are the same, but Meghan is better company! Speaking of Grimalkin, I totally miss this cat!!! No one is more clever than he is, just because he is a cat! Yes!!! The series won't be complete without this vanishing pet!

Honestly speaking, I didn't like the new characters that much. Ethan is always brooding, Kenzie is so stubborn beyond annoyance, Annwyl ends up being a weakling and Kierran seems to be just a spoiled prince who's in love. Before throwing tomatoes on me, please hear me first. This is what I saw from them in this story. Unlike the previous series, we find out lots of reasons in their characters. Like Ash is cold because the way his family are, Meghan is stubborn but brave because she loves her family so much. But here, there's not much of a foundation on the story behind their characters. Well, except for Ethan whom story we already know. Though at the end, Kenzie's character is justified, still, I find other information lacking I can't pinpoint. Maybe I'm saying this because I love Ash-Meghan-Puck story that I was expecting more from the new series. But I'm not closing my doors, though I was not able to be attached with the characters, the story behind them really good and I know this would end up a great story and I'm just in the beginning of it.

Confessions of a Murder Suspect by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro



Growing up from a perfectionist parents, with an unorthodox way of raising their children, Tandoori grew up sheltered and looked upon by people. Every Angels has skills beyond normal. Tandy's older brother is a famous NFL player, her twin brother has been been an extraordinary artist, the youngest Angel, who's only 10 already shows a strenght a 10 year old should be impossible to have, and she herself is intelligent beyond a normal teenager should be.

Then her parents are murdered in their own house, in their own bed and there was no sign of break ins or stolen items. That leaves everyone inside the house as the murder suspect. The Angel children, including Tandoori.

It is not a secret within the walls of the house how their parents have raised them. Strict, brutal with too much expectations. Each of them has their motives to kill their parents, but who did really kill them? And Tandy feels like it's her responsibility to find out who, especially when there are things she can't remember, things she's starting to remember, things that might tell her who the real suspect is.

My Review

My first book by James Patterson and I'm already putting him in the pedestal. The story is very well written with such uniqueness. Written in Tandy's POV, writing is easy to understand, the flow of the story is natural but what totally got me hooked is how Tandy addresses directly to the reader. It makes the reader feels he/she is part of the story, part of the secret and confusion she is feeling, making the reader think what really is going on. I never had a lot of questions while reading a book until I read this. Every page has revelations that would lead you to more mysteries. 

As other book goes, what got me instantly attached to this is the cover, a beautiful girl, with an intriguing title and the line "Does this girl look like a murderer to you?" Te moment I saw this in the best-selling shelves, I can't stop thinking about it. However, I had a moment of doubts from buying it since I never tried mystery and thriller before, ever. But as days go by, the title keeps popping in my head. So couple of days after, I'm in the bookstore grabbing the book without second thought and off to the cashier!

I thought this is just an ordinary murder story, but when I started reading, some parts got me confused. How the Angel Family lives is one big mystery, I have to go back reading previous scenes before I finally get used to Tandoori's life. It does not spoon feed the reader on what's happening. I find myself wondering what the hell is Tandy's saying? "congo grande" where did that come from. But as the story continues, I'll find out what it is then I just end up nodding my head "oh... now I see what that means.." . But I'm not against this, in fact I love the style of writing, it makes me think nonstop.

The story itself is the big climax, there's no high and low in this book but you can't say it's flat. Every scenes are high, every revelations makes your head spin and the anticipation who really killed Mr. and Mrs. Angel would drive you crazy. Though the end was just "ok" I never saw it coming.

Still, there are lots of questions, lots of mysteries unsolved so... will there be a sequel?

The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

Sunday, November 11, 2012


In Every facebook status, Josh and Emma could determine what's happening in their lives. Emma is married, Josh is as well. Every page refresh, both of them sees what is happening to them.

The only problem is, it's 1996, and facebook has not yet been developed. So what are they looking at? Josh and Emma are looking at a facebook application on Emma's laptop after installing a CD-ROM that's supposed to be AOL only. Here, they could see their future- fifteen years older version of themselves. And every action they do in the present creates ripples of changes that affects their future from their relationship, jobs, children and everything.

My Review

The moment I read the plot of this, I immediately got intrigued. A love story revolving around facebook??? I thought it would be like "Rosie Dune" by Cecilia Ahern where the story would revolve on conversation through email or in this case, facebook status. So when I started reading, I got confused in the beginning. This is not what I expected. Seems like I missed some major part of the plot. And that is, it's 1996 and there's still no facebook. So, when I realize this is sort of "time-travelling" type of story, I finding it kind of corny. But when I continue reading, my curiosity got the better part of me. Every thing that Josh and Emma does changes their future as seen n their future facebook wall. Even just the minor part of ruining a new carpet has done a major effect in their future.

Josh and Emma got drown in the facts and details they are seeing in their future. Who wouldn't?! So I won't blame them when Emma tried everything to change the future which she doesn't like or when Josh made it to the point to make sure that the future he saw would happen. Then, bit by bit it seems like both are being controlled by their future instead of their present. Their actions are based on what they see in the future, and as long as they see that everything is ok in the future, they don't care about anything else.

Future could be either sad or happy. It depends on how you would see it, but one this is for sure, there are changes. I would like to quote something from the book that I believe is one of the saddest truth:

"People grow apart and sometimes there's nothing anyone can do about it."

It's a simple story actually. A love story with a future facebook twist. But what got me hooked into it is of course, the twist of facebook. I could relate...every facebook user would! Then, as I continue on reading, it would make you contemplate in different things. First, every decision one make, no matter how small or big it is, not only affects you in the future but also other people as well. It makes me think, that maybe I should be more responsible in my words, thought and actions. There's also that facebook issue, that we are in the age where we would write everything on facebook. We write whether we are happy, not happy, frustrated, relaxed and everything. For Emma and Josh who happen not to know anything about facebook at first, they find it weird for people to see everything in facebook, it made me wonder, for other people with facebook now, what do they think when they see my status? I guess I should be more responsible in my facebook status from now on :) And I guess the best message I got from this is that: no matter what your future may be, it should come from decisions that you chose because it's something you thought about and what is your heart's desire. So when you are already in that future, you would be happy with no regrets. 

Covenant 3 ~ Deity by Jennifer Armentrout

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Because of everything that happened in Catskills, Alex knows deep inside that something really big is coming up, and that it would all be trouble. Everything has changed. Alex chose Seth, that mistake she had done killing a pure and Aiden covering that mistake but doing compulsion over a pure. Both are against the law. Alex's mistake could mean servitude for her and Aiden's could mean treason or death. So everything should be kept as secret

Other than that, there are more pressing issues that Alex and the group  they should consider. Minister Telly is determined to put Alex into servitude, the issue of Alex's awakening and being a power charger for Seth, Alex's doubt about Lucian, her concern on how Seth looks up to Lucian, the furies plan of returning to kill her and more. 

But through all of this, there's Aiden who swore to protect Alex until the end. 


First, can anyone explain me what's on the cover. That one with glowing tattoo? Is that part of the body? What specific body??? I just can't distinguish it and I can't get it out into my mind!!! Haha

I would just like to quote Seth on how she describes Alex, because it totally hit the mark.

"Ah, I remember this girl who couldn't follow a simple rule even if her life depended on it."
"The girl who can't follow rules to save her own life..."

When I thought Pure is already high with emotions in everything, Deity heightened it more!!! I'll tag this book as don't-mess-with-me-while-reading-this-book. This book totally owned me! My thoughts and my emotions. It got me angry, happy, playful, frustrated, anxious, disappointed, sad, heartbroken and everything more! This book has all the control over me, no one could talk to me while reading this, eyebrows scrunched together sitting in the corner. I looked creepy here...hahaha!

What I love the most in this story is Aiden is back in action!!! Finally! His concern for Alex, his protectiveness, actions and words totally made me fall for Aiden all over again! I truly understand the attraction/love Alex feels for Aiden...because... I feel the same way! hoho

Seth on the other hand is changing, that part I foreseen. There's something wrong with Seth that's cluing Seth is going in the wrong path. Those looks he had every time Alex got her new marks are really scary. I'm a little frustrated with Alex for not noticing it immediately. 

Then, revelations came after an almost tragedy. And I literally squealed that I guessed right! After that, some scenes really went so funny with the banters of all the characters which made the story light for a while which is good, since I'm already so tired from reading this with all the emotions it puts me through. :)

You might notice my reactions in guessing right. That is because this story is totally unplottable! But since I have the habit of guessing on what's head, this book totally blows my mind from all the surprises!

Near the end, frustration overwhelmed me. I want to pull Alex and shake her until she wakes up from his stupidity. Her hope for Seth is admirable, but nearing the line of stupidity. Also, I just can;t understand how Alex can will keep her calm and sarcasm when everything around her is so serious. I feel like if she took everything seriously, Seth would understand what she's trying to say, but she speaks like her life is not depended on it that's why she did not convinced Seth on what she's trying to tell her. *sigh

Then everything turned into an exciting Greek Mythology story. _spoiler here_ Gods finally acted and showed themselves! And everything went to exciting to more exciting. This story just keeps getting better and better that I doubt if it would stop!

So here I am, staring at my calendar and thinking how long April 2013 is from today for the next book... *sigh

Covenant 2 ~ Pure by Jennifer Armentrout


"Listen to me, child. Fate is afoot. Things cannot be undone. Fate has looked into the past and into the future. History is on repeat, but this is the time to press 'stop.' To change everything" -Grandma Piperi

"I ain't nothing no more. You must see what I've shown you. Hear what I have spoken. Nothing is what it seems. Evil hides in the shadows, plotting its plans while you fear the daimons. -Grandma Piperi

"You should fear those who follow the old ways. Those who do not seek change and cannot allow things to continue as they are. And what a path, what a path the Powers have chosen. The end, the end is near. He, will see to it." - Grandma Piper

These words of the oracle tells everything on what would happen in this story. 


Of all the oracle characters I have read, Grandma Piperi is the best! Why? Well, it's because I honestly do not know what she's talking about! I can't even guess! For the other I have read, most of them are quite clear on what they are saying in their prophecy. But with grandma Piperi, instead of making me know what the future holds, I got more confused! Way to go Grandma Piperi!!!

Now that Seth is everywhere Alex is. I grew to like him. I'm in the brink of choosing Seth over Aiden for Alex! However, there's the magic of forbidden love, that no matter how good the other guy is, I have this tendency to root for it wishing for a happy-ever-after just to prove that love conquers all! But in the meantime, while Aiden is MIA, I'll enjoy Seth! Haha!

Seth turned from being the arrogant to a very sweet person.... but still arrogant! His smugness keeps the story entertaining, specially when she is with Alex. But no matter how I want to root for Seth, there's this part of confusion if he is with Alex because he needed to or he wanted to. Just like what Grandma Piperi mentioned in Half-blood. Also, there's Aiden with that habit of saying something big and sweet then suddenly leaves, leaving you thinking all day what the hell was that! and boy! Aiden's words are totally sweet making me forget everything about Seth!!! Alex! why are you so lucky??!! haha!

Every characters, little or big has very important part in the story. I love the story, but sometimes I feel it's too cruel. A lot of persons are dying, first, Alex's mother, then more. It's just as I've said, all the characters get into you, and when I'm already used with them, already loving them as if they're real persons... poof! aw! this story is really making me cry :(

The emotions in this story is very high, and it goes higher and higher it never stops until the end! Emotions and tensions are always present in this book. It made me tired all throughout with my fast heartbeat!!! 

Covenant 0.5 ~ Daimon by Jennifer Armentrout


A novella revolving around Alex's life before she returned to the Covenant. She speaks of her life living in the mortal world. The places they went to, the friends she met and how no matter how she tries, somehow she just can't fit in the mortal world. We also had a glimpse of how her mother really was before she became a daimon and what really happened before everything broke loose.


This is a very short story, only 394 pages in my iPhone. But no matter how short it is, I totally loved Ms. Jennifer for this part. As I mentioned before in my review for Half-blood, Half-blood started right in its momentum, in the middle of an action scene. Daimon is the missing part of Chapter 1 of Daimon. It's nice to know Alex' "before half-blood" I guess I was wrong to read Half-blood first before reading this. :(

Through Daimon, I had a better understanding of Alex and even her mother. What their life was like in the mortal world and how Alex get through with the escapades without exactly knowing what is going on. And when the heartbreaking part came, that tells what happened to her mother, how Alex killed a Daimon that killed her mon and ran away from the other daimons to save her life and everything, I myself was heartbroken. Too see your mother die knowing that she was dying right before your eves is so heart-wrenching.

Covenant 1 ~ Half-Blood by Jennifer Armentrout

Thursday, November 8, 2012



Must-know before reading:
1. Hematoi - qnother term for Pure (not sure about this :()
2. Pure - Offsprings of two Hematoi
3. Half-blood - Offsprings of a Hematoi and a mortal
4. Offsprings of the halfs are useless in this world, they are treated like mortals
4. Aether - spirit/soul within the Pure and half-bloods. Pure has more aether than the half-bloods
5. Daimon - Evil creatures that sucks aether from pure and half-bloods. It is believed that Daimon are originally Pure who turned into dark side. They are vulnerable in the water.
6. Covenant - the training grounds for pures and halfs to be a sentinel or guards
7. Only Pures can be turned into Daimon
8. Half-bloods has either two future. One is becoming a sentinel/guard by training in the convenant, or be put into servitude and become a lifeless slave for the Pures
9. How to turn a pure into a daimon - "a daimon placed their lips on the drained pure's, shared some of their aether and- voila!- brand spankin' new daemon."
10. Halfs could see what the daimon really look like, pures cannot.
11. Pures and half heal quickly
12. Pures and halfs are not immortal
13. It is forbidden for pure and half to be in love.

Other must-know:
1. Alexandria is a half-blood, her mother is a pure and her father is a mortal she never met. Her stepfather Lucian is is currently a minister which is the most powerful position in the council.
2. Alexandria's mother was killed by a daimon
3. Aiden is a pure and is now a Sentinel
4. Alexandria is totally attracted to Aiden.

My Review

I heard a lot of good reviews about this series before but every time I'm planning to read it, it's either I get lazy or I suddenly become too busy. So now, finally, I get to read the first book. And I regretted every chance I had that I let to pass. It's a one-you-started-you-can't-stop-even-to-eat-or-sleep kind of book. Right from the start, there's already action. It's like the story started immediately on its momentum without warming up. And oh! by the way, if you want to read chapter 1 and chapter 2 of this book on Aiden's POV, visit here:

At first I'm quire confuse with the settings of the story and overwhelmed with out-of-this-world terms. That's why I have to enumerate the important facts in my summary, to help myself and you guys to lessen the confusion. At first, I have to go back few pages every time I don't understand something, and those pages are those written above. But once I get into it..woah! I totally enjoyed it. I got wrapped up in Alex's world that I don't want to get out anymore!haha! And when I'm getting used with the facts, suddenly, things change that will rock every one's world.

I hate Alex but like her at the same time. She's so stubborn, reckless and uncontrollable. She doesn't know when to stop and does not care if she gets into more trouble when she's already in trouble. You know what I mean? But still, she's consistent. She's not the typical heroine that changes her behavior in every situation. If she's stubborn, she's stubborn all the way! and that's what I like about her. She has this braveness and boldness that no other half have, maybe that's why other pures love her. 

Aiden, I want to love him. Gush over him and everything. He has the potential, but since the story id through Alex' POV, I wasn't able to get to know him more. Good thing there are extras on Ms. Jennifer's blog where we could have some bits of his mind. 

I root for Aiden and Alex of course! This is the kind of story that I prefer. Innocent but still sexy. haha! The story does not revolve around the making making out. There's actually a story around them, and when they make out, it's something so important for the story and is definitly hot! Speaking of, if you want another Aiden's thoughts, on chapter 16 here it is:

The story is really plottable, the story has this pattern that when big events or twists lies ahead, an introduction subtly cluing what would happen next. For example, with the apollyon thing, before the apollyon is introduced there's the book that Aiden gave to Alex. Right there, you'll know what would happen nest. But I guess that is something unavoidable. With a story with all the terms only for this story, you have to present all the details before introducing something without making the readers more confuse.

Always You by Kirsty Moseley



Riley and Clay ahd been bestfriend forever. Being neighbor and all, this two are inseparable that they even sleep together once or twice a week. Literally just sleep together, nothing more. But when Riley returned for a month-long vacation and moved to new school where Clay is going, it seems that a month away from Clay had made her realize that Clay might not be just a friend for her. 

Clay has always been the protective one, threatening other boys from coming near her and protecting her from everything else. Being the new girl in her school, Clay helped a lot in making her feel a ease, except for the daggers she's receiving from the looks of the girls that's chasing Clay. Clay has always been a playboy, and that's what Riley is afraid of. That in case she's really feeling something for Clay, everything is just a game for his bestfriend. But when Clay is showing the same affection, and the possibility of feeling the same way, could the two risk their friendship for something more?

My Review

The story went overboard on everything. on their friendship, on their attraction, on drama and everything. I mean it when I say everything you know! First there is the weird and awkward friendship. I definitely agree that a boy and a girl can definitely be friends. But these too are crossing the line on their friendship even before Riley realizes what she feels for Clay. First, friends don't hug each oher the way they do:

"I dropped my bag, and just as he got over to me, I jumped into his arms and wrapped my arms and legs aroung him, squeezing him as tight as I could"

I'm ok with all the hugging, but with legs..really? Second, friends don't sit on each other's laps:

"I moved over to sit on his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck putting my forehead to his"

Seriously??? That's not how two friends should act right? and lastly, friends don't mark each other by giving each other a kiss mark!

These are just few things I notice that I feel that don't match up with them being friends and all. There's also the part that they sleep together, but I will let it go since I am a fan of "The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window" by the same author. The story is so similar with TBWSIMBW that I can't help but compare. Both lead characters grew up together, both sleep inthe girl's bed together (the only differencei s the one sneaks and the other legally sleep with her with the persmission of their parents), bith girls are in serious trouble (one is from her abusive father the other is from a delusional almost ex-boyfriend).

Also one more thing that is too much of too much here is those two when they got together. Every page, I can't help but grimace that this two just can't stop making out. Privately and publicly. I'm not saying that I'm against it, it's just that it is too much. More of like "not appropriate" anymore. Anyways, I continue reading because the story is quite fun. Other than those things I mentioned above, the story is entertaining.

Then, when they went to Vegas, that's when everything went totally overboard. Ok.. I'll stop right there, I don't want to give spoilers... but these too are just 17 and 18 so I hope you'll understand where I'm getting at once you read it. 

The funny thing is, no matter how many things I point out here that I don't really agree with, I just can't stop reading it. haha! I must admit that the story is really intiguing and a page turner. It made me anxious what would happen next especially with the danger lurking aroung Riley and all. Also, these two are unstoppable in surprising me in all decisions they make. Though I find them so young and letting their hormones control them, I can't help but root for them, crossing my fingers that they get the HEA they deserve. And in the end, this book did not disappoint me. Yes they got their HEA, but it's more than that. :)

[ARR] In Between Seasons by Cassandra Giovanni

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Year 2031, everything has collapsed. The old world is gone and all Kate knows is what her parents told her what happened. Kate can't help herself but asked "why" and search reasons on everything that happened, and every time she gets lectured for asking such things, Kate's doubt towards her family increases. Without anyone telling her what she needs to know, deep inside Kate feels that there's more to what her family tells her.

Then came Hunter, attacked their home and kidnapped Kate. Instead of being afraid and trying to run, she felt safer with him and finds herself running along with him. Through Hunter, Kate finds the answers she's looking all her life. But can she handle the truth? She found out that all this time she's in the middle of war, and her father is one of the chief of a tribe that's involved. And Hunter? He's the general and only son of the chief of their tribe's opponent.

Hunter kidnapped Kate as a mission, they believe that she knows something about a secret weapon. But he found out that Kate knows nothing about anything, even her last name. As they journey to his home, he can't control the urge to protect Kate, even if it's from his own father. 

My Review

The story started off as awkward. I blame myself for noticing too much. There's those misplaced comma, weird use of words and not so clear sentences. I'm loving the story but the sentences got me lost in some parts. At one part, I find myself laughing when Trevor screamed. Really? The first instance that I've read that part, I imagined a boy shrieking like a girl. I guess "shout" would be more appropriate for Trevor :) Good thing the writing got better in the next chapters. 

For the story being post-apocalyptic, I'm expecting lots of details, but the world portrayed in the story seems so vague. I haven't had a good picture of what world Kate and Hunter are living in. I know there's the war, the tribe and everything. Yes, the basics are covered but I want more. Just like Kate, I am asking "why." Somehow, the author failed to elaborate on that part. For me, it's a little bit shallow for their history to be left at that. The world changed, families created the tribes, then they went into war against each other. 

It is very straight forward in a good way, I didn't even found some twist but I wasn't able to plot ahead. Maybe because I was expecting something greater ahead. Like heart-stopping scenes and twist that would shock me. Instead, I was faced with a very direct story, what you see is what you get. Or maybe, those I expected didn't turned out to be how I expected them to be. Somehow, the story went flat. It's like the story is getting there... it's already at its peak... building up and up and up..then poof! It went spiraling down. Still, I enjoyed it fine.

But other than that, I strongly thinks that this story has potential. It's really good actually! If you let your imaginations take you while reading this book, you'll find yourself watching a very good movie. I've fallen in love with Hunter!!! If I'm going to be kidnapped, I demand someone like Hunter! Haha! Kate and Hunter's love story got me frustrated! First is they're one-of-a-kind love story. Well, they have this kidnapper-victim relationship, then when they became friends, they had all the tensions around them. Why can't they just say those words they really need to hear so they could already be together? *sigh what I find so good in this story is that Kate and Hunter are the main characters which are so fun to read, specially when they tease each other and also, the story around them that is so great, interesting and very intriguing. At the end though, it was asking for more. I feel like I need to read more from them, so I'm hoping another book about them. 

Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta


Josephine Alibrandi is now in her last year at a wealthy Catholic high school. She grew up with people treating her as an outsider and someone not good to be with, and that includes herself. Being an Italian who was born in Australia, Josephine is quite confused within herself if she would consider herself an Italian or an Australian.

Trapped between the culture of Italians and the liberated life of being an Australian, Josephine lives her life the way she believes it should be... and that includes saying everything she thinks without filter.

To find herself, to know who she really is and what she really wanted, Jose will bump into many people that would define her in the future. Mysterious boy that would teach her how to love, am unwelcome and unexpected past and those people who are constantly with her. Her friends, her nonna and her mother.

My Review

During the first part, I was kind of sad that I'm not enjoying it as much as I wanted to. It being a Marchetta and all. I couldn't quite relate with Alibrandi and her mood swings. Then, when I'm getting used with how Jose speaks and how her mind works, I grew to like her. Suddenly, I find myself adoring Alibrandi. The way she talks and her character is really unique. Strong and admirable. The first time I laughed because of something Jose said, was the moment I noticed myself enjoying the story.

So, once again I ended up praising Ms. Marchetta for such a wonderful work. It's simple yet intelligently written. Her writing is way beyond some of I've read. I believe it's her trademark - her writing. I think if I would be reading her book, without her name on the cover, I would still know it's her creation. 

Page by page, I am being pulled into the characters. Mid part  I realize that this is not just Jose's story but the other Alibrandis as well. The story was not just about Jose's growing up, but what happened to the most influential women in her life. But what I love the most in this story is how I've clearly seen Jose grew up from being a rebel Italian to a matured young lady. Her experiences, her thoughts and actions are something that once in my life I also experiences, thought and did.