One Black Rose by Maddy Edwards

Sunday, September 23, 2012


For the summer, Autumn had planned to go to Maine and visit her best friend Carley. Her plan of spending summer as an ordinary sixteen-year old girl was diverted instantly when he met the attractive and mysterious Holt Roth. If he thought the connection she felt for Holt was something mysterious itself, he met Samuel Cheshire, and the pull she feels towards him is another thing.

Attracted in two different boy in totally different ways, Autumn find herself in between a raging war of Summer fairies and Winter fairies. Unknowingly, Holt is the summer fairy prince and Samuel is the winter fairy prince. Both heir to their kingdom, they are obliged to find their bride. The problem is, Autumn is the candidate. However, Samuel needs to have the bride first, and therefore has the first right to offer Autumn his black rose but Autumn's feelings for Holt is so great he can't accept Samuel.The what worst? If Autumn chose Holt, a war will definitely starts

My Review

Reading this at first is like dejavu. The first time Holt and Autumn met is at the airport where Holt had saved Autumn from a falling man in unhumanly speed:

"you just raced up here in your car... and you... caught him"

Ok, that's Autumn's reaction. Is something clicking in your memory now? If you're thinking Bella after Edward saved him from the truck that's about to squash her...well bingo! we're on the same page. This is like Twilight but instead of vampires, there are the fairies. Holt has also this mysterious character that everyone is attracted to and his beautiful family. So are you getting what I'm telling? :D

Anyway, since I adored Twilight at some point in time, I'll proceed on reading letting the twilight dejavu go and surprisingly, I enjoyed myself. The writing style is simple, but the way the story was created and told is extraordinary. I was expecting a cliche story with fairies and all. But I was wrong. Yes, there's the SOP winter and summer are enemies, but the love triangle is quite unique. For Autumn, everything is simple. She loves Holt, though she's attracted with Samuel, no doubt she'll choose Holt. But in the fairy kingdom, her simple understanding could result to a war. And it's heartbreaking. Other than that, there are other intriguing side stories I would love to hear. Like Mrs. Cheshire history, since it was mentioned that one time, she was offered the black rose twice. 

Holt is sweet, but I feel there's something more with Samuel. Holt has his chance with Autumn, but Samuel never had. So I wish he had more opportunity or moments with Autumn, maybe the readers would more know about Samuel. :) 

I'm quite confuse with the timeline of this story, I just cant believe everything happened in two weeks, considering that there's a part where a week has passed that Holt and Autumn stopped seeing each other. But other than that, I like how the story went.

The Crown of Embers by Rae Carson


Lucero-Elisa is now the new queen of Joya d' arena. With her husband, King Alejandro dead from the invierne attack and Rosario, his heir is too young, it is up to Elisa to rule the kingdom.

But Elisa herself is too young, being only sixteen. Good thing her personal guard never leaves her side, the Royal Guard Hector. Also, her guardian Ximena and lady in waiting Mara. Other than these people, almost everyone in the palace is against her. There's the Conde and the mayordomo who believes Elisa is not fit to rule. They do things in their own hands and force Elisa to marry to find his king. And with invierne attacks coming and others that threatens Elisa's life, they have all the opportunities to prove to the people how weak Elisa is on being a ruler. 

So Elisa, along with Hector, Ximena, Mara, Belen, Faher Alentin and Tristan goes on a journey to find the Zafira. A legend that tells whomever bearer gains the Zafira will have the power. Something what Elisa needs right now. But Elisa will be facing challenges and test to prove her worth. And that does not yet include the suffering she's experiencing on falling in love with Hector.

My Review

This book is like reading what goes on after happily ever after. After reading The Girl of Fire and Thorns, I was very satisfied that Elisa had her happy ending even with Humberto dead. So I'm kind of sad to find out on this second book that things are not really going that well with Elisa. Now that the major threat is over, seems like other people in the castle want to rule on their own and Elisa is on their way. It's also sad to know that Elisa feels so alone. After everything that she'd been through, Elisa still has no man beside him to make her feel loved and important. It's just so unfair. :(

You might contradict me and remind me Hector is there. But you see, at the start, Hector's priority is to be her personal guard. And that don't counts as a lovelife. So when Tristan came, I was kind of anticipating Hector's jealousy. But of course, Rae Carson is not the typical writer that writes plottable story. What's the excitement in there???

I'm not used with Elisa being so helpless. It frustrates me because I can't find the great Lucero-Elisa who led the rebellion and beat the invierno saving the whole kingdom. For half of the story, Elisa has become Alejandro as a ruler. I could still Elisa's intelligence inside her, but she lost the courage to act on it. So I was glad when they went on the journey looking for the zafira. Bit by bit, Elisa returned and remembered how she was.

I was quite frustrated on Hector-Elisa love story. Why can't they tell each other how they feel and fall inlove??? And why is Elisa afraid of what others would think if he choose Hector? First, Hector is part of the quorum. Second, he's from a noble family. Third, she trust him with her life and fourth she's the queen for heaven's sake!!! And Hector! Really??? When they had the chance and their lips finally found each other, does you need to destroy the moment by over-thinking everything??? aargh! OK... I'm sorry for venting up here, but after finishing the book, this is all I could do until 2013 waiting for the third book.

There's not that much action in this book compared to Book 1, this book is more on feeling and Elisa's search on what kind of ruler she is. But there's still the deepness that I believe has become Ms. Carson't trademark. It's not just a story, there's definitely a message in there. And on my side, in this book, it's the girl power! yay! Go Elisa! :)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Saturday, September 22, 2012


The story was built from Charlie's writings to his diary friend as he tells the story of his life, his thoughts and everything he could write.

From a regular family, a sweet mother, a father that promised never to hit anybody, a brother famous in his sports and a genius sister, Charlie faces his life as he goes to high school. Here he meets Sam and Patrick. Sam and Patrick adores him, loves his innocence and made Charlie feel alive and belonged.

My Review

Curiosity got me reading this book. How great could this book be for it to be turned into a movie? So I was quite disappointed that I didn't enjoyed it as I was hoping I would. Actually, I was not disappointed in the book, I was disappointed to myself for not enjoying it. At faults I see, I notice myself justifying the fault, defending the book against myself. Really! The story was uniquely written and no doubt is very deep. But  I find myself bored in reading it. Charlie is a very nice person, but I guess too fictional. Can anyone still find someone as innocent as him at the age of 15? I highly doubt that. He thinks too deep,  a very intelligent person and loves reading books...But then, with Charlie's character, it just seems right that he is innocent. Contradicting right? Page after page, I imagine how this would end up in a movie? Charlie is in a brink of depression, and I can't exactly relate with him? Nothing much exciting there right? I know it's a good book, but in most part, I just find it flat. OK, here's a boy with an amazing intelligence, understanding and a very unique character. But there's no excitement in his life. He's being swallowed by all the big people around him and he lets them. Well, he's a wallflower fine. I find myself searching deep inside me to find someone I know of that I could compare to him just so that I could feel a connection, something I could relate into.I have friends with different personality but none of them comes close to Charlie. I have met a few Sams and Patricks but never a Charlie. Maybe that's why I can't relate too his sentiments too much. Though I find some of her quotes deep, something I want to post in my facebook wall or in twitter it didn't reached me that much. 

I couldn't understand the way Charlie handles things. He just accept everything without question. I do not see any identity in him. Is that what being a wallflower means? He's desperate to belong and be accepted. Most of the people around him admires him for being what he is. But deep inside, Charlie is blank. In my opinion, the only person who treats him differently is Bill. Bill sees his potential and treats him as a mature person, but still, he encourages him to enjoy his high school life as a young person. Sam and Patrick makes that possible, but I think, they didn't help that much except at the last part. His family are no different, I felt like Charlie was being neglected because of the big things surrounding his family. It seems like the family have forgotten or thought how Charlie is doing that in the end, everything just exploded. 

This is an intelligent book, maybe too intelligent for me. I have to pause a few times to feel the depth of the book. I need to think it through because I could not relate to it and I'm trying my best to understand. Yes, it felt me frustrated at myself. I guess Charlie is too much intelligent for me.haha

Ceaseless by Abbi Glines

Wednesday, September 19, 2012



After Leif gave up in her hold on Pagan, they thought everything is fine now off to their college life. Everything is planned even their first college date. Then deity enters the picture and makes Pagan forget everything. The Deity and Dank's agreement is to let Pagan choose between Jay (her ex-boyfreind for three years and Dank), and the only way to make the game fair is for Pagan to forget. So Dank is back to zero with Pagan, with her no memory of him at all... Dank needs to make her fall in love with him all over again, hoping that their love is strong enough to bring Pagan's memory back, or if not... still choose Dank over Jay.

My Review
Dankmar is back!!! This totally made my day! I know he's Death and I don't care. Dank made me forget how scared I am of ghost and other creepy supernatural being like Dank is. I guess I'll never get tired of reading characters like Dank... if you know books with aswoon-worthy character like him...please send them my way :)
Even though it was months ago that I've read the first 2 books, reading this made me remember everything as if I've just read them yesterday. Just a proof how good this series is! This is not the type of story where in the middle of daydreaming you'll say "Which book was that again?" instead, you will be certain that that scene was surely from Existence Trilogy.

Even if this story should be about the battle against death and her soul mate, it didn't feel that way. First, Jay is totally worthless to be the soulmate and second, with Dank as the rival... is there really a competition? Pagan made it clear from the start that she and Jay are over and Dank owns her even if she can't remember anything. Totally sweet!

I was waiting for the part ythat they speak of as something big that would give Pagan and Jay's chance of rekindling their love, but I never found it climactic actually. I was expecting a big scene there but it never came. When I realzed it was already happening..I was like "that was it??? oookkkk.." 

At the last part, it went fast-paced, I thought there would be more hindrances and everything, but it never came. I guess I should be happy about that, maybe I was just expecting too much. You can't blame me, this is the last book and with the first 2 books that preceded it, I had my hopes up. I was expecting fireworks at the end! haha

Still, this book made me read it in one-sitting. The characters itself are very attaching. The story was only second in my list, as long as there is Dank and Pagan and they are totally inlove, I'm in!

Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec



Children are nasty little creatures. It destroyed your life once your belly starts to bloat. This is what Claire believes, so she vowed never to have children... ever! So it's surprising that she became pregnant from a one night stand, her first sex ever. Who would have thought? and the worst part is??? she even didn't have the chance to get the name of her sperm donor.

So Claire was left as a single mother. For five years, she tried her best to raise Gavin. With the help of her father George, and her bestfriend Liz... Claire made it through. Until she met him once again at the club she's working to. And the funny thing is... he can't even remember her. 

Unknowingly to Claire, Carter have been searching for her for five years since he woke up in an empty bed after their one night stand. He can't remember her face, let alone her name. All he could remember is that chocolatey smell she has. So when he realized who Claire really was, he was elated... then not... Claire has a son... and undeniably has his eyes.

My Review

A funny and sexy story. At first I was totally curious why the title? The plot is very interesting as well. So go ahead Ana... time to read! :D

I was expecting  a lot of hot scenes here, there's the seduction part in the title right??? Well... it has, but unlike some adult books I know of, this book revolved around the story of Claire and Gavin's relationship and not just the sex. The love story was funny, one of the funiest love story I've read.. and very unique. They had the kid even before starting the relationship and falling deeply inlove with each other, if that's not unique, I don't know what to call it!
This book also made me crave for chocolates! Claire's chocolates are described in such a way that makes my mouth waters...except for those boop chocolates..I'll pass on that!

I admire Claire's character. She's a strong person and very well raised her son as a single mother. The people surrounding her are amazing as well. I guess George, Jim and Liz have helped Claire a lot. They supported Claire in every way they can and helped take care of Gavin. Gavin grew up well considering this 4 parents. 

Claire and Gavin has the perfect chemistry, and Gavin is the proof of that. While Claire has the strong character, Carter is the calm one. So combining their characters resulted to Gavin!haha Gavin is so adorable... I guess he has the 50% share for making this story funny and enjoyable.

Love Unrehearsed by Tina Reber

Saturday, September 15, 2012



Taryn Mitchell and Ryan Christensen story continues in this Love Unscripted sequel.

After everything they've been through, Taryn and Ryan have learned their mistakes. Now, they make sure that their relationships would not lack the trust anymore. Being engaged, Taryn is introduced to Ryan's Hollywood world.The first book is just Taryn's introduction into his world, what's more ahead of them is a lot bigger, nastier, scarier and dangerous. But these two definitely gives another meaning on the saying "love surpasses all."

My Review

When I saw a review from one of my goodreads' friend, I immediately assumed that Love Unrehearsed was released earlier. So I ran to the bookstore, searching and searching. Already anxious that I'm not finding anything, I went to information desk to ask if they have it already. And guess what the nice lady told me? "Let me check on that Ma'am.... (after some typing in her PC)... Ma'am, this book is yet to be released on January 2013." Imagine my reaction when I heard that! So how come I'm seeing tons of reviews already??? Then upon browsing some more, it dawned on me... ebooks are released, not paper backs yet... OK it now 0_0

This book is smoking hot! H.O.T!!! If you find Love Unscripted hot, this is way hotter!!!  Taryn and Ryan's love has levelled up, not just in the hot department, but as well on trust and many other aspects of their relationship. It's so refreshing to read a story of madly in love couple going through everything together without the option of breaking up. There's less drama and more on love. As reading I find myself breathing a sigh of relief every time I'm guessing Taryn would leave Ryan or the other way around, then find them making up. Good thing these characters learned from their mistakes. (Unlike lot of characters I know...hoho) When I said less drama earlier, I meant the drama of them breaking up, but less drama on Ryan's world is so impossible! I can't count the problems they've faced in this book that all points to Ryan's popularity. Paparazzi, bitchy PR, a-hole manager, stalker and the come back of Lauren and Kyle...

It's nice to finally have a full picture of Ryan's world, and boy... I myself was stressed!!! But everything was made lighter with Taryn and Ryan's love for each other. 

I want to use this part of my review to honor Jimmy Pop. I know he's just a book character, it broke my heart when I read about Jimmy Pop. Gosh..he has very little role in love unscripted but once I started reading Love Unrehearsed, a part of me wonders where he is. With all the annoying paparazzi, I want to read about him, so when I did... it actually made me teary-eyed.. :(

Feature and Follow Friday 4

Friday, September 14, 2012


Question of the Week: What hyped up book do you think was not worth all the talk?

Honestly speaking, I can't think of any book. At some point in time, I did enjoy Twilight, Fifty shades series and other hyped up books. I enjoyed them at the time I was reading them and only after few month did I realize or wonder how come I enjoyed them ... hahaha
However, most of them I still love :)

The Piper's Son by Melina Marchetta

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


5 years after Francesca's issues in Saving Francesca, it's time for Thomas Mackee to share his life. Before his Uncle Joe's death, evrything is going well with Tom's life. Good family, good friends and almost girlfriend Tara Finke. But when the news of the bombing that took his Uncle's life happened, everything in his life wnet spiralling down. His father became drunk, her mother left his father and went to other town together with his younger sister, he dropped out from school, left his friends and left Tara Finke hanging. 

One night from many nights of being wild, Tom hit his head from falling and found himself with a 10-stitch in his head with Francesca. Francesca who became his friend, who introduced him to a very good friendship. Then, he decided to return to his Auntie Georgie's home, whose life is as troubled as his was. Georgie is now pregnant, from the man who betrayed him years ago, who's still mourning for her half-brother's death and the lost she feels for his another brother, Tom's father. Both are struggling with their life, waking up from their lowest time.

My Review

This is a very depressing story. While reading, I myself feels like going to get depressed from the heavy feelings Tom and Georgie are feeling. I need some saving here please!!! My heart is already breaking with Thomas and when I thought I could not get any glumier, there came Georgie with all her troubles... One is enough...two is too much...

It's like my emotions are bouncing from Georgie's and Thomas' and both are very depressing. That's when I thought how come these two didn't end up getting depressed? Frankie's mother went into depression because of her father and miscarriage, and this two have experienced more. It amazes me how people differs in coping with difficulties. For Thomas, he went out destroying his life while Georgie, went into solitude.

I didn't enjoy this as much as I enjoy Saving Francesca. The story is good, but all throughout the story, I was anxious on Francesca's life and can't help myself from expecting Jimmy. I even did some scanning on all pages with Jimmy's name hoping to read some part saying he'll come back to get Frankie. *sigh
Is there a book meant only for Jimmy, coz I badly need it! 

I enjoy every scenes that Thomas, Justince and Frankie are together. As a reader, I envy their friendship. Thomas is lucky to find them because I think they're the one who kept Thomas sane enough to get back to his normal life when he's ready. I love how Thomas adores these girls, pure friendship (except for Tinke of course!) who says a boy and a girl can't only be firends???

What I love most with Marchatta's works? The subtle humor in every story that comes unexpectedly. From emotional scenes, I find myself laughing at something a character does or says for the sake of humor. :)

All in all, this story is good. Good but very sad. I enjoyed Saving Francesca more, and there are parts in the story when I wish the second book was Francesca's life again instead or better yet, Jimmy's. Thomas's character didn't reached me that much in Saving Francesca, though I felt his role and importance in the story, I didn't get that much interested. Maybe because I was so attached with Francesca and Jimmy as well. So far, this comes last in my loved books from Marchetta.

Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta

Monday, September 10, 2012


St. Sebastian's School has recently became a co-ed school. This is where Francesca is now enrolled together with the 29 girls in the whole school. Left with little options, Francesca is stucked with Tara, a girl who believes she needs to take actions in everything, Justine-her schoolmate also befire but never talked to, Siobhan-her former bestfriend, Thomas- a frustrated musician and famous for his lack of intelligence and Jimmy- the bad boy.

When she thought dealing with being the new girl is a lot, her mother suddenly went into depression threatening the foundation of her family. 

With the help of her new found friends, Francesca realizes who she really is, who her real friends are, what does she really wants in her life including the ever perfect Will.

My Review

Am I pattronizing??? At first I'm afraid I am, my fourth Marchetta and I'm still loving it equally as the Finnikin of the Rock, FOTExiles and On the Jellicoe Road. But hell, I'm really  loving this story. I'm amaze how Ms. Marchetta goes from fantasy, to contemporary and now to YA. Her talents has no boundaries! And what amazes me more is that Saving Francesca is not just an ordinary YA book that will sweep you to your feet and makes you fall head over heels. There's a depth in the story, with Francesca's family problem and there are the common teen/school problems but Francesca's character didn't end up looking like a whiny girl with all the problems in her shoulders. Instead, it was focused on how she surpassed all of them problems with how a real teen would. 

For the first time, I became attached to a character that's not supposed to be a part of the main characters' love triangle. Jimmy. I hope he did, Francesca and Jimmy would really look good together instead of Will.Sorry. I really like Jimmy's character. His subtle ways of supporting Francesca is really sweet, even his attitude towards her mother is admirable. I think Jimmy got all the good points in this book with all his actions while Will only did is kiss and say sweet words and Frankie is all his. I'm really sad for Jimmy :( I'll take him anytime :p

Frankie's friends are the best! They are not fictional characters, they're real! That's what friends are really are. I remember my friends in them, it makes me miss them. Hands down to Ms. Marchetta for creating another fantastic characters... again.

Leif by Abbi Glines

Sunday, September 9, 2012


This is a novella from the Existence Series. It tells some of Leif's POV in the major events from book 1 and 2. How he felt all this time about Pagan, her jealousy towards Dank and his struggle to make Pagan fall for her and make her realize that they are the one meant to be. And Leif's thoughts when he has no other option but to let her go.

My Review

A HANDSOME cover! what more can I say!!! Why can't all books have a very appealing cover like this? Even if this is not part of the Existence series and just another book, I'm totally going to read it even without looking at the summary. This is my top 1 on best cover! :D

Back to the story. It's nice to know Leif's side. At least now I'm sure that Leif's good. Still, I'm on Dank's side. Sorry Leif. My heart breaks for Leif but I could do nothing but accept it since Leif's suffering means Pagan and Dank's happiness. But I guess, I understand his actions, of fighting for Pagan. Why won't he???  For a long time, he waited patiently for Pagan and he's been by her side without Pagan remembering anything. And when he's almost there, when Pagan is already falling for him... Dank came...and poof!!! Pagan is no more his. That's sad really... No one can't let go that easily so I understand him. So I admired him when he realized that he can;t do anything more so he let her go. Heartbreaking... but necessary... Pagan is not hers anymore... she belongs to Death... she belong to Dank. 

On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta


Taylor is now the new leader of the underground community. It is her responsibility to protect those under her, take care for them and most importantly, fight for the territories against the townies and the cadets. Will all these under her, another war is raging inside her. The war to her past- why did her mother abandoned her, why does she feel that it's not by chance that Narnie, her guardian now happened to pass by the 711 store where her mother left her, where is her father, who are the children written in Narnie's story, how they are related to her, who is the boy that she keeps seeing in her dreams and the thought that she's falling inlove with the Cadet leader who once in a way abandoned her as well.

When Narnie suddenly disappears, Narnie's determine to find her along with all the answers. In her search, together with Jonah, the Cadet Leader, the townies leader and her friend Rafaella, she'll be facing the past that's been avoiding her.

My Review

Another masterpiece from Melina Marchetta! After readng Finnikin of the Rock and Froi of the Exiles, I have put Ms. Marchetta in the pedestal, so I was afraid on reading another book from her. I'm afraid my high expectations to this author won't live up in this book... and boy was I so wrong! Once again, I was totally immersed in Taylor's world. Where everything has prices, everywhere is defined by whose territory and the chaos in Taylor's mind. 

I admit at first I was a bit confuse what's happening in this story, I guess I'm expecting to see Finnikin's and Isaboe's names any moments... haha! But page after page, I'm starting to be pulled in the Jellicoe. Though there's Taylor's story, and another story with Webb and the others. it never made me confuse. Even if at first I could not get the link, I did not care. Both story got me hooked up and when the two stories collided into one, I'm drowning! Every details, small and big became very important in the end.

Taylor is an extraordinary girl. She's a born leader, but with everything happening to her personal life, it seems like her role of being a leader has took a side step. The story focuses on her journey to discover the missing pieces of her and only a little on her character as being a leader. Her love story is so adorable. Jonah Griggs is not the typical leading man that would say obvious things to make you swoon. Instead, he says things that's totally define his character and make you melt...

"This isn't romance. This isn't a declaration of love or affirmation of friendship. This is something more."

I just wished there's more on Taylor and Jonah's love story. Like I hope I find out what happened to them after. Even Ben=Taylor_Jonah's love story is adorable. I was just hoping for more romantic side of the book, nut I guess that's too much to ask for with a very good story lain on me :)

Feature and Follow Friday 3

Friday, September 7, 2012


Question of the Week:
What book are you reading right now? What do you think of it?

Honestly speaking, I have just started reading on the first page of this book. I read a lot of good reviews about this book, the summary is very promising and after reading Finnikin of the Rock, I put Melina Marchetta on the pedestal. So I'm having high expectations :)

Pledged by Gwyneth White

Thursday, September 6, 2012


From the sudden marriage of his brother and her stepsister, Erin and Seth meet for the first time in the airport off to Botswana. Neither of them know the mysterious journey ahead of them. Here, they would find out that they are soul mates, with the Gefallen and Guardians surrounding them, Erin and Seth is off to an adventure they never expected - in the past where Botswana is once called Shenaya. To meet their souls' friends in the past, and to finally understand the importance of a strawberry-sized diamond called the seer stone and how the past largely links to what is happening in the present.

Erin, determined to guard the seer stone and Kyle, torned between his promise in the past and his promise to Kyle in the present, both couple will fight for the love they are destined to have.

My Review

Whew!!! Finally I'm done reading this. With my iPhone, this book contains 3000+ pages, so this is such an achievement. Before going inside the book, let me first praise the cover. The cover is perfect! Yes, it's simple, but direct to the point. In my opinion, this tops the list of books where the cover is really related on the story itself and not the characters. :)

Let's begin with the real review... Honestly speaking, I was quite disappointed. Maybe because I was expecting a different picture in this book after reading the summary in Goodreads. I was looking forward on Seth and Erin's love story. Where the hell is it? Instead, I was presented with Caleb and Talitha's then, Jared and Sophia's. Though there are bits of pieces pertaining to Seth and Erin, the story actually revolved around the other four characters. Good thing, I enjoyed their story epecially Jared. :)

Reading this, is like reading a history book. Fortunately, I was spared from the dates like who died when and who was born when. At least I don't need to memorize some dates as history books often required :p And a bonus! I'm enjoying the love story! This is also the reason why I'm having a mix feeling towards this book. There are parts that I find boring with all the details and I wonder how many pages more before it ends but at some parts, I am really anticipating what would happen next. Also, I did not connect to the characters much nor the emotions the story is giving. The build up of the story is really slow taking it's time, so it ended up kinda flat. But when I started to finally understand the big picture, which in my case happened when Sophia and Jared was introduced, I was hooked up. Finally, I'm getting it! Finally, I'm seeing where this is going to and what's the real purpose of Erin and Seth. :) Throughout these pages then, I was murmuring "oh..that's why," "now I get it." Everything just suddenly clicked into place. What I observed after reading is that there is no twist in this story at all. Te plot is straight to the point, but unplottable. I guess that's a good thing. :D

After reading, I could say this is a good book. Sadly, it's just not my kind of book.