Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Colleen Hoover did it again! A new love story that surpasses other love stories. With books like this, it’s hard to look for the next book to top it up. This book made me feel like I’ve been reading lots of boring love stories. It amazes me how Ms. Hoover could create such a heart wrenching and super romantic love story. She’s one of the few authors who could write a book, put the title in the cover, with plane background and could still capture tons of readers. I think, being a “Hoover book” is enough.

The title is so perfect for the story.

When Tate decided to temporarily leave with his older brother, he met Miles Archer. Even starting on the wrong foot, Tate can’t deny the attraction she feels for Miles. The mystery, the silence and the man who never had a woman beside him for 6 years got Tate want him more. But when Miles showed the same attraction towards her, everything gets complicated.

Miles don’t want anything other than the physical contact. 2 rules, no questions about his past and no expectations in the future. And Tate would get anything she could get even if agreeing with this rules, even if she’s seeing a tragedy in the making.

“Love isn’t always pretty, Tate”

It’s not a typical love story. It won’t give butterflies in the stomach and make you giddy with love. It’s not really a light reading, it contains heavy emotions and a very hot and strong attraction. It’s not a teen love story, instead, a very mature one with heavy emotional baggage on the side.

I find Tate a strong and independent woman. A woman with her own career and can stand on her own, so I’m quite surprised to see her agreeing with Miles. I believe she deserves better than that. But I guess the saying is true “You deserve what you think you deserve.” I guess Tate is expecting for more, there’s this hope deep inside her that it could be more between her and Miles.

What made a very successful man close out? Honestly speaking, I got frustrated with Miles with all the drama in his life. I can’t imagine how dark his past is to deny love like what’s Tate is offering! It’s just that, I can see for myself how good they are together, he can see it too but he keeps pushing Tate away. It came to a point where I would rather Tate leave him be and find someone better. But as I keep reading and found out how Rachel broke him (I was starting to hate Rachel,) I realize Miles has a good reason. Uhmm, not really good but good as it can be. I think I can’t judge Miles after finding out his past.

Other than these two, I enjoyed Cap’s character as well. He’s like the wisdom in this book. The parent figure that gives rationality in their story. He always has the “quotable quotes”

An emotional story about grief, forgiveness, moving on, second chances and moving on. It would make you admire people who have experienced and survive this kind of love. 

R2R - Divine Vices by Melissa Parkin


This book clawed its way in my heart page by page. It started slow, really slow. But it never got boring. There’s a lot happening in the story that there’s no time for me to feel any boredom. Though I was kind of getting frustrated waiting for the climax of the story. I’m already halfway and it’s still about the chase of Jackson Matthews to Cassie. I could feel the looming danger ahead, the dark mystery of Cassie’s past and Jackson as well, but it seems like I can’t reach it. But when the climatic event came, boy, did it came. It’s so full, intense and breath taking that I’m getting tired just reading all of it. Ms. Parkin defined plot twist into a whole new level! I would like to talk more about this twist, but I would like the reader to enjoy it themselves. Haha!

Cassie’s character is the typical heroine. A beautiful girl who thinks of herself as ordinary. Had a sad life due to what happened in the past. She has her sidekicks, which are Gwen and Ian which are equally unique and entertaining to read. They both gave life in this book as well. I even thought Gwen would make this whole story into a Nancy Drew mystery novel with her bubbly detective character. I enjoyed the banter of Cassie and Jack. Jack successfully brought Cassie out of her shell but in a really annoying way.  I was torn between loving and getting annoyed with him! Seriously! He’s a knight in shining armor in the making but we can’t deny that he’s sort of a jerk! Haha! Sorry Jackson, but that’s the way you are made. Well, when everything were cleared, when the real motivations were revealed, and all else came to the open, how the characters are, were justified. Sadly, I feel like half of the book was wasted with minor things and for me, the book actually started on the second half so the 2nd half became overwhelming with information. But still it’s just a matter or arranging the plot and events, but in general, the book came out really good.

This book is a perfect blend of mystery, fantasy, horror, some drama, comedy and love story. What I enjoyed most in this story is how the story was fitted to some biblical events. It shows how much research was made in the book. It’s a story that tells about demons, angels, nephilims and urban legends. It’s like Dan Brown meets Stephenie Meyer and Cassandra Clare type of book.

It’s the first book of Meliisa Parkin and I was requested to write a review for it. I’ve seen the plot and it’s really good so I accepted. I haven’t seen much review form this book other than those given with ARC same as me. This book reminded me why I started book blogging. It gave me the opportunity to introduce good books like this one but are not that popular. I highly recommend this book, I’m sure for those who love this kind of genre, it’s something you shouldn’t miss. Actually, it’s something you should anticipate reading. J

Girl in Love by Caisey Quinn

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


After Trace left her to go to rehab, Kylie survived on her own singing, making songs and being the top artist she always dreamed of. But she can’t feel any happiness on what’s going on around her. She feels numb. Ever since Trace left, the only way she knew how to cope is to feel numb, build walls around her and never to trust anyone again with her heart. The old Kylie was gone, and took her place is the top artist who only knows how to work, and doesn’t have fun.

Good thing she has found true friendship with Lulu, Lily, and Mia (unexpectedly). Steven and his band. With their help, Kylie made it through almost a year. But she knows the pain is still there, and being numb is the only way not to feel that pain. Until Trace returned, out from rehab. And now, their label wants them to be on tour together. Will Kylie be able to keep herself from feeling once again? Will Trace be able to take her back? This is the 3rd and Final Instalment of Kylie Ryans Series.

I knew it when I said book 2 will kill me from its ending. Good thing I have this book on hand. I immediately grabbed this book right after I finish book 2. I guess my sleeping for tonight will be out of the question. Anyway, I’m sure this book is worth it.

I felt sad for Kylie. She’s so heartbroken and feels so alone. I guess I would also feel that same if someone like Trace did that to me. I also get her point that it’s not just the “I’m going to rehab you can’t wait for me” line of Trace that made her feel betrayed. It’s something more. It’s that, when the going gets tough, it’s not her that Trace trusts to handle him. It’s not her that he runs to talk about his fears and problems. For someone like Kylie who loved Trace unconditionally, that stings a lot.

I still don’t like Trace. Regardless of how many times this story say how hot he is, I just can’t feel that attraction. Or maybe I’m not just into that mature guys. I prefer Steven actually. If he’s not totally into another woman (which I also grew to like), I would definitely root him for Kylie. Kylie experienced so much during the year without Trace, and I feel like it’s so unfair for Trace to suddenly pop up and ruin everything. I totally believe that Trace doesn’t have the right to treat Kylie like that. Leaving and breaking her heart, then when he’s okay, take her back. Even if he says it’s best for her, I think Kylie deserves better than that. But since these two are the lead, I would have to settle for less and be satisfied with their story.

Trace’s saving grace would be his patience and determination to take Kylie back. His love for her is undeniable, and I find it cute. I love cold Kylie here, she tried her best to keep away from him, unsuccessfully obviously but I admired her for trying. Besides them, I have enjoyed Lulu and Mia’s character. Totally opposite but they have showed their loyalty and friendship to Kylie, and I love them for that. The lyrics for the songs are amazing, I hope I could really hear them in the radio.

It’s a push-and-pull relationship between Trace and Kylie, but it fits the story too well. And in the end, it’s just perfect for these two. The epilogue is great, I love how I had a glimpse of the “after.” 

Girl on Tour by Caisey Quinn

There’s a reason why I didn’t jump right off to this book after reading Girl with Guitar. Don’t misread me, I loved the book, especially its ending. That’s why I took my time before reading this book. I have this big hunch that I won’t enjoy much how this book will end, so I made sure I have the third book first before reading this. So in case there’s a cliff-hanger, a frustrated ending or something else that would make me sleepless, I have the third book to hope for. I can’t afford to be sleepless these days!haha!

Trace and Kylie’s love story is doomed in this book. I feel it! The title itself will give you a hint. Kylie will be on tour, and Trace as well, but they will be on two different tours. Distance would tear them apart, Trace’s drinking problem would cause problems, and Kylie’s own problems as she struggles to be on top of the industry would make it hard for both of them. Will their love survive the music industry, that is full of lies, manipulations and drama? This book will surely take you along inside their world.

Honestly, I didn’t like Trace that much, and this book didn’t help my love for him. I admire Kylie’s character, her innocence, and her cow girl character. But I think Trace’s taking advantage of that. He always say he loves Kylie enough to do everything, but here he is, lying about his drinking and all. There’s not much drama going on between the two other than their relationship is taking the toll of the distance, secrecy and everything going on in each of them. Mostly, it’s all about Kylie’s drama in her tour and Trace’s drama in his own. I guess that’s what made them drift apart. Or maybe they are just meant to be that way.  

I can’t say much about this book. Usually book 2 are always like this, the in-between (obviously), the book that will prepares the reader for the finale on book 3. It’s where all the problems will arise, it’s where 2 lovers will drift apart from each other and will make the reader anticipate book 3 to know if they’ll end up together or not. This book is that, and something more. Book 1 gave us a glimpse of what The Entertainment looks like, how Kylie was able to surpass all and make her dreams come true. To enter the music industry, the ever glamorous Music Industry. But in this book, we could see the claws of this industry, how ugly it is for others, how stressful and devastating it is for some. This book showed the strength and thickness needed to survive it. We already saw what it did to Trace, so now we’ll see how Kylie Lou will survive it.

Fall to You by Lexi Ryan

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


-----------------------------SPOILER ALERT------------------------

Oooohhh.. so that’s what happened. This book is the second installment for Here and Now series of Lexi Ryan. It’s an alternating story of the before and after the accident of Hannah. For readers, you better read the first book first before jumping right on this book. I myself got confused while reading this even if I did read the first book. Haha!

It’s good to know exactly what happened to Hannah during those missing year of her life and to know what happened after book 1 ended. I need to put a spoiler alert on this review because it’s really hard to make a review/rant about this book without spoiling anything.

Let’s start with all my questions in book 1. So why did she pulled away from her twin sister? Well, this was definitely answered in this book. I guess I understand Hannah in this part. With her insecurities and all, knowing that your all-time crush turned to be fiancĂ© started to date you just because your sister asked him to. And because that certain sister was asked first. Really? And in the end, to find out that that sister liked him too?! And because she’s too selfless and all, she gave way for you? Twisted? At that part, I guess I sort of feel Hannah being self-centered, agreeing with Meredith, or maybe, clueless?

Then there’s Max’s real intention, so in this book, Max was cleared, he’s actually the good guy, the boy-next-door type and Hannah became the cheating girl. I was a bit confused here. I was made to believe Max was the bad guy, the jerk that’s using Hannah for the money and all. But no?! He’s really the good guy and I was about to kill Hannah myself for letting go the good guy? Why on earth does the good guys always lose against the bad guy? Frustrating…

Well to be fair, Nate is not actually a bad guy, but he kind of is here compared to Max. Max is the one willing to wait and marry her and Nate was the one who wont' commit. Or maybe not.

And Hannah? I kind of hated Hannah here. I know she’s confuse, I understand that, I know she’s having a hard time, I know that. With the amnesia and the pregnancy without knowing who the father is, I get her. But it’s not an excuse to be with one man then jumped right off to the other when the going gets tough. Is it all about sex? Because I am having doubt if she’s really in love with either of them. At book 1, she decided she’s choosing Nate even if they’re over. I admired her for that. Then, when Nate dies, she suddenly grabbed Max. Seriously? Is this how she’s coping? This girl is giving me a heart attack. I think I need to come with her mother in the hospital for a check-up. So in the end, when Nate returned (as expected and what a cliff hanger!) I laughed! I think Hannah deserves this, to be confused and all. I pity Max of all. Because when Hannah gets confuse, she’s going to turn to Nate (this is what I expect )  and Max will be left alone once again. So Hannah, I hope you choose wisely and please, please,be careful to these men’s hearts. Especially Max. Oh well, I guess I started to fall for Max. haha

Lost in Me by Lexi Ryan

Monday, August 4, 2014


A captivating story with perfect combination of mystery, love/romance, family, friendship and life lessons.

I really love the writing of this story. It is very light and very easy to read. ( I finished it with one sitting) This is the kind of book that makes you convince yourself that you’ll stop after one chapter to continue the next day but ended up reading all night. I have just finished reading the first chapter and all I’m thinking is how is this going to end. The amnesia part is the unique twist of the story. Hanna just woke up from an accident and realized she forgot the last year of her life, she’s thin and she’s engaged to Max, who she had a crush on since she was young. Suddenly, Hannah woke up and she’s living everything that she dreamed of but then circumstances happen and she met Nate, who happen to be someone who knows her and it seems like they have something Hannah can’t deny. An attraction. But she’s already engaged to Max, so what really happened?

The story focused on Hannah’s struggle to bring back her memory to answer all her questions. Who is Nate in her life? Is she cheating on Max? Is Max cheating on her? Why did he pulled away from her sister during the last year? And how did she ended up falling from the stairs that caused her to lose her amnesia?

I love how the pace of the story. It’s just enough for readers to want more and continue reading but not get frustrated at the same time. Each chapters reveal something that would solve the but mystery but would keep you reading for more. Sounds addicting? Definitely!

I love Hanna’s character. Everyone has their own insecurities, but that didn’t stop her from being successful in life. Though at some time she can’t remember, that did, I still admire her way of handling life. What I didn’t like about her is that she can’t remember anything but is willing to directly jump to the guy who told her he was engaged to. Even if it was Max and many say they are engaged, how could she just want to make out with him instantly? Then to another guy afterwards? Isn’t that a bit awkward?

As for Max, he’s a hottie as I’ve been told. But I guess he’s too good to be true. And Nate, I could have loved him, I am about to but I feel him so detached and not much exposure for him in this book. I’m hoping for a better Nate at the second book as this book almost killed me with the ending.

Netgalley - Altaica by Tracy M. Joyce

Summary from Goodreads

“Look at her – she’s Hill Clan. Even the Matyrani don’t like them …”

Isaura – little is known about her race, but much is whispered. Born to refugees, she grows up enduring racism and superstition within a community that fears her. She has few friends, and those she treasures. Trapped, she longs for escape to a different life. 

Escape is only the beginning of her troubles. Having fled an invading army with her friends, Isaura is faced with heinous choices in order to survive. Secrets from her past emerge to torment her and threaten to destroy all she holds dear. Her struggles forge a bond with an ancient power – a power which may transform or consume her. Old hatreds and superstitions are renewed and at her most vulnerable she learns the true nature of those around her.

Her only hope lies in a foreign land – a land rich in tradition; ruled by three powerful clans. A land with a history marked by warfare; where magic as we know it does not exist. Instead what is here, in abundance, is a more primal power.

Survival carries a high price.

Welcome to Altaica.


I need to borrow the summary from Goodreads as I am a bit confused with how to put this story in a plot. There are lots of going on in this book that it I can’t make myself create a good 1-paragraph summary. At first, it’s about Isaura and her friends, their village and their escape. When I thought I’m getting bored with their lives at sea, the story jumped to Umniga and Asha and the kingdom ruled by 3 clans. It gets good and exciting page by page, but I’m not really sure where the story is going.

First, I would like to praise the author for creating such a wonderful world in this book. I could imagine the village myself and the kingdom and got attached to the characters of this book. Isaura and Asha’s character are really strong. They are characters that came alive in this book and I wonder, who really is the lead here? Is it Isaura or Asha?

My problem with this book is that it’s not well-explained. Yes, the description of the places and all are very detailed. But there are terms and things that I can’t actually understand. Please bear in mind that this is a new world and leaders can’t directly jump to the state of mind of the author’s imagination, so I was a little bit frustrated with the terms, the names of people, and other terms that I am not familiar with. Though at some point I finally realized what these were, I’ve already past the moment. I believe a bit of history on Altaica, Isaura’s heritage, the village’s history, the the three clans would help readers understand more.

But even with thise frustrations, I come to love Altaica. I love the characters (except Elena and Ratilal) and have enjoyed myself reading their lives and getting to know the more. I love the part where the 2 stories merged, I was about to think the story is going nowhere when this happened so my frustrations were relieved a bit.

It’s a promising story and I expect much on the second book, especially after how this book ended. I’ll be surely anticipating for the next book. 

Blog Tour - Shannon's Gift by Nate Bennett

Sunday, August 3, 2014


I have been intrigued with this book when LiteratiAuthor had sent this email. The cover itself shows a bog story. It's something I feel like would touch me. So I signed up to this blog tour. I hope with my help, this book reached lots of readers and touch their lives as well.

Below is my review for this book...

Have you heard that line when some people say "I don't want to be forgotten" i think Nate immortalized his wife, Shannon through this book. I think it's the best way of remembering your love ones. It doesn't matter if you'll put it on public or save it for yourself. It’s just something to remember her, and at the same time, I believe it helped a lot in Nate’s process of recovering from Shannon’s death.

This book is literally a compilation of the pages in Nate’s blog and some of the comments by guests. It tells the struggle of Nate after losing his wife. But other than that, Nate had successfully told Shannon’s story and introduced her to all the readers. At first, my thought on this book is that it’s like a simple textbook about grieving. It’s a personal diary that should stay as personal. I can’t see enough story for it to be a book and found it kind of boring. It would have been great to leave it as a blog as what it is originally intended. Nate’s post are robotic, and I don’t feel much emotions.

But as I continue reading (though at times I was tempted to stop) I became attach to Nate’s story. It’s kind of addicting. I have this feeling, a sense of duty to finish until the end just to make sure Nate will be doing okay. Somehow, Nate’s everyday journal got through me and touched my hear even without me knowing it. Then I start to understand. Nate’s not robotic, it’s just his way or coping. I guess that’s how we usually are. Feeling numb, devoid of feelings at first, now believing what’s really happening.

I started to enjoy Nate’s new stages of grieving. I guess his part (and others same as Nate’s) is the hardest. To lose someone and not be able to get angry at that person, because it’s not her fault. It’s not anyone’s fault. I agree with the original stages of grieving. It’s easy to get angry at first. Forget all emotions and focus on just one thing. Anger. But in Nate’s case, that can’t be.

I related to Nate at most of this part when I had my fair share of loss (not as much as Nate had). I thought it was me, but I guess it’s the same for most of us. When grieving, it’s easy to understand. It’s easy to be considerate of others. Hurt is a universal language, it’s like you could connect with everyone when you’re hurting. Sometimes, being happy makes you forget.

But other than grief. This is a great “in memory of” book. Page by page, I came to know Shannon. At first, I’m thinking, this book is meant just for the family and for those who know Shannon, but this book introduced Shannon in a way that everyone that read this book will know her, will love her and will agree that Shannon was cheated in life. That she deserves a better and longer life. I hope I could visit Shannon’s tree someday as well J

I salute the author, Nate Bennet for creating such a wonderful book despite of his grief . He turned his grief to something that would forever make Shannon be remembered and for readers to be aware of the mithochondrial disease. I’m wishing him the best in life as his life continue with his new partner and Shannon in his heart.