Unearthly 3 ~ Boundless by Cynthia Hand

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Summary from Goodreads

The past few years have held more surprises than part-angel Clara Gardner could ever have anticipated. Yet from the dizzying highs of first love, to the agonizing low of losing someone close to her, the one thing she can no longer deny is that she was never meant to live a normal life.
Since discovering the special role she plays among the other angel-bloods, Clara has been determined to protect Tucker Avery from the evil that follows her . . . even if it means breaking both their hearts. Leaving town seems like the best option, so she’s headed back to California - and so is Christian Prescott, the irresistible boy from the vision that started her on this journey in the first place.
As Clara makes her way in a world that is frighteningly new, she discovers that the fallen angel who attacked her is watching her every move. And he’s not the only one. . . . With the battle against the Black Wings looming, Clara knows she must finally fulfily her destiny. But it won’t come without sacrifices and betrayal.
In the riveting finale of the Unearthly series, Clara must decide her fate once and for all.


My Review

I so love this year! It's just the beginning of the year and I've read a lot of books as their respective series' last installment and find lots of books I've been looking for so long! This is really a good year for my bookworm alter ego *_*

Though there's a bit of sadness that the stories have ended and I won't hear (read) anymore about the characters I have learned to love, it's quite relieving to finally end my nights wondering what will happen to them. Clara, Tucker and Christian are some of those characters that make me anxious. Who will Clara end up with? What will happen to Clara's vision? Yeah.. I know, you have the same questions. This characters are annoyingly addictive. AND, I'm glad to inform you that this book has all the answers!

Clara never once disappoints me. Her character embodies a true angel. Though she do mistakes unintentionally, it's part of her. Her mistakes were caused by how loving, thoughtful and loyal the girl is. 

From the last book, my head hurt in deciding who's really the best for her. Is is Christian? Her destiny, her soulmate as Jeffrey said. Or is it Tucker-- the love of her life? But this book spared me from that. This time, the story is more focused on their visions on what will happen, and Clara as an angel. There's a little part for her love life, but as you read, you will feel and hear Clara'a heart. From the first word of this book, you'll surely know who really owns Clara's heart.

As a book reader, it's my nature to guess and plot what will happen next. On most books, it is easy to predict what will happen. And I am proud to say, I'm really good at this game. However, this book puts my plotting into shame! In some scenes, I'm on my way on predicting what will happen, preparing myself for the worst...then boom! Something would happen that would blow my plot! this book never ceases to surprise me.

This is one of the best ending I have ever read... and it makes me want to ask for more!!!

Hush, Hush 4 ~ Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick

Summary from Goodreads

Will love conquer all?

Nora and Patch thought their troubles were behind them. Hank is gone and they should be able to put his ugly vendetta to rest. But in Hank's absence, Nora has become the unwitting head of the Nephilim and must finish what Hank began. Which ultimately means destroying the fallen angels - destroying Patch.
Nora will never let that happen, so she and Patch make a plan: lead everyone to believe they have broken up, and work the system from the inside. Nora will convince the Nephilim that they are making a mistake in fighting the fallen angels, and Patch will find out everything he can from the opposing side. They will end this war before it can even begin.
But the best-laid plans often go awry. Nora is put through the paces in her new role and finds herself drawn to an addictive power she never anticipated.
As the battle lines are drawn, Nora and Patch must confront the differences that have always been between them and either choose to ignore them or let them destroy the love they have always fought for.

My Review

Finally! Finale! I've been waiting for this for too long! And now, the end has come. It was month when I've read the last book, but reading Finale is like I've just read it yesterday.There are still a lot of unresolved problems for Patch and Nora so it's a mystery to me how everything will end in this book. And these are just not simple problems you know... While reading, I just can't stop thinking how Nora and Patch will get out of this story alive. And I think that's what made me end this in just one sitting. I almost forgot eating!

At the beginning, I find Nora and Patch selfish. Just to be together, they are willing to ignore the big picture, and that is the Nephilims are losing their freedom from the fallen angels. Don't get me wrong, I wanted Nora and Patch to be together as much as you want them to be. But if it means that all the nephilims would live their lives being enslaved every year against their will, I don't think I could handle that :( And oh? Nora's stupidity in this book has reached beyond what my patience could handle. Her stubbornness  jealousy, pride and did I already said stupidity??? have reached a different level in this book! aargh! My only consolation is that Patch is his normal self -- hot and sweet!

Good thing Nora made up for all her shortcomings near the end. That's all I could say, before I end up telling you everything that has happened. 

The style of the writing is amazing, it made me feel everything I should feel in that moment. It made me infuriatingly angry, annoyed, excited, doubt everything, determined, and week to my knees. The conflicts are heart stopping, battles/fight scenes are so perfectly written with details, and the twists...oh! the twists will make your mind explodes The writing just complements how good the ending is.

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Friday, January 25, 2013


Q:  What is the last book that kept you up late into the night just to finish it?

A: Brenna Blixen Series! Check on my reviews.

Double Clutch got me hooked and I just cant't stop reading until I finish the last book to know who she ended up with. 

Brenna Blixen 3 ~ Slow Twitch

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Summary from Goodreads

Summer scatters three friends, ties them back together, and makes them question who they have been and who they want to be in the future.

Brenna expected to soak up the knowledge of great Irish writers at her summer workshop in Dublin. But there are some things even the best books can't teach you, and a passionate new friend and an old familiar full of surprises challenge Brenna to follow her heart. By the time she's back in the States, she can't wait to throw herself back into Jake's arms and tell him exactly what he means to her.

She puts the brakes on that plan when it becomes clear that Jake may not be ready to shoulder any more. He visits his family's palatial home in the mountains of New York, and is exposed to all the possibilities a life surrounded by his pampered relatives and washed in money would hold for him. But is it possible to accept so much and not change who you are? Jake has to face the reality that changing sometimes means losing things...but how much is he willing to put on the line?

Saxon has been thrust into a life of drudgery and indentured service he never dreamed of after a brush with the law puts him on family-enforced probation. Who would have thought Sussex County's resident bad-ass layabout would fall head-over-heels in love with a girl, an elderly aunt, and a shot at a whole new life. The problem is, he's a Maclean to his marrow, and it's in his blood to be a selfish screw-up. Isn't it?

Brenna, Jake, and Saxon spend one summer growing up, working things out, and doing their best to weather the changes that get thrown their way. But can the love and friendships of one amazing summer last through the ups and downs of the coming years?

My Review

Everyone is growing up and moving on. Brenna, Saxon and Jake has grown a lot. It was only months in their book world but these three has learned and matured a lot. This is told in the alternating POV of Brenna, Saxon and Jake which I believe is the best decision by the author. Each character are learning to live their own lives, be independent and grow for themselves. Hearing each of their thoughts make this story more real.

Less drama compared to the first book, it makes the reader feels the end is near for this series. Everything is falling into its place and everyone is starting to be happy. 

Brenna's words shows how much she have learned in the previous books. here, you could feel the contentment in her words. She finally knows what to do, what love really is, who she's inl ove with and who she wants to be with. Jake said this line in this book:

"She was mine in a way, but she was mostly just her own. And that was what I loved most about her"

I think this line tells a lot about the story, especially since it's a bulls-eye on Brenna's character.

Jake is starting to see life for his own. Not just someone meant to be with Brenna. But someone who has his own life and goals. Brenna helped him a lot in realizing his potential and what he really can do.

Saxon is turning to be the ideal guy I was hoping to see for the past books. It makes me sad that he finally finds the love he's looking for with Cadence instead with Brenna. If only he had changed when he was with Brenna, then maybe... maybe he's the one with Brenna and not Jake. But of course, he won't have the realizations that pushed him to change if not for everything that happened between him and Brenna. He's just looking someone to fall for, Brenna was supposed to be that girl, but she's not meant for him. They're not meant t0 be together. And now, he has that opportunity with Cadence. Selfish it may seem, a part of me wants him to always be inlove with Brenna.

They're relationship with each other has calmed as well. The intensity of emotions in the first two books was gone. 

The author has successfully and expertly expressed in this story how everyone grew up. I was happy in the end, satisfied that all went well. But bit of me is hoping for a fourth book. I just can't get enough of the characters. Even Evan and Devon got me hooked. The ending is worth all the dramas in the start.

Brenna Blixen 2 ~ Junk Miles


Summary from Goodreads

Kissing someone other than your boyfriend is cheating.

But what about thinking about kissing someone other than your boyfriend?

What about thinking about it a lot?

Brenna Blixen has the perfect boyfriend. He's sweet, sexy, loyal, and sure that Brenna is the best thing that's ever happened to him. But being the perfect girlfriend isn't as easy as Brenna thought it would be, and the pressure that comes with trying to be Jake's everything is beginning to weigh on her. When her mother surprises her with a trip to Paris over winter break, she's torn. She anticipated spending her vacation snuggling with Jake Kelly, ice-skating, drinking cocoa, and relaxing...but what girl in her right mind would turn down a trip to Paris?

Things only get more confusing when she winds up unexpectedly and unavoidably thrown into Saxon Maclean's arms in the City of Lights. Far away from the comfort and stability she finds at Jake's side, Brenna faces down the feelings that have been swirling through her since the day she laid eyes on Saxon. Is it fair for her to call herself Jake's girlfriend when she has so many unresolved feelings about someone else?

Brenna is determined to figure it all out, even if it means making some of the hardest decisions of her entire life. She also learns that every single thing she does has rippling repercussions, some that fill her with total regret. By the time she figures out what her heart truly wants, she realizes that she may not be able to have it after all. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13073922-junk-miles

My Review

So...it's Saxon and Brenna's story now. I was thinking the story would be like Thoughtless by S.C Stephens. Good thing it didn't turned out that way. I love Thoughtless by the way, but I don't want this to turn out this way. 

Honestly speaking, I prefer Saxon. It is more appealing to know that a bad guy becomes a good guy for the girl she loves. However, this story do not follow rules and that makes this book stands out from the rest. I'm suppose to hate Brenna for ruining such a perfect relationship with Jake by trying things out with Saxon. But I can't blame her. I agree with her that she first needs to deal with whatever she and Saxon have before committing herself seriously to anyone. What they have is undeniable, so why not deal with it. It's just now or later, so why not end all the miseries.

I always have this impression of Brenna as being mature. And I think she showed it by breaking up with Jake, to know what she really feels between these two hot guys. She became mature by admitting to herself that she's still young and still needs to learn a lot. Though she needs to experience a lot of pain before getting the lesson, at least she did learn.

I was hoping really hard that Saxon is the right guy for her. I just don;t want to waste all the drama for nothing. Still, it ends up in nothing! aargh! But what happened made me realize that this two are not really meant for each other. They're just there to be each other's friend. But even if it did not ended up like I wanted to, it's nice to know the realization from both of them of who they really are for each other. There's this special connection between them that will never go away. Brenna is the only one who saw the good in Saxon when everyone sees him as bad, and he is the only one who understands what Brenna really feels and knows because he believes they're the same. I just hope Jake would understand that part. 

Liebster Blog Award


I would like to thank Bookworm Brandee for nominating me. Thanks for appreciating my blog. However, due to a very hectic schedule, I was not able to look for fabulous blogs to nominate. So I'm just sending my gratitude and answering the 11 questions:

1. What prompted you to start blogging?

- Since I was young, I totally love reading. The problem is, I haven't met anyone I could talk to on what I read. So I started making reviews on goodreads. Then I decided, why not make a blog? I love books and I love doing reviews... and I have my own page to write whatever I want. 

2. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
- Reading books of course! It's like I have an official excuse to read a lot of books! :D

3. What is your favorite genre?
- Currently, My mood is on YA Romance. But there are days that I refer paranormal as well.

4. Who is your favorite character?
- I really believe this is the scariest question for bookworms. For a lot of books, there are lot of characters to choose from. I have a lot of favorites per book...and that's a lot! But for the sake of answering this..I choose... SIRIUS BLACK! I still can't move on to his death until now!

5. Do you read books or ebooks or both?
- both

6. How do you pick your next book to read?
-Usually, it would be the next installment of my current reading. Otherwise, I'll work on my to-read list on goodreads.

7. Where is your favorite place to read?
-In my room at my bed

8. Have you ever danced in the rain?
- No! But I did ate ice cream under the rain while riding a motorcycle :p

9. Where is the farthest from home you've traveled?
- I haven't left the country. So the place is called Quezon province here in the Philippines.

10. If you have to give up a sense to lose, which would you choose?
- NONE! haha

11. What else, besides reading, do you do for fun?
- I'm currently into photography. I'm not good, but I want to be :)

Brenna Blixen 1 ~ Double Clutch by Liz Reinhardt

Sunday, January 20, 2013



After a year in Dublin, Brenna is back in Sussex Country on her junior year. Here she met Saxon, and the moment she saw him, she immediately felt the attraction between them. But Saxon dating her potential bestfriend Kelsie made her decide Saxon is in no touch zone. Then she met Jake in tech school and immediately fell in love. A totally handsome guy, as handsome as Saxon, talented and most importantly single. He's really funny and smart, but does not have enough confidence because of his dyslexia.

One day in meeting Saxon and she found out that he is the campus man whore. It seems like he had sex with all the girls he knows, and that was another turn off for her. But Saxon is persistent, especially with her-- the only girl who turned him down. Jake on the other hand started off as friendly. He's the guy Brenna wants to be with, so she did. But no matter how focus she is with Jake, she can't deny the attraction she's feeling for Saxon.

My Review

So, we have a fashionista girl and 2 hot men. Let's get it on!!!

Let me first ogle with the two hot men... Hey! It's my right so don't stop me!

Saxon... *sigh just hearing his name makes my knees weak. A typical bad boy from books. Bad boy in the outside but really a softy in the inside, and oh! Really smart. Photographic memory??? Wow! Just with that, I'm already falling. The only bad side about him is that he smokes :( I admire his determination on Brenna, but since he's not that romantic when it comes to explaining what he really wants, Jake has the upper hand:

“I need to get you out of my system.”

Seriously?! Is that how you get to take a girl out? But since he's so sexy and really adorable with his smugness, I'll let it go.

Then there's Jake. Who's so talented and really smart, if not for his dyslexia. He's the boy next door type, but when his past was revealed, a past that he's like Saxon before, I can't blame Brenna on doubting him. If I met a really sweet guy, and someone tells me he's like Saxon... That's not consistent at all right?
at first, I think that what Brenna feels for him is pity. Him being dyslexic and poor, but as I grow to know him more and more, I'm starting to understand Brenna and feel that Jake is the right one for her. But with Saxon around, I can't tell for sure.

Brenna is not the slutty girl, spoiled or annoying. She's independent, and I guess that's the most important character of her that defined her throughout this series.  She's also mature. Even if there are some actions of her that doesn't seem so, in her own way it is.

Jake and Brenna got together really fast, it's what? The day after they first met?! But I'm ok with that. This story is so packed that courting would waste a lot of pages... Hahahaha

I like Brenna's POV. Her way of thinking is really deep, it makes me see a situation in a different perspective. The writing is simple and was naturally written that it became so easy for me to understand all the situations and imagine what's really happening. All details matches the story and each characters has been given enough importance to be really part of the story, each of them stands out on their own.

This book got me hooked so bad. I just can't stop reading. No matter how I convince myself enough is enough (for the day), I just can't put it down. Every page forces me to take the next page until I finish. Oh! Not just that book, but finish the entire series! Seriously! This book should have. A warning in the cover that says: "Beware of sleepless nights" I just can't stop until I know who Brenna ended up with.

And oh! Beautiful cover by the way. The girl is soooo prettty! :)

Feature and Follow #6

Saturday, January 19, 2013



A: I'll choose Machina from the Iron Fey series. At first, I was all out against him. Who wouldn't?! He kidnapped innocent Ethan at a young age, just to lure Meghan in his kingdom. But in the end, we all knows what happened. As the story unfolds, I come to understand Machina. Though it does not justify what he did, I understand the part of him fighting not just for his survival but the whole kingdom.

I also love Iron Horse. But since I totally love him, I don't consider him an antagonist! :D

Lorien Legacies 3 - The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Four and Nine are together, but Sam is gone -- Trapped in the cave, captured by Mogadorians. Six, Seven and Ten are together. Yes, there's Ten. A young girl who can change her looks to different ages. She's the baby Four has seen in his dreams taken to the second ship that left Lorien that fearful night. Now, Six and her group are on to look for Eight. Soon they will be together, the seven of them to fight the Mogadorians and return to their planets. 

My Review

First, let me praise the cover. It's really cool, especially that sandy texture and the symbol that feels like it's embossed. It looks and feels real in the hands. 

There's a lot of happenings in this book. Bit by bit, things are getting clearer and a greater story is being unfold. I was expecting to hear a lot about the obnoxious Nine,  and luckily though confusing I didn't. The title is a bit misleading. Come to think of it, I never heard much about Nine's story except his very cool place and car. Thought there's now the mystery on who will really kill Setrakus Ra. Is it Four? Nine? or Eight? I really really hope it's Four, since he's the most built up character, and I really wish to find some purpose on those lighty things in his hands.

Finally, on the third book, I'm seeing direction where this is going. On the first 2 books, It's like just walking on the park, enjoying the scenes and everything. But now, I know where I'm going. Lots of actions and everything are now being explained. I finally get a glimpse of who really Nine is. Yep! Behind that obnoxious boy, there's something good in him, and I'm starting to like it. Though it seems he does not take things seriously, he does. He has just a different way of handling them.

In the end, when they all of them remaining got together, I breathe a sigh of relief. Finally! After almost 3 books of anticipation, they are finally together. And boy... aren't they strong?! Each of their legacies are complement of each other. As a group, they are more stronger... that's for sure. I was so excited for them to face Setrakus Ra and end everything up. I have been really tired with this sction-packed series and I just want it to end and get their hea. So imagined my surprised when I read an open ending and found out that there are more 3 books!!! I thought this is just a trilogy!!! Well... I blame no one but myself. I took the books without thinking twice, never checked goodreads and just based everything else on the movie I saw, so that's it. I'm being punished by waiting for the next three books.

But I'm willing to take that punishment of course!!! Now that these seven are together, I'm so sure it will bem ore exciting and fun. Nine and six in the same place? Sarah and Six and Four? oh boy...I'm so excited. I just wish Sam is with them already.

Lorien Legacies 2 ~ The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

Monday, January 14, 2013


Marina is number seven. And she is still alive. She and her cepan are currently hiding in Spain, living in a convent with the nuns. She was never trained since her cepan seems to finally gave up and started denying who they really is. But that wont't stop Marina in fulfilling her mission. She's one of the garde and she's alive. That's what's important.

She has heard the news about a certain boy named John in America. She is sure she's like her. Seven will find him, and determined to fine the other six remaining. It's time for them to fight.

My Review

I was expecting that this is Six' story. SO I was a bit disappointed to read about a different girl. It was like a totally different story at the start since I am not reading much about John. But when the story of Marina and John meets, that's when things get really exciting.

Marina's life is kind of annoying. First, her cepan has this delusion that they would be safe from the Mogadorians through prayers. I'm not saying prayers do not work, but prayers need actions as well. And that's the important thing she forgot -- her responsibility to train Marina and prepare her for her purpose. Good thing Ella came. I adored her right from the start. Finally, Marina found someone who'll team up with her. And Marina's Legacies are awesome! Night sight and healing is totally cool. Well, I still don't know John's purpose since his only serves as flashlight. I'm waiting for another purpose of his legacy, and I haven't read it yet.

I don't like John's side of the story. Maybe because he's with Nine. I'm starting to hate Nine's attitude. And it doesn't help on me getting bored in the story. I'm not saying I'm not liking the story, I like it. But there are times that I feel like they just can't get out of trouble and it's tiring for me because I can't relax everytime a Mogadorian is near. John's character have not yet improved as well. He's still the same selfish and self centered guy and I'm hating him for that. First he lost Henry because of his stupidity, and now Sam..aargh!

Good thing Six is making the story so much better. She's what a garde is all about. Learns how to fight, not self centered, and not proud. I think all of them depends on her. Even Marina who doesn't know her in the start could feel Six will protect her. I always love the action scenes everytime she's in the scene. The actions are much cooler compared with the guys'.

Though I'm quite disappointed and frustrated that the book ended without the six being together, it won't stop me in reading the next book.

Immortal Essence 2 ~ Beguiled by Rashelle Workman

Sunday, January 13, 2013



Venus is back to her world. After being granted the immortality, and rejecting her soulmate Michael, Venus is now back to her kingdom as the Princess together with her beloved Formytian guard Zaren. 

But there's something she haven't found out yet regarding Michael. He is still in his world and not being poisoned by it's atmosphere. She found out a part of him is alien like her -- a kelvieri. But there's something more he does not tell her. And in the end, all things are revealed as she found out the truth on what really happened to her parents and who she really is.

My Review

Honestly speaking, I couldn't remember much about book 1. All I can remember is that Venus is an alien who fell in love with a human, Michael. And in the end, they returned to Venus' planet. I can't even remember the name of the planet until now. :( but what I can't understand at first is why Venus is with Zaren? Isn't Michael her soulmate?

As I go on, bit by bit  I remember what happened in the previous books. Oh yes! It was Venus' mission to find Michael's soulmate, then in the end it was found out that they were each other's soulmate. But Venus rejected her love. For what reason? Until now I don't know :(

I prefer the first book actually.  I like the simplicity of the story of an alien girl falling in love with a human boy compared to the complexity of gods' rivalries. The story is short but is full of twist and actions. The story also has a fast pace that it feels like I'm missing a lot of details.

I'm really confused who's Venus should really be with. The beginning convinced me that it's Zaren, but Michael is her soulmate. So I really don't know what's happening. Venus and Michael's story was not built up that much compared to book 1, that's why it's s little bit shocking hearing the end of the story.

Under the Never Sky 2 ~ Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi



Aria us back, the only thing Peregrine wanted. Aria is now with her. But being the new blood lord of the Tides, there are a lot of thing in Perry's hands. The doubt of his people to a young blood lord, the aether that has come more often, and other Tides that are still loyal with his brother -- the former blood lord, bringing Aria-- a dweller would just make things worse. But he doesn't care. As long as Aria's beside her, he would do everything.

Aria needs to find the Still Blue. A place that says to be free from Aether. She needs to find it, to Free Talon from Hess. Perry will surely come with her, but right now, Perry is needed by his people, so she decided to do it on without him. Together with Roar, they travel to the Rim, to get the location of Still Blue from Sable and for Roar to get Liv (Perry's sister) back. 

My Review

I was surprised that under the Never Sky has a second book. I totally fell in love with first book and it also ended well. So when I saw this book 2, I know I really need to read it. Good thing I did! It was a long time since I read book 1 so it took me awhile to get familiar with the story again. I even have to read the last pages of Under the Never Sky just to warm up. That's just when I realized that there are a lot of unsolved problems in book 1 that I should have expected a second book. Maybe I was just so satisfied that Perry and Aria are back together that I forgot about everything else. sorry about that :/

I'm so happy to read more about Perry and Aria. But this book didn't focus much about the love story of this two. A lot is happening to focus on that thing... :( They need to save Talon from reverie, Liv from Sable and fine Still Blue for the Tides. Aria and Perry needs to solve the problems on their hands on their own. They both know this, but until the end, they try to deny it, wanting just to be together. But still, things needs to happen.

Because of the distance between the two, there was a moment of doubt in my part, a moment where I think roar will be good for Aria. It feels like betraying Perry, but when Perry started doubting Aria and that annoying Kirra, I can't stop it. But deep inside me, I'm still rooting for Aria and Perry. i still can't understand much about the render thing, I hope it was elaborated.

The post apocalyptic world Veronica Rossi has created is so realistic.  It made me fear of that world praying that would never really happen. But it's so exciting that I want to explore it more along with Perry and Aria and find the Still Blue for the whole people's salvation.

Free Four by Veronica Roth

My Review

It tells Four POV as he train The new initiates, includeing Tris.

I do not know why this is the specific scene that was chosen to share Four's thoughts. A lot of scenes come to my mind that I would like to hear what Four's thinking was.  But anyways, I'm still thankful to read a bit of him. Four is in top of my list of the most drool-worthy leading men. 

It's nice to finally hear how he feels for Tris even from the start. But I think, this have given me a clearer perspective of Eric. What he's capable of and how evil he is.

I just hope there's more!

Something More by Mia Castile


Nyla had planned everything for her college life. And now, she's off to her new life in Chicago. A new city for her college, new apartment and new friends. The only thing she haven't plan is seeing Jamison there. Brother to her sister's bestfriend and her archenemy -- the bully. So when Jamison started being nice to her, she has doubts of his motives.

Jamison gave up his plan for college to follow Nyla in Chicago. She doesn't know why, but when he saw her during their graduation, he has this sudden fear of not seeing her again everyday. So he set off to Chicago to find out what the pull she has to him really means.

My Review

I like the simplicity of the cover. It's not that extravagant, but the photo is really nice. The girl is cute as well, so I was quite disappointed when I read that Nyla has the long brown hair and bangs, so not the girl in the picture. At least they should have made it match. I was really hoping Nyla would look like the girl in the cover. Also, How is Nyla pronounced? Is it "Nayla" or "Nila"?

Just like the cover ,the story is simple. Very straightforward and I would categorize it as a feel-good story. A lot of times, I get confuse with the transition on which side of the story is being told. First it's Nyla's then out of nowhere, it would go to Jamison, then there are sides of other characters as well. Maybe I'm just used on first person POV. Other characters did not have enough exposures, the story just focused around Nyla and Jamison. But of course, I'm not complaining. :D

The idea of the story though is really cute. It made me smile in this certain line:

"It wasn't until graduation day that he looked at her and was terrified of the thought of not seeing her every day"

I must admit, the thought is so sweet and romantic. My boyfriend once said almost the same line to me in a letter (we're not a couple yet that time) so the line made me remember that. *twinkling eyes 

If you're looking for drama, angst, or action, this is not the book for you. It's just something you could read on rainy days, when you feel like reading something sweet and relaxing. Its also just a short one, so it won't take much of your time.

Lux 3 ~ Opal by Jennifer Armentrout

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Katy is not the weak human as before. After Daemon healed her from almost dying, they have mutated. A lot of happened until then. Daemon was forced to heal Will- mutating him, Blake killed Adam and  then Dawson is back. But Dawson is not the old Dawson anymore, all he's thinking is how to save Beth from DOD and the Daedalus. 

Katy and Daemon has no choice but to promise him to help him get Beth back even if it means cooperating with Blake. The Blake who killed Adam, the Blake who's so desperate that they know they shouldn't trust. But do they have a choice?

My Review

I regret reading this book! Seriously! I should have read this when I already have book 4 in hand. If I just know... I just finished the book and I can't get it out of my head!!! The worst cliffhanger ever... or is it the best? Aaargh!

Before my frustration eats me up, let me go with my review.

This is not "Katy's book." It's like saying this is not my day. This book totally sucks for Katy. Because of Adam's death, her friendship with Dee died. Will still contacts her mother, Blake is back and has all the information on his sleeves to blackmail her, friend gone and as you read the book, you'll agree with me. The only good thing is Daemon. With Daemon around, all the bad things are nothing. 

I didn't realize how much I miss Daemon until I started reading about him again. Oh! His cockiness and overflowing confidence is something you can't find on other leading men. Most of them are modest, described as someone who are so handsome but unaware of it. But Daemon is different, he's very aware of his awesomeness and it's so adorable. I think the only thing that has humor in this book is Daemon and Lesa. Dee has lost her glow when Adam died, and Katy is being swallowed by all the problems.

Katy and Dee's friendship saddens me. Dee has always been the best bestfriend, and now that they're friendship is broken, it breaks my heart. A lot of things is happening and this is the last thing that should happen to both of them. But I can't blame Dee, she's hurting. Though I don't agree with how she blames Katy, blaming Katy is rationale. Come o think of it, all the troubles started because of Katy. 

Blake??? I really don't want to waste my space talking about him. But hell! I need a release to this frustration. Aaargh! I hate you! If Blake is real, I'm going to strangle him!!! 

This is a very good book. More action and twists. Katy has her powers making it more exciting. I heard in some reviews that the story gets really hot between Katy and Daemon, but I think otherwise. Previous books are much hotter, but I like their relationship more now. It became mature. 

Though this book almost killed me at the end, I'll forgive Ms. Jennifer by giving this a five star because it's worth it..more than that even! 

Feature and Follow #5



A: FARIES! Of course the nice one! I don't want ending up an Ice statue if I meet Mab or a squirrel with Titania (Iron Fey Series) Just the friendly faeries whose only goal is to make life magical :)

Heart on a Chain by Cindy Bennett


He was her first kiss, she was his first love. Then, he left. After 6 years, Henry is back. But the 8-year old Kathryn she knew is so different from what he remembers. Kate has become the target of bullies and pranks. With her second hand clothes, indifference and refusal to stand for her own, she became the campus loser. But now that Henry is back, she won't let anyone hurt her. But then, Henry comes to realize, that the school is not the only place Kate needs to be protected from. 

Kate doesn't know if Henry still remembers that their 8-year old selves were friend once. But Henry is now one of the popular kids, and Henry being nice to her makes her fear that Henry will be like the bullies who never cease to embarrass her in front of everyone. Soon, Kate will realize that Henry is the real thing, no pretension, just love.

My Review

I have seen this book for a while now in goodreads, I am aware of its high ratings and got me curious. However, the cover is not that appealing, that's why it took me months to finally decide to open it. And I regret the months I wasted for not reading this. The story is really nice, a lot of drama but will still make you feel good. I just hope they decide to change the cover. I know, don't judge the book by its cover. But who could blame me, the first thing you'll see in a book is it's cover. And mostly, books with good covers have good stories. (I'm not saying all, just most! I also know a lot of good covers I wasn't able to finish because of the story) All I'm saying here, is the cover attracts readers, and I really hope this story attracts a lot of readers because it's really good.

It's a story of Kate, who lives day by day in her personal hell. Until heaven comes along. In this case, in the form of Henry. At first, Kate is reluctant to Henry's nice attitude towards her. She's paranoid in each of his action, anticipating the punchline that would embarrass her in front of anyone. I couldn't blame her, she already experienced it and it's not something anyone wants to repeat again. I feel for her. I love Henry's patience towards her. His approach is gentle and there's a touch of protectiveness towards her. 

The physical violence involved in this story is not something I'm familiar of (I thank Him for giving me a pleasant life) But each beatings and pain Kate is experiencing, is like I'm feeling as well. The way each scenes were written was very detailed that it's like I could see it for myself. The good and evil is also well-balanced. Though Kate is experiencing a very bad life at school and at home, Henry makes it all better for her. His family and friends has made Kate move forward.

But even if Henry and Kate are so perfect for each other, I still love Kate's independence. Although she always say that Henry made her life so much better, she did not depend everything to Henry. She put down her walls not just for Henry but for a lot of people. Henry helped her to grow, but in the end, Kate still knows how to handle everything on her own. The only thing she could not handle is what's happening at home, which is expected. She's just seventeen.

I really love how the story goes, though some scenes are a bit corny. But still, I love the ending. I hope there would be a second book for them! :)

Independence by Shelly Crane

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Now that Marcus' family is defeated, left with no powers at all, It's minus one on all the problem Caleb and Maggie are facing right now. Both of them, now leader on their own. Maggie to the whole race, and Caleb as the new champion of the family, there's a lot on their plate. Her father and brother Bish newly mated, Maggie's true father in the scene, Marcus who don't want to give up.

But with everything that's going on, Maggie and Caleb will have to face bigger thing...that is their wedding. Against all odds, these two will get married, and show everyone that they are really meant to be together as each other's significance.

My Review

The book started right where it ended which made me a bit confuse. It's been a long time when I've read the first book so I needed time to get familiar with the happenings. I've anticipated this book for months, so when it finally came, I was a little bit disappointed. Maybe it's just because of the long waiting and my expectation for this to be so great grew higher and higher. 

The natural sweetness and cheesiness that I have loved between Maggie and Caleb went overboard in this book. I prefer the innocent love, thoughtfulness and sweetness the two had in book 1, but this time, it seems like two infatuated teens who are getting married. I love Caleb since the beginning. But in this book, he ended up obsessed. Same goes for Maggie. 

Also, there's too much happenings and side stories to fit in 1 book. The marriage, Maggie's ex, Maggie's mother, Marcus and everything else. There's too many side stories that the book looks scattered. There are stories that I felt should left unsaid since they just added to number of words but did not help at all in the story. And there are characters that has so much potential but were left out. For example, I don't think Maggie's ex trying to get her back should still be part of this book. It was clearly shown on previous books that Maggie don't want anything to do with him. Then there's Maggie's mom and Haddock. Though Haddock did some great things in the end, I feel it's not enough to build his character which could be so good. Then, Maggie's mom could have given a better story, but she only ended up becoming an irresponsible parent. I was expecting a twist like she is in contact with another Jacobson enemy.... There goes my imagination again! Haha

(spoilers ahead)
The only thing I loved about this story is that the wedding went well without anyone getting in the way. Before the wedding, my anxiety is killing me that something will happen that will jeopardize the wedding, good thing my guess is wrong. Honestly speaking, I was expecting ghat the wedding would be the end story and everyone would live happily after, so I was a bit confused when they got married in halfway through the book.  But after that, the story became better. There's still too much cheesiness, but now I did see some direction in the story.

I love Caleb, ever since the first book i fell in love with him. Significance made me obsessed with imprint stories, so I'm sac to put a not so good review, especially this is the last one.  Then I heard that Significance will be put into movie, so that made my day :) I hope it would be good as the book :)
For more information about Significance Movie, here's the facebook page for this: https://www.facebook.com/SignificanceTheMovie?fref=ts