The Eve by Keary Taylor

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Now that Eve had tasted the bits of her past, there's no stopping her from taking it all in. Being an experiment that started the cause of the end of the world is nothing compared to knowing she has a sister out there, alive and maybe alone. 

As she meet the creator of TorBane, Dr. Evans gave them something that she could not turn down. Hope. A hope to end it all, the hope to kill all the Banes in the world, and Eve will be the key to it. It's time for Eve to save the world.

My Review

I've been so blessed to have the opportunity to have an ARC copy of the wonderful book. Actually, I got the whole trilogy like this. I didn't expect to have this and I'm just waiting for it to be released that it was so exhilarating to find the package lying in my email for 4 days! I never hated myself so much for not checking my email everyday! I am very thankful to Ms. Keary Taylor for trusting me to review her book.

So here it goes:

The first chapter explained almost everything. I was expecting that Ms. Taylor would kill me slowly by giving bits of revelations per chapter until the end..but no... she gave it all at once. All my waiting after book 2 are worth it.The story on what really happened before Eve lost her memory answered all my questions. So when the said chapter is done, I was like "so what's next?!" I'm already satisfied in what I know after reading just the first chapter. But there's a bigger story after it that glued me in my seat and the book never leaving my hands. 

 Now that they have the means to save the world, everything is so fine. All is going according to plan and I'm getting agitated from paranoia just like Eve. As Eve and Avian had said, it's like a calm before the storm. I am expecting a tragedy to happen every time I flip the page.  But more than the excitement that I feel that the end of the story is near, there are other heavy emotions that this book brought to me. Too many were lost in the last book that every character that's lost brings heavy emotions to me, and when Morgan asked Eve to do whatever t takes to save her baby, the dam broke for me!

It's nice to see the trio back again. Avian, West and Eve as a group is so refreshing. Without the tension between the three after everything has been cleared up, they became the best team their world has ever had. The books has been consistent all throughout the trilogy. Action-packed, adrenaline is all over the place and Eve is the hero!

Near the end of the story, I can't explain what  I feel without spoiling something. But all I can say is that this book for me gets the best ending award!!!