While it Lasts by Abbi Glines

Monday, October 29, 2012



Cage York's only chance in going to college is baseball. And now, it's beinth threatened to be take away from him since he got his DUI. Not if he spends his summer in a farm without girls and help his coach's brother in baling hay.

Eva Morgan's life revolved around her fiance Josh Beasley. Since they were young, her future is already planned, and that includes Josh in it. Until, Josh died in a bombing in Baghdad. Now, Eva's future is falling apart. How can she move on from someone who's not just his bestfriend since she was kind but the love of her life.

 Then the two met. Cage needs to spend his summer in the farm to get his baseball life back, and in that farm lives Eva Morgan with her amazingly blue eyes. Cage felt the instant attraction with her, but he could list all the possible reasons why she's off-limit. There's Jeremy who he thinks is her boyfriend, and the ring she's wearing meaning she's engaged and... she's the daughter of her boss. Hitting on her could him possibly end up getting fired, losing baseball and his scholarship. But what if what he feels for her is different. Different in a way that changes him from being a one-night-one-woman type to one woman man. And what if there's a chance that Eva is feeling the same way about him?

My Review

This is definitely a story that gets into you.I can't believe that this book already got me teary-eyed on the first few pages.Eva and Josh's story is so heartbreaking that I'm not sure how to root for Cage in the next scenes. Josh was described as the perfect person for Eva. The bestfriend, best boyfriend and best fiance, until he died. If I have someone like him, I would be just like Eva. Trapped in the past, afraid of forgetting him. He's not just someone that she met in college and fell in love with, he's someone that Eva grew to be with even when they were young, so I guess I understand her in that part.

Then there's Cage which is exactly the opposite of Josh. But there's the charm. His smugness and sexiness definitely makes him a top hottie! So when Cage came, I'm like Eva, starting to move on from Josh. Cage definitely has the "it" to grab anyone's attention! I totally love the story because of these characters! Eva and Cage has the chemistry even if they are totally opposite each. And who wouldn't love a story where a man with bad habits suddenly changes for that one girl...and oh..isn't his possessiveness so damn cute?? :D

The story went well, the flow of it was good and the development of Eva and Cage's relationship was just in its perfect pace. However, I feel like some important parts were skipped. Like how Eva stood up against her father and Mrs. Beasley regarding her feelings for Cage. I was hoping to know the details about it. I guess it's so important because that would define what Eva really feels for Cage and if she really already moved on.

I didn't know there's a Sea Breeze series, so forgive me if I jumped to the third one. But I'm afraid to read the other series, this books was so good I'm afraid the other ones would ruin the series for me. And... no Cage and Eva??? I'm really having a second thought about this. I want more of them, can't I have it? 

What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Mclean Elizabeth Sweet had moved 4x for two years after her parents divorced. Together with her father, Mclean moved from one town to another as his father's job required. In every move, Mclean has the chance for  fresh start and new identity. She became a cheerleader, a student body and everything she wanted. So now in these new town, she's going to be Liz. Liz Sweet. However, circumstanced wanted her to be Mclean, the real her.

McLean is used in moving, she already got the pattern. With just mere observations, she could tell how long they would stay, what things she needs to buy for their "temporary" house and if she can have attachments such as friends. Her life depended on it. Until her father was assigned to Lunar Blue. Here, she can't help making friends and getting attached. And worse is, the town keeps bringing hr back to the sport that destroyed her family. But when it's again time to leave, will McLean be able to leave everything behind once again and start anew?

My Review

One thing obvious about this book is that it has so many flashbacks. A lot of events, McLean finds something to remind her of the past. I'm not complaining, actually, I find it nice to read more about McLean's past and know what really happened before. Though a lot of these reminiscing, it did not end up confusing. The memories of McLean's are presented in such a good way that it still end up easy to read.

I like the idea of McLean having a different identity in every town they moved in. It seems so cool and adventurous. I even fantasized myself doing the same if I have the chance. :) But as I continue reading, I grow to understand McLean's dilemma. Her different identities is because she wants to escape the past and her fear of attachments. I see her relationship with Dave quite sad. Maybe because it's not love at firs sight and a dream-like love story. First, Dave is initially in love with Riley which is a great person including the fact that she's the best friend. If I have my way, I would prefer them ending up together then that Michael mentioned a couple of times would come and be with McLean. Of course that's my story, not the author's :D I didn't get attached too much with these two since they were not a typical couple. All throughout, they're always at the status of "almost there" and when they are about to go to a higher level, issues happen. I wasn't able to enjoy their relationship that much.

I hate McLean's mother as much as she hates her. I sympathize on what she's feeling. She started everything. She had another man which his husband and daughter literally idolized, had a divorce, then expects McLean to be just okay with it and act just like before. And when McLean's tries to decide for her own, she brings everything to court. I find her mother so selfish in this way. Even if she's trying her best to work everything out with McLean, she just can't understand what McLean needs at the moment. Though there's the part that I get the mother, like her concern for McLean being alone and everything. But still, she's the one who left. She's the one who broke their family apart. And even if McLean has come to terms with her, I am not. Wall I'm not the daughter so I guess it's ok.. haha

Easy to read and enjoyable. It has heavy emotions, but in the end, would make you feel good. The story floes naturally, and the happenings in the story are something you would agree that happens in real life not something that was inserted for the sake if the story. It shows reality, a bad one but it showed there's something good we still could get from it.

Beyond the Veil by Quinn Loftis

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Though the Romanian pack has won the battle against the Serbian pack, war is far from over. Desdemona had escaped and is planning darker things to put the Romanian pack down.

Sally is coming to terms being mated with Costin. Now the Beta of the Serbian pack and she as the healer of the said pack. But being a healer, unbonded means wolf magnet, making Costin agitated. Seems like Sally and Costin needs to the rites sooner rather than later.

Decebel is now the Alpha of the Serbian pack, of course bringing his feisty mate Jen with him. Upon escaping her death through the help of Peri the fairy, Fates have now come to take the payment.

Knowing the devil plans of Desdemona, Romanian pack are getting ready. But with their numbers dwindling, the wolves needs not just other wolves to win the battle against evil.

My Review

The gals are back! and they are so back!!! Honestly speaking, I didn't expect to enjoy this story much. I know this is Sally's turn to share her love story and I'm not a big fan of her. Not that I don't like her, I like her being Jacque's friend, just that. The real reason I planned on reading this is because of my hope that I could read more about Jacque and Fane. I know, but I totally love those couple and I really miss them. So I'm sort of sad and frustrated to hear much about the two. This story mostly focused of course with Sally and Costin and Jen and Decebel. So little about Fane and Jacque. :( But other than that, this book went beyond my expectation. There are lots of surprises, and I'm not just talking about other species that keeps popping in the story. 

The Tres Marias are still on it. The sarcasm and fun didn't left their tongues. And Perizada being an additional member of the group got me rolling with laughter! However, there are times that I wonder if the sarcasm, especially Jen's exists at the right time and place. Most of the time I love it, it keeps the story light and more enjoyable, but sometimes, it sort of destroys the moment.

The characters are still great, though there are lots of characters, all are given a fair share of exposure. They are not just characters in the sideline, but they each have their own individual stories that stands up. And will lots of characters and different but related stories, it's amazing that Quinn Loftis have put all of these together perfectly without making it feel jumbled and messy. 

The story levelled up. It's not just about the love story of a mated couple, how they meet, get through it and finally bond. This time, there's a bigger picture that involves a lot of supernatural for the battle between good and evil.  The relationship of the three major couple in the series are seen to grew and develop into mature one. Even if the languages for the girls are still sort of childish, you would feel the maturity of their relationship with their beloved wolves.

With lots of characters being mated, I'm being drowned with jealousy and envy for these girls having those sweet and possessive men. Fane, Decebel and Costin are just the start. Oh my!!! I need a wolf mate for myself!!! I thought this was the last book since the tree girls have finally have their beloved mate wolves, but good thing is not! I'm still not through with these possessive wolves!

Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick


Waking up from a cemetery, Nora could not remember anything.According to everyone, she was abducted for weeks am according to her memory, she's missing the last five months of her memories. A lot has changed after she came back, Darcie says they are no friends, a new car and her mother dating Hank Millar. 

There's a part of her that feels a hole in her life. A big part that something is missing but she can't tell what. Sometimes, it's like she just needs to reach and have them, but it feels like the someone is pulling them back away from her. 

Black. Just a color but to Nora, is very alive. Every time she feels that hole, color black consumes her as if telling some secrets she needs to know. Then she meets a mysterious stranger. Deep inside her, she knows he's familiar. That they've met before, and she finds herself falling in love. Nora would do anything to clear everything up, and the first step to do that is to bring her memories back no matter what.

My Review

It feels like a brand new series.At first I thought I grabbed the wrong book. How come Nora has amnesia? and what the hell happened? But of course, it's just part of Becca Fitzpatrick's magic. It just made the series more interesting. Who would have guessed Silence will start with a bang! I was expecting for Silence to start where Crescendo left off, and that's at the Delphic Amusement Part and watch a grand fight. But no! I have to first suffer anxiety and my curiosity almost killed me thinking what really happened? But when I finally found out what really happened, I thought I would be satisfied. But again, Ms. Fitzpatrick proved me wrong. Just before everything is revealed, a bigger picture is introduced that requires more anticipation from me. If I have to compare all the books in this saga, I would say that Silence is the best so far. Well, I'm still waiting for the Finale before making my judgment final! And why o why does Finale not yet available on our local bookstore??? Well.. actually it does, but in package. Meaning I have to buy the other 3 books again just to have Finale which is sort of ridiculous since I already have the first 3. *sigh I'm dying waiting here. A major cliffhanger in the end does that. :(

Nora having an amnesia made the story much more interesting as I've said.With her having amnesia, me as a reader being refreshed on past events in the first 2 books. Also, the author made it to a point to retell the stories without getting the readers bored. It's like reading it all over again. The build up of the story is so perfect that I was left stunned at the last page not fully believing that that was the last page. I haven't get enough of Patch yet and it's already done??? :( Honestly speaking, I find these books, Hush, Hush, Crescendo and Silence sort of just an introduction for the big thing, which is the Finale. I didn't find each books' climax to be enough believing something in Finale would happen that would make the past books so tame. That I am expecting.

Losing it by Cora Carmack

Thursday, October 25, 2012



Bliss Edwards is about to graduate college and still has the V-card in hand. So when she decided to share her deepest secret with her best friend Kelsey, it became their goal to find that man who's going to take the V-card away from her. Fortunately that night, Bliss met the most likely candidate. Gorgeous with that British sexy accent. But when they are on it, Bliss had the panic attack giving the worst lie ever before running away. Then worse comes to worst when Garrick, the man she left in her apartment that night turned out to be the substitute professor of her last subject for the semester. 

My Review

This story reminds me of Slammed by Colleen Hoover. Same situation. They met and hooked up before finding out that the guy is the professor. However, this story is the more daring one. Though I like Slammed story better, Losing It is not far behind from being good. I like the characters, specially Bliss. She's very vocal and not the whiny kind of person. I expected her to be shy, girly, aloof and all the characters of a typical YA heroine. But being in theater, it's nice to find an independent girl. Her character does not depend on Garrick, and she continues living even without Garrick. But of course, a YA story won't be complete without the heroine being naive of the feelings of one of her best bud. It's so obvious! Well...maybe because I'm the one reading and not the one experiencing it...haha

This story is so funny. My boyfriend even caught me laughing by myself while reading the book and waiting for him. Bliss is so entertaining. Her words, actions and sarcasm are so enjoyable to read. Bliss's friends are so cool. Instead of just the best friend Kelsey, Bliss has a bunch of amazing friends that made the story more entertaining. :) 

About Garrick, well he's a hottie without a doubt. I'm just imagining the way he talks and that is already so sexy! Though I did not find the boy in the cover photo that cute. Sorry. *making peace sign. Speaking of cover photo, I didn't like it that much. It makes the book looks kind of mature genre, which if you read the book, is actually not. Yes, the first part of the story tells about Bliss having the V-card and there are parts that are quite mature, but after that, the story revolved on forbidden relationship, friendship, moving on and growing up. The V thing is just a part of growing up and happens to become the part that turned out to be sort of funny.

Dante's Girl by Courtney Cole



On her way to London, for her annual visit to her father Reece finds herself stuck in the airport after a suspected terrorism that caused one plane to explode. Then came Dante, who seems a VIP being in the first class and with the security surrounding him. Reece finds herself immediately attracted to Dante's amazing eyes. Only to find out he's the son and heir of a Prime Minister. To save Reece being locked up with hundreds of passengers, Dante invited her to come with him. Who would refuse such offer? A day after, Reece finds herself in an almost palace at Canberra. Dante's home.

Here, Reece grew to know Dante more. Not just he's the Prime Miniter's son, but in his place, Dante is almost considered as a prince. But with all the fame and wealth, Dante remained humble and nice. But no matter how nice and lovable Dante be, they can't be together. Dante is the prince and she's only just a farm girl from Kansas. Two different people from two opposites world meet. Could it be fate?

My Review

I can't describe this better but a cute story. I don't know why, but all through out the time I'm reading it, I just can't help but think how cute the story is. It's sort of a Cinderella story without the glass shoes. Reece is a typical farm girl, not poor but compared to our Prince Dante, well... she's poor. With an olive plantation and everything, Dante is realy quite a prince in Caberra. Speaking of Caberra... The way city is being described, I can't help but be amazed with the place. Is it real? I tried googling Caberra, but I always end up finding Canberra, which is in Australia and that's not what this book says. :( 

I like Reece's personality in a way that her character was not swallowed by very powerful characters surrounding her. Well, there's Dante the prince, Elena the future princess, Mia, Nate and that other nice friend of Dante all have very powerful characters, but Reece was not intimidated that much. Dante on the other hand is a weak person behind a strong name. He's afraid of everything. But I won't blame him. Who wouldn't? If all your actions and decisions are being watched and being judged. The worst part is, it's not just his reputation on the line, but his father's as well. I find the meeting of this two too convenient. In an airport, then a suspected terrorism then Reece was suddenly invited to Caberra... sooo convenient right? It's not a normal behavior for a girl to go with a person he just met in a foreign country. Good thing Reece had a moment of hesitation at first to go with him...but that just it, a little hesitation which is not enough.

Though the story seems to be a fantasy story of a prince falling in love to a typical country girl, it depicts a reality. That is, every couple has their differences. It does not matter if they are exactly opposite of each other, at some point they would see some things they are different from their partner. In some case, these differences could tear them apart, but if they won't let it get through them, it would make their relationship grow stronger. Deep huh? Well... maybe I just got an epiphany while reading the book. At first glance, you could say this book is just a plain cliche YA story. But when we look deeper... voila! A lesson. Isn't it true on all books? In every books/stories, there's a lesson we could learn. It depends on the reader what lesson he/she will get from it. In my part, for Dante's girl, this is the lesson. 

Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

Sunday, October 21, 2012


When Patch refused the sacrifice of Nora, he ended up saving his life, thus being a guardian angel. Her guardian angel. So now, Patch is her guardian-angel-slash-boyfriend. Everything is going well between the two until doubts attacks Nora. She knows that the archangels are up to something against Patch, and she's the best way to get into him. But when Nora realizes she loves Patch but it seems like Patch is not into it, she started to doubt everything. Like why Patch is with Marcie, where Patch really lives and what are the other dark secrets Patch is hiding from him. And when the ghost of his father haunts her ,Nora's wound from his death has been opened once again with the determination of knowing what really happened the night her father was killed. But what would she do if every revelations points to Patch?

My Summary

I was almost at the point of screaming in frustration with Nora in this book. Nora turned out to be an immature and thoughtless girlfriend. The courage I highly admired in the first book almost looks like foolishness in this story. Though very irritated with her, I couldn't deny the fact that everything she's doing is what is expected. I hate knowing the other side of the story while seeing Nora doing stupid things.  Her being a fallen-angel-turned-into-guardian-angel issue is not an everyday problem an ordinary student like Nora experiences. And when archangels, Marcie Millar and other unknown enemies tries everything to ruin both their lives, it is expected for Nora to wish an out. But it's still annoying to see her whining and being immature after doing a decision just like that, then blame everything to Patch. 

I find the story really slow, I was actually getting bored with all the details, mysteries and questions and I'm nit getting an answer. But when it nears the end, I was holding my breath in everything that's going on. It's suspense overload! Being a normal person with a drop on Nephilim blood, Nora actually has a talent in doing scary and not so ordinary adventures such as spying. Every time she solves her problems by her own and find things in her own way without Patch help, I get so anxious. Good thing Vee is always there for her. I'm starting to like Vee actually. She's starting to prove how a good friend she is by being with Nora all the way, through scary and crazy moments of Nora. In the midst of the chaos around Nora, Vee is the constant person by her side.

Sadly, I didn't get to see much of Patch in this book. I was expecting to finally have a taste of Nora and Patch's sweet moments. Yes, I admit I was quite disappointed with the outcome of this. But hey! This is just the second book, and even if the love story was slightly put aside, the main story, the history of Nora and everything that happened in the past being revealed made up for that. And with Ms. Fitzpatrick as the author, expect a twist like no other!

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Nora Grey is a typical high school student. She lives in a farm house with her mother, while her father died after being accidentally shot. Together with her bestfriend Vee, Nora is satisfied living a normal life. t in a way Nora can't explain, she is definitely attracted to him. EvenThat is until she came across Patch. Everything in Patch shouts danger, bu if he annoys the hell out of her, Nora can't keep getting curious in the mystery behind Patch. How he knew so much about her, how it seems like he knows what she's thinking and if she's not really crazy, she thinks she hears Patch talk in her mind.

And when the mysteries around Patch are finally revealed to her, Nora needs to decide what to think of him. Would he be the danger Nora knows is always lurking around her or would she trust him to protect her from those danger?

My Review

I've originally read this book back in college, I guess around 2010 when a friend of mine introduced  it to me. I was not into paranormal back then, but after reading this book, I realized paranormal are not that bad :) Since Finale (Book 4) will be released this October 23, 2012, I wanted to prepare for it by reading first three books again. It's been so long since I've read them so here I am, getting acquainted with Patch and Nora once again.

So what makes Hush Hush best selling? I could give you a lot of reasons. Let me emphasize those I  most love. First is the cover. No further explanations needed! Second is the mysteries all around it. Who Elliot really is, who Jules is? Who's the mysterious guy in the ski mask? Who Patch is? With all those mysteries, could you blame the book for being a page turner? And last is Patch. Yep. Him! Who can't resist a mysterious guy, bad-boy-but-sweet attitude, and someone who you will know will protect you? Yup! Patch makes this book a best-seller no doubt!

Hush Hush is a brilliant start for what I believe is an amazing series. The story is great, the fallen angel adaptation hits the mark with an added suspense. The suspense is what how suspense should really be. Enough amount of horror, breath stopping scenes, confusions then a big twist in the end. However, I didn't find Patch and Nora's love story that great. At first, there's too much doubt in Nora. She's totally annoyed with her, she has this fear that Patch is hiding something then all of a sudden, Nora will do everything for him. The love story was not developed that well, but Nora and Patch characters make up for that.

Nora is not the typical heroine playing the part of damsel in distress. She's innocent but knows how to put up a good fight. She doesn't just sit at home and wait for everything to be laid in her hands. She has enough courage to face danger and fight, even if she knows how it might end up. Patch on the other hand is not the over protective type of hero. He does not lock Nora in a room and tell her to be safe. Instead, he lets Nora fight with her. He shows Nora a life outside her box, but assures her how safe she is with him. At the last part, Patch had shown a different side of him that I'll be looking forward in the next book. :)

The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley

Thursday, October 18, 2012


The first night Liam James sneaked to Amber Walker's room was when he was 10 and she was 8. Amber was crying after she and her older brother Jake was beaten by their abusive father. Liam just held her close until she calmed down. Since then, it became Liam's habit to sneak to Amber's room every night as they sleep together. Literally sleep. Liam is the only one to calm Amber every time she's having a panic attack, and he's the only one to keep her nightmares away.

But outside the bedroom, Liam is the jerk bestfriend of her over protective brother. But when Liam started being the sweet guy she knew at night, Amber is starting to think of him more than just her older brother's bestfriend. But with a past that Amber seems impossible to move on to and an over protective brother, Amber and Liam needs to prove that what they feel for each other is real love.

My Review

When I was younger, I used to daydream of falling in love with my older brother's best friend. But my brother is over protective and everything so the bestfriend would do everything to prove his love for me. But that remains as a fantasy, since I don't have an older brother, neither a younger one. Haha! Reading this is like my daydreams have come to life and put into words. So yes! I totally enjoyed this story. 

Amber has a very strong character and it's really entertaining to read her thoughts. She has her own identity, though at some point, when she and Liam are already a couple, I feel like she's changing into this flirty girlfriend. Liam on the other hand is the total next door hottie! Who could be better for Amber but one of the person she totally trust and the only person who knows how to calm her down and keeps her nightmares away. And being a gentleman is super plus points! Alternating POV between Liam and Amber at the last half of the story gave me a better picture, I just wished the alternating POV started right from the start. Then, I would know exactly how Liam feels all this time :)

Another good thing about this story is that it did not revolved solely on Liam and Amber's love story. It's the majority of it, but the side stories supports the couple really well. The past of Liam and Amber, their father and of course, Jake's character. Everything, until the minor details complement the love story. :)

Freaks of Greenfield High by Maree Anderson

Tuesday, October 16, 2012



An advanced cyborg girl is running for her "life." Being captured would give the enemies the one thing they've wanted for a long time-- the researches of her father/creator. She chose to hide as a new trasfer student named Jay in an  ordinary small town of Snapperton and it's school -- Greenfields High.

Here she met Tyler, the ex-jock and twin sister of a famous cheerleader. For the first time, Jay felt confuse towards her feelings for the twin, especially her feeling to Tyler. She feels there's something wrong in her system, making her malfunction. Day by day, Jay is becoming more human than possible -- tasting the foods, being emotional, having friends and she feels like she's falling inlove. But this is the last thing she needed, especially when the enemies have followed her straight to Snapperton.

My Review

I immediately got intrigued on the story after reading it's plot. If I remember correctly, other than Cinder by Marissa Meyer, I haven't read a cyborg story. So a cyborg story in a real world setting is new to me. And a total cyborg turning into human and falling inlove? Ok...I'm so reading it!

If not for the part of Jay being a cyborg, this story will just be be a typical YA Romance of a new girl who've fallen inlove with an ex-jock who all this time is just protecting someone from being a loser, plus all the cliche bullying stories etc. The cyborg part with incredible abilities definitely put the story's excitement to a new level. And for the cyborg to feel and fall in love is like the movie AI plus a love story.

I was anticipating lots of actions, with Jay's abilities and all so I was quite disappointed to have just an explosion and remnants of the actions in the end. I just wished I've "seen" Jay in action and "see" for myself her real capabilities. Well, other than that and my problem of sometimes forgetting Jay is the cyborg girl and not the guy (Jay is a guy's name you know, it gets time getting used to), I really enjoyed reading it. Reading Jay experience love for the very first time and thinking there's something literally wrong with her is quite refreshing. She's not a typical heroine that's innocent with all the gooey dooey things of love (because she's literally innocent from the like/love boyfriend-girlfriend thing, which is actually entertaining).

The fear and paranoia she's having as everything in her changes into more like a human is such a unique plot. I could feel what she's going through just by reading, it feels like I could relate with her even if I'm not a cyborg. Ms. Anderson's way in words exactly expresses what the characters are feeling - simple, natural and straight to the point.

[ARR] Tide's Ebb by Alexandra Brenton

Monday, October 15, 2012



A city lawyer, Marianna had known a weallthy life all her life. It's all about her work, signature clothes and shoes, high priced foods and boyfriend. Then, she was sent to Rhode Island, totally opposite of the life sge's used to. Here she met Larry, a yacht captain who saved his life. She knows he has nothing she wanted for a man, but there's no doubt that she's attracted to him. But is attraction enough?

My Review

First of all, I would like to apologize to the author. She's been nice enough to offer her book to me for review. But since she's expecting an honest review, I would do that with so much honesty. But to justify my upcoming words, I'll admit that I am not the right reader to do this review. I wasn't expecting that this book is what is it. I almost closed my reader and stop reading, but my respect and appreciation to the author made me continue reading. 

The story is very shallow, and most of the words I don't understand. THe worst part is, I have this feeling I don't exactly wan to know what those terms are. It would be a very nice story, if it did not revolve to only one thing -sex. Marianna relates everything to it. Even the most serious thing in the story, that almost tragedy, she can't think of anything but that... seriously??? And if not that, it is about signature shoes, clothes, high salary being a lawyer and extravagant foods... it feels like a trying-hard-to-be-sex-in-the-city-story. And with all the apologies I could give, I would tag this as the worst love story I have ever read.

Daughters of the Sea 2 ~ Awaken by Kristen Day



Stasia's 18th birthday is nearing, but before that, she needs to travel to the underworld to plant her seed of immortality. But a lot of things to taken of first before her journey. There's the problem of her not knowing when her real birthday is, a new transfer student that give her the creeps and the feeling that her boyfriend Finn is keeping something from her.

And as the journey nears, Finn's journey to be the new Prime of his order comes near as well. Both couple needs to journey on their own and fight their own battle to achieve their destiny. But do fate tells them to be together? How will Stasia fulfill her prohecy when it means she can't be with Finn. And how will Finn triumph on a fight that will make him lose Stasia.

My Review

The story is amazingly good that it should be included in The Mythology! Really! The story is well thought of that it seems like I'm reading the actual mythology, more exciting if I may say :)

Honestly, I didn't expected the book to be so much good. The first book is good, I actually rated it  4 stars, but the second book being sssoooooo good is beyond my expectations! Right from the very first word, I couldn't put it down. I find myself laughing on some scenes, surprisingly scared in some parts (I wasn't expecting a horror part here..haha) and breathless anticipating every word and action that would happen. 

Stasia's character has definitely grew up. She bacame the courageous character that has become worthy of being a leader. Her actions and words proves that she is ready to be the goddess and the siren leader. Her relationship with Finn is more adorable as ever. I love their conversations and banters. I find myself laughing and uncontrollably smiling everytime they are together. Finn and Stasia'a relationship is what I think real relationships look like in real life... well except being the Goddess and Son of Charon part of course!

I realized how I miss Stasia's friends when I read of them in this book. Even with everything that Stasia's going through, the story did not end up heavy because of them. Sense of Humor during a tragic event really made this story feel good!

Though I love the book, there's still something I wished it had. Again, I haven't seen the real potential of Stasia's power. She didn't even have the chance to use it fighting with her enemies and when she needed it the most. Instead, I only see her power during her reveries. But her other godly powers are absent again. Well, except for that part that she used to do waves for her friends surfing. Other than that, I was quite disappointed that the power that the author built up as unique, powerful and incredible is MIA. I'm hoping this would be put in good use in the next book, and I'm praying that Nadia would receive the full wrath of it!!!

Speaking of Nadia, I don't want to put some spoiler here, except that this is a total cliff-hanger! Really, when I was celebrating that Stasia has the final laugh and everything... that happens...Really? and February 2013 for the next book??? Really???! Please Ms. Day, tell me you're planning to release it sooner...

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler

Saturday, October 13, 2012


This is a letter of Minerva "Min" Green to her ex-boyfriend Ed Slaterton. Included in it are the things that Minerva have kept that reminds her of everything they had. In her letter, Min talks about how they met, how they fell inlove with ech other even they are very different from each other, how they relationship had become and how in everything, there are lots of reasons why they broke up.

My Review

I honestly believe that Charlie of "The Perks of being a Wallflower" and Min would get along well. Both are very smart in their own way that they are tagged as different. Same as the other book I mentioned, this book is very intelligent, of course because of Min! 

For the whole story, Min described how their relationship went and how in every memorable part of it, Min found a reason why they broke up, but she took a blind eye, only realizing in the end these are reasons why they really broke up. I believe in every relationship, some of these reasons have been experienced by a couple. But with all the love, negativities are not that important. As long as you love the one you're with... who cares if he doesn't like the things you like or you are in different world, or that each of your friends don't like your partner. As long as you're together, nothing else matters. And Min told it straight to the point. And the sketches??? I love them all! so cute!

The story is quite intriguing. Page by page, I'm realizing how these two are so good together even if they are so different, that makes me wonder what happened to separate them. I wonder why Min put it in the box:

"You either have the feeling or you don't"

And as the letter closes, it is exactly what bothers me. Does Ed really had the feeling or he doesn't?"

It is a story that relates to me, and I strongly believe anyone in a relationship could relate with. The story is that smart to make any reader relate with it. I didn't have to experienced everything Min and Ed had,just to fall inlove and had experienced breaking up with someone and break your heart is enough.

Cinderella in Cleats by Carly Syms

Thursday, October 11, 2012



The day Whitney Berringer father died, was also the day she lost Jason and football in her life. For two years since her father died, she stopped playing football. It was Jason's world, and a part of her is afraid to get back to the world that part of her blames that took away his father's life. 

But now, Whitney is ready to return to her world. But seems like some of the people in it are not. Like the sexist coach and Jason himself. So when WB did not get the spot for quarterback when everyone thinks she should, Whitney tried out in Clinton Central Panthers and became their quarterback. 

It is up to Whitney to show those who ridiculed her in the football world just because she's a girl. She has to play up to show them she deserve the place. But first, she has to overcome the stares, sneers, and boys that gets in the way to her goal - football and Jason.

My Review

Being in the Philippines, I did not go to school that has football team. So let me ask first. Is it really possible for a girl to join football team??? I'm just being realistic and not sexist like Coach Harringer, this is just pure curiosity. I've watched tons of movies with football, and the sport is undeniably muscle and strength. And with how Whitney was described, could she really be able to play the game without getting hurt? It is this just for the fun of the story?

I've seen extreme ratings for this book. It's either 2 or 5 stars, so I've mixed feelings in reading this. At first glance, the title and the summary is totally interesting. A girl in the football world amongst all boys is definitely a Cinderella story. However ,when reading, I was disappointed. I was expecting a lot of football actions and how will Whitney proves she deserves to be part of that world. Of course she proved that but... it's like there are other things I her mind that annoys me. First, there are this boys that shows attraction to her and suddenly, she finds herself getting attracted as well. And when that certain boy is quite complicated as she expected and she finds another boy that she caught the attention, she willingly moves on with the next. But then, she finds herself falling in love all over again with Jason. Her reactions towards boys is so annoying and so immature. But annoyed as much as I am, I honestly got nervous during the games. Holding my breath praying she does not mess up and finally prove she is good enough as a quarterback. And I literally sighed with relief when everything is going well.

The story is quite fast, at times I get confuse on what is happening since it immediately jumps from one scene to another with a snap of a finger. It's all about Whitney. Her insecurities, flirting and drama. I never had a chance to get to know Jason that much. I find him interesting and nice but sadly, I am stucked to WB's mind. 

I expected a great story and was disappointed. I was looking forward to the match against WB and Jason and it just went into the epilogue like no big deal, when it feels like all this time the story was building up for this game. A good plot was wasted.

Always been Mine (Moreno Brothers #2) by Elizabeth Reyes



Valerie and Alex's relationship has never been exclusive even from the start. But when they were almost there, Valerie caught Alex with another woman in his apartment. Determined that this would be the last time he would hurt her, she ended their relationship promising to never see him again and went with her life in college.

But when Sarah and Angel's wedding comes near, Valerie has no choice but to see Alex again. Well, she's the maid of honor, and it would be impossible for Alex not to be there since he's the brother of the groom.

For quite some time, they both believe they have already moved on. But when they saw each other once again, they realized how wrong they were. With just one kiss, Valerie almost accepted him back. 

Alex is determined to get Valerie back, but with a new boyfriend on the way, it is more difficult than he's expected. Worst is, it's not only the boyfriend he's worried about, but a stalker as well who seems to be really dangerous.

My Review

I didn't enjoy this as much as I enjoyed "Forever Mine." Maybe because I prefer Angel and that this book has too much drama and action in it. The break up, new boyfriend and stalker are too much for me. Valerie and Alex also are so serious that I got bored in the middle part. Since Valerie is mo much fun in the first book, I was expecting a nice story ahead. But instead, I saw a mature Valerie who seems to lost the witty girl I've read in book 1. Alex changed as well. With all the responsibilities and frustrations he felt after the accident and separation with Valerie, he lost his humor. 

The story could be nice if the reader loves this type of genre. However, I don't, So I apologize for that. As I mentioned, it has too much drama. Even Alex's protectiveness is way beyond too much. Considering the circumstances, I should have understand the way he acts, but it doesn't seem natural.

Putting aside my dislike, I quite enjoyed the last part. I don't usually read suspense/thriller stories, so this is quite new to me. I was like watching a TV drama. And here in the Philippines, TV drama is heavy drama slash suspense slash thriller...so much of everything! so yes... this story definitely looks like that.

Forever Mine (Moreno Brothers 1) by Elizabeth Reyes

Monday, October 8, 2012


On her senior year, Sarah was forced to move to California with her Aunt when her mother was put in jail. With no choice, she bitterly followed her mother's wish to stay with family, leaving her bestfriend Sydney behind. Entering a new school, she came across Angel, one of the famous Moreno Brothers. Sarah had a long time crush on him ever since her cousin Valerie told her about the Moreno brothers. On the other hand, Angel had an instant attraction to Sarah the moment he saw her. 

The two clicked instantly and in just a short time, Angel had his first girlfriend among all the other girls he was hooked up with. Angel is overprotective and jealous type. He believes that it is impossible for a girl and a boy to be just friends. The problem is, Sarah's bestfriend Sydney is a boy.

My Review

Why can't I get enough of leading men who are overprotective, jealous, had the bad boy image but is really sweet??? I don't know!!! I just love them... I believe I won't get tired of them. Especially if it's someone like Angel Moreno. That cover picture says it all.. Angel is so handsome there!!!

It's just so feels good for a girl to know that a man, known to never settle for one and never had a girlfriend would change just for her. Exactly what Angel made Sarah felt. Other than that, his protectiveness, respect and attention made my knees weak. I just love how Angel treated Sarah. Though his jealousy is way beyond over the top, he made it look like so damn sweet. I was frustrated with Sarah for not telling about Sydney. In my opinion, if there's really nothing going on between Sydney and her, she doesn't need to be afraid. Even if Angel believes that way, telling him when she had the chance at the start would save them all from all the dramas. However, there would be no story if that happened so Sarah you're forgiven :p

Though I think that way, I love the drama when they were separated. Since this is on an alternating POV of Sarah and Angel, I have the luck of getting to know what's happening in both of them, not making me left behind in the story. Their separation was not that heart-wrenching since I know that both of them are still crazy for each other. I was honestly enjoying both of them apart since I get to know more about their feelings for each other. It was really funny to think how Angel's mind works... he's totally losing it just because of the dress..hahaha

This story is better than I expected. I was expecting some cheesy romance novel here. Hey! Could you blame me? It has "The Moreno Brothers" title. The plot is intriguing and when I get the hang of it, I can't stop reading to know what would happen with this two couple. This book definitely got me anxious on what happens next that I can't put it down.

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UNDEADLY by Michele Vail
THE LOST PRINCE by Julie Kagawa
OPAL by Jennifer L. Armentrout
MYSTIC CITY by Theo Lawrence
LUMINOSITY by Stephanie Thomas
THE ASSASSIN'S CURSE by Cassandra Rose Clarke

Clash by Nicole Williams

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Finally, Jude and Lucy are together. Living their freshmen in college, Lucy in Juilliard and Jude at Syracuse as the famous quarterback. After everything that they've been through, Lucy was expecting everything would now go well. But fate isn't done with them yet. here are still other issues they have not faced that would challenge them as a couple. There's still the past that haunts them. The family dispute they subtly have that caused Lucy's brother's life, the Adriana Vix that wants Jude by herself and the trust issues again...on a whole new level.

With a rollercoaster hell of a ride, could Lucy and Jude's love once again surpass it and have their happily ever after for good?

My Review

I have praised the cover of Crash, and this one I also love, if not of the awkward way this was cut. At one glance, I really love it, equally nice as the first book's cover, then I notice shoulders and up...isn't that feel quite akward? haha

Once again, I was looking forward to a lot of dance scenes... Lucy is in Juilliard hello??! But I'll let it go since I'm loving the story. It's still the same as Crash. Lucy and Jude has their issues. Lucy is on trusting Jude and keeping her away from girls who wants him, and Jude, his past and anger management.

Then why I did keep on reading? This is because Jude and Lucy got a hold of me. No matter what I say on this book, I can't stop thinking what happened to Jude and Lucy. All throughout the book, I was getting frustrated on what's happening in their relationship. They're hot and cold relationship. One second they're kissing, almost doing it then the next second they're throwing everything in the room. But it came natural to them. Maybe because I finally get why they are like that. 

I find myself smiling on how cute Jude is when hes jealous and overprotective. He definitely levelled up from the cheesy and corny Jude I've read in Crash. His sweetness suddenly pops out out of nowhere and it made me smile foolishly. 

"Call my girl 'love' again. She's mine. I get to call her that. Not some pissant jerk-off with a big mouth"

"I could pick you out even if I was playing in the Superdome and you were tucked into the back row"

Jude is finally finding how his sweetness and over protectiveness becomes sweet. Then there's Lucy. Why does I feel like that every arguments and issues they have faced in this book started because of her??? Maybe she's right...she became different with Jude and not Jude's fault. Good thing everything came back to its proper place, or I would be hating Lucy all my life. 

And when Lucy is getting back her senses, I love all the words. The wisdom, advises and epiphanies. It's like someone is advicing me personally. THe last part became a relationship book that I would recommend it to anyone who has their significant someone, especially to young-adults. Even if you won't relate with the angsy relationship Jude and Lucy has, how they defined relationship and love in it is a bulls eye.

"Love is what brings you together, Lucy. But it's the blood, sweat, and tears of hard work that keeps you together."

Crash by Nicole Williams


Lucy Larson life is currently a mess. Just moved to their new home due to their financial crisis, a mother turning to the ice queen and a father who lost its presence, the only right thing in her world right now is dancing. She doesn't need someone like Jude Ryder, a troubled teen, got in jail for how many times he can't remember and scary acquaintances in her life. But the moment she set eyes on him, she just can't take out her mind off of him, even if he warned her how dangerous it is to be with him.

Then one night came for them to be together, confirming the attraction they had together is the same night showing how they can't be together.

So when Lucy thought what she and Jude had that time was a fling lost and forgotten by the other party, she met her once again in her new school as senior.

Even Jude had sworn he's the person who does not do dating and girlfriend, when he met Lucy, he started changing his mind. Being the overprotective bad boy he is, he starts wooing Lucy. But does their love/attraction to each other enough to forget everything that keeps them apart and is it strong enough to forget a dark past that they unknowingly share?

My Summary

First, let me say how I totally love the cover.The message in the picture already sums up the story. Definitely this cover beats "Wishing for Someday Soon" book cover.

I am putting this in the shelves along with "Beautiful Disaster," "Thoughtless," and "Effortless." If you are looking for that angsty story with a swoon-worthy bad boy that could sweep you off to your feet, you definitely need to check this out. This is mostly what it is, so I'm apologizing in advance if in further reading, you find yourselves noticing I'm comparing it to the books I mentioned and their characters.

The story is familiar as I've mentioned. But since I love these kind of stories, I totally enjoyed reading it. Lucy and Jude's love story is sweet and cute. They had a bumpy start but what they have is like a future movie to be made. Lucy's character is the typical heroine, a perfect girl with a future in mind. Then there's Jude, the bad boy whom everyone sees will only ruin the future Lucy is planning, but for both of them, they are so right together, until everything comes against their way.

I was expecting a dance story here, something like Step Up, and a little bit disappointed when I only read snippets of Lucy dancing. The cover and the plot made me expect much in the field of dancing. Though I'm not a dancer, I anticipated the scenes, thus the disappointment. But other than that, the book did not disappoint me further.

I love Jude's character, I believe that this story became effective and fun to read is because of his colorful character. However, I find most of his actions exaggerated. I find them sweet, yes, but too much. It feels like that awkward scene in the movie when I want to cover my ears and eyes on how cheesy it is going. It is too cheesy that it overwhelms the sweetness of the action, thus making it more corny. He's like Travis Maddox of Beautiful Disaster, but not the same level. He's sweet, jealous and overprotective but I guess nothing beats Travis Maddox in his magic. But cheesiness aside, I still love how the story goes. Thought at first I find the story shallow, with all the exaggerated ups and downs between the story, page by page, everything is going into place. And at the end, I finally get it why they are how they are. So in the end, it finally made sense. This is not a shallow love story. The revelations in the end made it a better story. :)

Quintana of Charyn by Melina Marchetta

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Froi has lost her, but at least Quintana and their son is safe and he has survived the 8 arrows that almost killed him. And now that Froi is fine, he needs all the strength and army to find Quintana and their baby, the future king.

But Foi is torned between his two homes. There's Charyn, where his real father - Gargarin of Abroi, real mother - Lira of Serker, uncle - Arjuro of Abroi and his beloved Quintana of Charyn bearing his son. But also, there's Lumatere, where his queen Isaboe, her consort Finnikin and everyone who accepted him and loved him as their own regardless if they are not related by blood. In the midst of a blooming war, Froi is in between, while Quintana fights for her survival to bear the hope and futere of her kingdom.

My Review

The Lumatere Chronicles had given me a new and higher definition of an excellent story.  This book is beyond perfection, along with the two books that precede it. When I thought nothing could compare on how good Finnikin of the Rock and FOTExiles are, here comes Quintana of Charyn proving me wrong! Once again, I was transported in the world of Skuldenore and I totally enjoyed every second of it. All characters are so alive as before, it's like a dream that felt so real. The characters are like long lost friends that I miss so much!

I miss all the characters especially Isaboe and Finnikin. Oh I love them so much! Just to read Isaboe's name again made my day! I never stop adoring Isaboe's character. Her intelligence and capacity to rule is admirable. But this book gave Quintana the opportunity to shine, and boy did she shined well! I had a better understanding of Quintana. At first I was doubting her worth for Froi, but page after page, I could see the greatness in her. Her madness is synonymous to her greatness. Quintana and Isaboe at first glance are very different, Quintana is this mad young princess while Isaboe's moves shouts regality. But if you look closer, there are things that they are so much alike. Both of them suffered at a very young age, both strived to save their kingdom in any means they know of, and both have proven to be the rightful queen of their own kingdom. Every turn of events are written well, leaving no room for questions. And the ending? could I ask for more?! I guess not. This book has gifted me the satisfaction I searched for on all the last book of any series. Though I'm very well satisfied with the story, I can't help but wish there's a book just for Isaboe... Isaboe of Lumatre...I guess it would be great :) 

While reading, I can't help but think how intelligent this book is. Most of the books I read just entertain me, but this series is different. This book created a very strong hold on me. It attached on all characters as if I was exactly there, being part of their story. I just totally love how this was written. The depth of this story pierced right to my heart. I mentioned before how I wish the chronicle be put on movie, but now I don't want that. I'm afraid the movie could not meet the feeling of perfection I feel for this book.

I can't stop reading but I don't want to reach the end knowing this is the last one. Kudos for Melina Marchetta!

Avoiding Commitment by K.A. Linde

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Lexi and Jack never had that chance to be really together. Either one of them is in a relationship or both of them. They never had that opportunity to have that relationship that could satisfy their attraction to each other. For six years, they did things, betrayal, secret affair and everything just to be together...but not really together.

Then, after being separated 2 years, Jack calls her saying he needs her... he needs her to convince his girlfriend he's ready to commit. Can Lexi do that and finally have the closure her bestfriend says she needed? Or will she be again trap to her attraction to Jack.

My Review

This is a good story for a book but a very bad love story! What I'm saying is that this is good story with respect on how it was written. The style, the third person POV and everything regarding the technicalities of writing. This is as well intriguing which is good for marketing. But when I say a very bad love story, I'm saying with much annoyance how I hate how the story is going! I just can't understand how Lexi and Jack has that cycle for years and never learning from it. They say they love each other and everything but only show it by doing the did! They can't leave their current relationships to be together, when they all do is be together. They deny of being together but they can't get their hands off of each other! And when worse comes to worst, they do not choose each other then ends up realizing they'll choose each other when it's too late. It would be nice if it happens once and they'll have their happy ending. But of course not! They have to do everything again and again! 

I can't understand Lexi, she believes everything Jack tells her. Even if evidences are right in front of her, she still trust him and they would end up together happily ever after. She cries for her, tells he's everything to her then ends up half naked with Ramsey... really? is this really love she's feeling or she's just craving for sex or maybe attention?

And Jack is an a**hole! He never had the guts to choose and face the consequences. He doesn't deserve Lexi neither Bekah, even if Bekah is such a b*tch. He is not man enough to choose, he wants everything to be in his grasp; He's such a good liar that I hope I won't cross path to someone like him.

With these strong emotions coming off me, I would consider it a good story. Though annoying, still a good story. Only a good story can make readers react to it in a strong way. Only a good story could make a reader be annoyed but makes them continue to read. Honestly speaking, I continued reading since I can't just stop and accept the fact that a girl like Lexi, described in the story with such an amazing character would end up destroyed by a person like Jack. I'm hoping that in the end, Lexi would have her happy ending without him, proving that a girl does not need a man to be happy, especially a man that makes her believe she could settle as number 2!