Reveal by Brina Courtney

Friday, August 31, 2012


Outside, Shay Tafford is just a normal girl. A senior preparing for her college, works part-time at her all-time bestfriend's family store, her mother is a college professor, and crushing and a very cute guy etc etc. However, Shay has a secret. She can see ghosts, and for many years, she made friends with a certain ghost name Jeremy, until she unknowingly banished him. 

So when she met another ghost, a child named Wendy. She did her best to help her bring his daddy back in exchange, she'll help her see Jeremy again.

When she met Jeremy again, things are like as before. That's until she found out through Jeremy, that the same guy he's crushing on knows Jeremy as well. He could hear him. And that's not just it. Seems like, tall, dark and handsome Hugh knows ore about Shay than she knows herself, and that's include, who she really is, what she really is, and a lot about her missing father.

My Review

Let me start on how this book started. What is cryptid???

The author defined it as a paranormal being with some animal traits.

As per Wikipedia:

cryptid (from the Greek "κρύπτω" (krypto) meaning "hide") is a creature or plant whose existence has been suggested but is unrecognized by scientific consensus and often regarded as highly unlikely. Famous examples include the Yeti in the Himalayas and the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland. (

I did not get the connection a bit, but anyways... that'll do. 

I did not relate much with the title... REVEAL... though there are a lot of revelations, it did not felt major. And the's kinda creepy.. sorry..don't get me wrong. I know the connections, I just felt that way :D

Story-wise, this book is OK. I rated it 3.5 star (my first half rate) since I don't want it to be considered bad, but not too good. I hope you get it.

The story is alternating from different pace. Sometimes, it's too slow then it would become very fast. It's nice since it feels like I'm being save from the boring parts. But sometimes, there are major scenes, and feelings the scene would like to express, but I wasn't able to get the chance to enjoy it since suddenly, I'm on a different scene. Also, I never got enough time to know other characters which all seems very interesting.  Hugh's parents, Emina, Chad and Shay's mother are really interesting. Even Hugh, I didn't got to know him that much, which is sad since he could be part of my top 10 swoon-worthy characters (I'm seeing the potential.)

Feature and Follow Friday 2


Question of the Week:
Best cover? What is the best cover of a book that you’ve read and didn't like?

Actually, I love all the covers on The Immortals series, but after reading this specific book..aargh! Both main characters are very annoying. How much I hate it? Let's just say, after forcing myself to end this book, I never plan of touching another The Immortal series *sigh

Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summary from Goodreads

Her father has quit his job to sell vitamins at the mall, and Kate is forced to work with him. Her best friend has become popular, and now she acts like Kate's invisible.

And then there's Will. Gorgeous, unattainable Will, whom Kate acts like she can't stand even though she can't stop thinking about him. When Will starts acting interested, Kate hates herself for wanting him when she's sure she's just his latest conquest.

Kate figures that the only way things will ever stop hurting so much is if she keeps to herself and stops caring about anyone or anything. What she doesn't realize is that while life may not always be perfect, good things can happen -- but only if she lets them...

My Review

As you can read from the summary from Goodreads, that's exactly how the story went. Nothing more nothing less.  I was quite disappointed in this story. At first, I was enjoying it. I can relate with Kate. Yeah, I felt that way before, but when I'm already reaching the end and all I could read is Kate's paranoia, I am starting to get annoyed. "oh... Will is only having fun of me," "oh, my I have no more friends," "oh, i hate everyone," "I have the worst life ever," Ooookkkk.... I'm expecting a very nice change of attitude from Kate after this, and a very happy ending... this book has given me so much negativity with Kate's attitude that I feel like it sticked on me the whole day. So I better have my happy ending! And guess what??!!! this book totally disappointed me! Yes, Kate did have her happy ending (thanks a lot!) but that's just it!!! From being the negative girl, she just had a sudden epiphany in one page and all of a sudden, everything change in the epilogue. Just like that!!! The author didn't even let me enjoy the feeling of Kate's changes, it was so sudden that I feel like MS. Scott suddenly just got bored during writing this and decided to end it just to end it.

Wishing for Someday Soon by Tiffany King

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Welcome to Montana! Katelyn's new home for the nth time. Together with her mother and little brother Kevin, Katelyn moved to Montana with their new stepfather again for the nth time. Katelyn is used to moving, she's used to it as her mother changing boyfriend, and used as her mother abusing her. As long as she could remember, her mother hurts her everytime she could. But Katelyn would accept it all, as long as her little brother Kevin remains safe. 

Montana is a different place, everyone are so nice. Making it hard for Katelyn to hide the real situation at home, especially with the cute Max. With Max, she can't say no, and soon Max sees the secret Katelyn has been hiding her whole life and she's deeply falling inlove. But Kevin is her priority, noone else. Only less than a year and she'll turn 18, and they will have their "someday soon."

My Review

I was forced to read this book in one-sitting, made me stayed up late at night. If this is not a page-turner, tell me what it is! The seriousness of the issue that's revolving this story was quite forgotten by how light it was written. It's a fast-paced story, and continues to build up as each page is turned. Every chapter, I'll make the decision for it to be the last for the time being and get my required sleep for it's Monday tomorrow, then I'll find myself negotiating with myself for another chapter. Then the cycle goes on until I finished the book midmorning. And I'm still asking for more!!! The story was getting better and better, and when it ends, it's so good that I'm begging for more!!!

Though Katelyn has the character of being abused, moved a lot of time and carries the responsibility of her younger brother, which if you think should be considered in a heavy-drama sort of thing, I would like it to put on my feel-good shelves. Katelyn is very optimistic, especially with that "someday soon" belief. And have I written how I love that title? "Wishing for Someday Soon" definitely tops my list for the best title I've ever read. The cover is good too :)

I guess it's really fate that brought Katelyn and Kevin to Montana. After everything that they've been through, they deserve to be part of a good family as large as a town. Everyone was so nice for the siblings. I totally love Mr. Wither's characters. And should I still need to say I love Max??? Though Kate and Max had only two weeks to fall inlove, which is kind of fast, it goes well with the story. Katelyn was expecting a casual relationship, but Max proved to her that what they have is more than that! sweet. His friendship with Kevin is also a plus point! What I just noticed for Max is this:

"we both have big tvs so...."

"between my iphone and laptop, I really don't much have time for it" (referring to his iPad)

Cocky much??? But I find it adorable, lucky him I love him! haha
I understand Katelyn's reservations to her relationship with Max. She's almost there, less than a year and she's 18 and she and Kevin will have their someday soon. And what Katelyn's feel for Max could ruin it all. She does not want to be like her mother.

And speaking of her mother, Lucinda. Is there really a mother like her? If there is, aargh..I really don't know. But I guess Max is right, if Lucinda is not Katelyn and Kevin's mother, it would take longer for Katelyn to be in Montana and meet Max, Mr. Wither and the others.

There are some parts that made me teary-eyed. I guess that's just proves how the characters in this story reached into the readers. This story pull you into Katelyn's world and her feelings. You'll feel her fear and as she put down her wall to let these nice people enter her world, you'll feel vulnerable yourself. You'll feel her love for Kevin and her appreciation for these people who came into her life.

Crossfingers for a sequel... I just can't get enough of all the characters! :)

Vindication by Elyse Draper

Monday, August 27, 2012


There have been killings in town, near Chris' cabin. This happened just few days after the marriage of Ellie and Christopher. Michael, being an investigative lawyer, and with the  now knowledge of the others, can't help himself conclude that there's a connection between the killings and his new found knowledge of the others.

Determine to learn the truth, and give justice for the victims, Michael do not realize that revealing the killer would also lead them to a more surprising revelation concerning his new family.

My Review

I honestly do not know how to begin... let me think first... 

But Before that, I would like to thanks We <3 YA group from Goodreads and the author, My. Elyse Draper for giving me the opportunity to read and review this series. With that, I committed myself in giving an honest review.

After 5 minutes...

This book did not disappoint me in giving me the answers I'm looking for from the first two books. That I could say happily :)
The connections I repeatedly shouted, the missing links and explanations for some scenes I could not understand have been given. Thank you Ms. Draper. The first part and the last part were very enlightening. I don't want to talk about the middle part because it honestly bored me to death. This book is like a doughnut. A lot of going on in the beginning and in the end but the middle is just air. 

It bothers me that the story was written in the POV of too many characters. Michael's, Ann's, Ellie's, Christopher's, Echidna's did I forget anyone else who had their own POV. It bothers me because sometimes, I fee like at some parts, it's not the right POV that I should be reading. Like at a certain part, I am reading on Ann's POV, deep inside I'm shouting "why am I not reading Michael's??? This is Michael's scene!"

The last few pages of this book is its saving grace. Finally! yes Finally! I have my answers!!! Thank you!!! I was already losing hope and almost at the point of giving up when it came! the answers!!! yey!!! It totally cleared a lot of things from book 1 until the end. 

I love the idea of the whole series. But in my opinion as a reader, the story's ideas are scattered and not too focused. The characters are great and really strong, but they are not portrayed really well. Christopher's and Ellie's love, which I expected to be the center of the story, became just a tiny spot in a big story. I get the point, that they are just part of something really big, that their story was just a simple explanation of the connection. But it saddened me that I did not much experienced their love story.   

Consequences by Elyse Draper

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Christopher now chose the life of isolation together with Lune and his mate Ursa. After his life in Vegas with James after Ellie left him, Christopher suffers the consequences and self-hatred for the horrible things he did.

Now that James is dead, there's only V. And V could no longer control Christopher. Thanks to Lune who brought him back to sanity during the time he's becoming a monster. Lune's breaking V and Chris' connection created a deeper connection between Chris and Lune. Now, Chris can communicate with his bestfriend, and Ursa as well. Along with his new friend Michael, Chris is starting to move on from his nightmares, waiting for Ursa's birth, coping everyday without Ellie and finally sharing his secrets with Michael.

On the other hand, Ellie kept her promise. She travelled around the world to find someone who'll teach her. She met her mentor in Athens, Cassandra. Yes, the legendary Cassandra. The Princess of Troy and the Prophetess. Cass taught her a lot about the Ho Thanatos, the good and evil in their kind and the human kind.

The love of Ellie and Chris could not be stop by their separation. Everyday, they long for each other. All they can do is prepare themselves for they know, someday soon... they'll be together again.

My Review

Frustration!!! Frustration!!! Frustration!!! That's exactly what I'm feeling right now. Can anyone tell me where this story is going???!!! I was expecting some clarity in the second book since Freewill left me with a lot of question marks... But with Consequences, all I got are more question marks and now I'm putting exclamation marks as well!

At the first chapters, I stopped many times confused if I am reading the right book. Is this really the second book? Is there a mistake? You see, at the start, the story skipped everything that happened in Vegas, where I'm expecting it to begin.  Then, bit by bit, there are the flashbacks and retelling of Michael of what happened in Vegas to Michael. I got the point of the writing style, since of course, you'll be hitting two birds in one stone. Introducing the new characters in present and as well explaining the past. However, there's a bit of disappointment in my part. I feel like what happened to Michael in Vegas is such a very important part of the story that it got wasted by just telling it through flashbacks.

Then there is this case that the story suddenly focused with Lune, Ursa and their daughter Artemis. Now, the story was all about the wolves??? what??? with no explanation and all... there's not even a hint what's the connection of Ellie and Chris with the wolves before rambling all about these majestic creatures. Ellie and Chris pushed to the background. I totally adore Lune, I already mentioned that in my review of Freewill, but it's just... can we take the same road? I'm really getting confuse here.

With Ellie, it's all about Ho Thanatos, flashbacks on her part and Cassandra. Little connection with Chris' story in the previous chapters. This book is just like two puzzles that does not fit. I don't fully get the connections and relationships of each characters' story. It's like Christopher is one story, Ellie is another and one more for the dogs/wolves. Even Michael and Cassandra seems to have a separate story :( Of course I'm not saying they're not connected at all! Cass is Ellie's mentor, Michael is Chris' friend and Ellie and Chris are lovers separated by whatever reason, and Lune is Lune! There! There's the connection! Just that *sigh again

Though Echidna is the ultimate evil in this story, I'm thankful in her. Through her, I had some tine ideas of the connections I'm searching for. But still not enough. *sigh one more

Well, I'm not losing hope with this series. Call me stubborn, but I still believe this book has potential, so I'm on the third book. *crossfingers

Freewill by Elyse Draper

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Even before Elizabeth or Ellie was an infant, it was seen that she would be someone great in the mythical world. Her Uncle Edward, understanding the burden of knowing the magical world,  he wished for Ellie not to know the truth, until she meets her soul mate.

Growing up, Ellie became a responsible teen, a loving daughter and a caring older sister to a twin. Little did the people around her knows the ability she hides. She could feel everyone's motions, and could her their thoughts when she touch them. 

Though lives in London with her family, she loves to visit her Uncle Edward's farm. There he found love with her childhood friend Charlie. Then came Hitler and World War 1. Ellie died, but only physically.

For 70 years, Ellie wanders the world an an ethereal, helping people through her abilities. She helps grieving people lessen their suffering by taking away those they could give up and feel it for herself. Then she meet Christopher Ross. Like Ellie, he has the ability, but his ability is to detect and hear the truth beyond the lies. Being an ethereal, Ellie saw Christopher and with unknown reason, she felt a pull towards him. With Chris, she found out there are others like her, and one is after Chris and his abilities. 

My Review

You might observe how unorganized my summary is. Yes, I admit that it is and I'm sorry. But this is also exactly what I'm thinking while reading the book. The story is a little bit scattered in my opinion. First, the title: "Freewill" I feel that the title is kind of forced. Forced in a way that I feel like that the author is trying to justify why she titled this book freewill throughout the story. In the end, I finally agree with the title, but without the help of redundant explanation of freewill in other parts of the book. Second is the story line; the book started with Edward, then Ellie's life, Charlie so on and so on. I was past half the story and I'm still frustrated on what's the story is really all about. There was the mythical creatures, faeries, banshees and all at the beginning, after that it jumped with Ellie's ability and then her lovelife with Charlie and after dying, Christopher. When it came to Christopher's part, that's where I think the story really got started, but can anyone tell me please what's really going on??? Good thing there are some bits of pieces from other characters that gives me some idea what  this story is all about and some connections from what seems like totally different stories from the start. I just hope that the next book would clear a lot of things up.

Ellie and Christopher's love story is heart-wrenching. To love someone you could not physically see and hold except in your dreams made me cry for both of them. As I've said, the interesting part started when Chris was introduced, and it gets better and better page by page. I almost forgot my frustration I've written above...almost. Also, other than the story, the writing got better as well. At first, it feels so awkward reading the words, with the phrases like "condensation dripping from the roof," "the scent of ozone," and "rambunctious" I can't help but have a second look at the words..what was that again??? But when we reached the interesting part as I was saying, the words flowed naturally. I'm not against Ms. Draper's way of words in the beginning, maybe I'm just more comfortable with the latter :)

I totally fell inlove with Chris and Ellie's love story that I don't care about anything else. Now that I have written most of my frustrations about the book, I'm letting them go and just swoon over and day dream about their love. And no way will I forget Lune!!! I want someone exactly like him!!! Really!!! I tried talking to my dog if he would respond to me like Lune did to Chris and Ellie, and all I got was a blank stare then he continued sleeping... *sigh This book won't be that much interesting without this adorable guy. I could not even consider he's a dog, he does not act like one!

Feature and Follow Friday 1

Friday, August 24, 2012


Question of the Week:
Worst cover? What is the worst cover of a book that you’ve read and loved?

At first, I had doubts reading this because of the cover. But the plot really got into me. Though the cover is a little bit intriguing, it just looks like uhmm... I just can't explain it.

Delirium by Lauren Oliver



In a time where Love is considered a disease, Lena- seventeen years old, could not wait for the time that she will get "the cure." Amor Deliria Nervosa made her mother take her life and leaves her and her sister alone, thus she strongly agrees with the government when they say that it is a dangerous and deadly disease.

But few months before being cured, at her evaluation day, Lena met Alex. After meeting him again, Lena could not explain the feeling she's having and her inability to refuse Alex when he asked to meet her again. Then, one time that Alex had saved her and one night of revelations, Lena realized that she might be infected.

My Review

If I have a heart attack, this book has killed me thousand times! It made my heart stopped in so many different excitement, frustration, suspense and fear! 
I could feel Lena's fears for the rule breaking she's making and my own fear and anticipation on what will happen next. If this was a movie, my hands are on my hands trying to cover my eyes on my fear of what would happened next but still peeking on what's already going on...haha!

I totally understand Lena's fears. But at first, I get annoyed on her attitude. She always say she's afraid, that she won't break rules but then. she'ss find herself on the way to illegal parties then backs out when she's already there. She judges Hana on her actions then ends up doing it as well, and even worse! But when everything bacame clear to her and she realizes what she really feals and stopped being afraid, I started loving her. Bit by bit, she overcame her fears and started opening up to Alex. 

Alex and her golden-brown hair. I think Lena has successfully established that Alex had a golden-brown hair. She just mentioned it a lot of time. And when I mean a lot, it's A LOT! Alex character did not stand out that much to me. I guess because he was in Lena's shadow, being the boy who got Lena infected. I could feel the strength in his characer but he did not have the opportunity to show it in this book. Still, at the end... it broke my heart... :((

Lauren Oliver had this talent of creating a brand new world inside the United States. Her ideas of Love being a disease and all the "quotes" from books she made at the start of each chapter make it feel more real. It was without doubt amazing! It's what I love most in this book, Oliver's ways with words. I love the quotes, I even highlighted some of them but stopped, thinking I could highlight the entire book! This book swallowed me whole and sent me to Oliver's world where I could feel the suffocation as well. The fear of being inlove, being watched and being captured by the government just because of feeling something. 

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver



Lena successfully escaped the regulators, but alone. Alex was left behind. The last time Lena saw Alex, he was covered with blood and instructed her to run. So she ran. She ran for her life.

Lena woke up few days after and met Raven, the girl who saved her in the wilds. She was brought in a community of invalids and met group of teens such as Tack, Hunter, Sarah and many more. In here, Lena learned how to live and survive as an invalid. In this community, everyone has a role, and day by day, Lena learned the hard way of being part of the community. 

Soon after, Lena bacame like Alex, an invalid teen pretending in the inside world to spy. She was assigned to observe the DFA (Deliria-Free America) specifically the son of the leader, Julian Fineman.

My Review

If Delirium had given me heart attacks, Pandemonium buried me to the ground alive! Delirium was so intense that I didn't expected the second book to be so much more! I literally stopped breathing in most parts. I couldn't read faster just to keep myself from shouting.

I like the style of writing in this book. The "then" and "now" idea is so unique and cool. I believe there's no better way this book could be written. And when "then" and "now" meet, I am barely breathing. If I could keep myself from blinking, I will... just to know what's next faster. 

Lena has become stronger. She learned how to survive and to go on even deep inside she's dying. A part of her wants to die, to return to the night she and Alex escaped. She wants to come back to Alex and die with him. Still, she tried her hard to survive and to belong to her new family with Raven, because she knows, this is what Alex would want for both of them. A lot of things are happening, Lena was so busy with everything the moment she woke up that there are no more time to grieve for Alex but in her nightmares. I didn't felt Lena's sadness too much because of this. There are lots of things in her hands that Alex's death was put in the side.

Then, there's the introduction of Raven. At first I thought she's old and will become like a mother to Lena. When I found out she's just 21, I was expecting a second Hana in Raven, But I was wrong, Raven is a leader, and a tough one. I didn't like Raven Lena understands her because of what she've been through, but Raven has become someone she tried to escaped to before. When Raven tried pressuring Lena to become something like her, I admired Lena for sticking on what she believes, and that is to fight for what she feels. 


Julian is the Lena before. Someone who lost a family because of the rules. Someone who's afraid of the rules that he can't wait to have the procedure. Then,Lena came to her life and everything changed. What happened to Julian and Lena is almost the same thing that happened to Lena and Alex. The only difference is their situation. Lena and Julian met in a situation where their lives are both in danger after being kidnapped by the scavengers.

Because of Lena, Julian realized that he doesn't want to be cured, that he wants to feel... to feel with Lena. So after some breath-stopping rescue, Lena and Julian ae together. Lena is ready to move on and have a new life with Julian in the wilds, where no one would forbid them for being inlove.

There's also the issue of finally meeting Lena's mother. or not!


Then just seconds after seeing the future together... he comes back.... Alex comes back!!! OMG!!! 

Then in ends...

Whhhhaaaattttt???!!! Ms. Oliver, do you hate us that much??? we love you so much because of your books and this? you did this to us??? Why??????

I'm sorry, just got carried away. But... wwwhhhyyy?? :(  Now I have to sit and wait until 2013??? :((

I jut can't help thinking what happened to Alex??? How come Lena never thought of confirming Alex's death???  And what does Alex's mean of "don't believe her"
Is Alex mad at Lena? Does he still love Lena still? What will Lena do now? Please choose Alex!!! Requiem!!! 2013 please come soon!!! 0_o

Forsaken (Daughters of the Sea) by Kristen Day

Monday, August 20, 2012



Hannah is an orphan who had experienced a rough life. So living with the with the Whitman Family with good reputation, a step sister who hates her and everyone wants her to be just a good-mannered as possible, it's nothing she could not take. But when her usual nightmares and blackouts have been quite disturbing for her family, her step mother, Dee, has sent her to a new doctor. Upon seeing a "tattoo" Hannah has all her life, her doctor immediately sent her to another doctor. This doctor, has recommended to bring her to the "House of Lorelei" where she believes teens like Hannah belongs.

Entering Lorelei, Hannah, now Anastasia is expecting a weird and scary school. What she found is the coolest school ever and found instant bestfriends with Phoebe, Willow and Carmen (her roommates). What's more, is that the House of Lorelei seems not for weird teens who are experiencing nightmares and blackouts, but for children who are really special with special abilities. The son and daughters of sea gods/goddesses.

Little by little, Anastasia learns her abilities, but still feel different from others, since her abilities, and her trace (her tattoo) are something no one have ever heard or seen before. Then, what's more surprising, is to personally meet the mystery guy who she has been seeing for many years in her dreams and blackouts. 

Would she fall for Finn, the mystery guy even she knows a part of him is dangerous or would she trust  him? But thre bigger question is, is she ready to have all the answers regarding who she is and accepts that she might be part of a legendary prophecy?

My Review

At first, I'm having second thoughts in continuing reading the book. There's this Harry Potter thingy in the first part. What I mean is the child-left-in-a-door-grew-up-with-abilities thing. But as I go on, it started getting interesting and the HP thingy all forgotten. When Hannah came to the House of Lorelei and she became Anastasia, that's where the story goes exponentially interesting! I love how the story line's uniqueness. There's not the issue of "being the new girl" and some bitches ruining her life because she's interested to the leading man and anything. Not so much complicatins. I love Stasia's roommates. They are so cool and fun! 

I think there are still a lot of details left unsaid, the book openned a lot of mysteries and very few of them are only revealed. I know this is for the second installment, I understand that and waiting for it. But I feel like this book lacks something. What I'm trying to say is that "Forsaken" is really a very good book, with the story and all... but the story's climax disappointed me a little. The book builds up as every page is turned and I'm feeling the excitement, but when it comes near the end, it somehow became flat. Don't get me wrong, I still love it no matter what. 

Also, the "bad guys" were not introduced that much so I did not have the connection there. Except for couple of paragraphs regarding them, I didn't feel them that much. It's just like they suddenly popped out in the end to be the bad guys. But other than that, I love most of the characters. Of course Finn topped my list. He's a living mystery and sssoooo swoon-worthy!!!

Would anyone agree with me that they are thinking the book cover when it came to the healing cave part? :D

So...after reading Forsaken.... Where is the second book????????!!! I really need to have it! Please please please! I have lots of questions and its killing me...and I need to know about Finn! oh my..FINN!!! The ending is not so much of a cliff hanger, but still... the excitement of reading the next one is killing me. I'm feeling it, the second book is going to be more exciting than the first one. All those mysteries unrevealed are not made for nothing!

I would like to thank "Lovers of Paranormal" group for a copy to review. 

Onyx (Lux #2) by Jennifer Armentrout

Friday, August 17, 2012


I'll be assuming you've read Obsidian(Lux#1)so I won't hold my mouth, or in this fingers:)


Onyx is the second installment of the Lux series, preceded by Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout.

After doing his best to stay away from Katy, Daemon had given up denying what he feels for Katy. He's very determined to prove to Katy how much he feels for her. But Katy won't believe him, thinking that his attraction to her is somehow related to the night when Daemon healed her from a severe injury that almost took her life after the fight with the Arum and in a way made them connected to each other.

But if Katy thinks a single rejection would keep Daemon away from her, she's so wrong. Daemon loves the challenge! But now that a new guy enters the scene, expressing interest to Katy...Daemon has to level up... especially feeling something off towards Blake the new guy.

Then, Katy feels changes towards herself. In a reason she doesn't know... things around her suddenly moves, and everything breaks when she's tense or stressed...Katy needs to know what's happening to her, and only Daemon could help her, especially now that DOD are around and other dangers they are not aware of...

and then, when you think you know it all... Kate sees someone... someone she's not supposed to see... and seeing that person will change everything...

My Review:

Right after reading Obsidian, I put Onyx publish date on my calendar and an alert... I really need to have it as soon as possible. And now, August 14 has passed and I've just finished reading it. Yey!!!

I totally missed Daemon...he's in my top 10 list of best leading men. :)
He has this bad boy type in him but still knows how to be sweet... really cute! *_* And his protectiveness towards Katy is so adorable. I had a lot of fun just reading Daemon's character alone.. especially when he deliberately mistakes on Blake's name... so childish but really cute! Did I just said cute again? hm? Well I don't care, because he is!!! I so love him!!! 

Katy really did well here. Though there a lot of mistakes in her part, specifically her lack of trust in Daemon, I guess her mistakes are justifiable. What I mean is that while reading, I did not even realize Katy's making a mistake, I guess I'll do the same thing in her case. Unlike other YA books where I totally get annoyed with the characters' stupidity, thinking the mistakes the characters were given were just to create a sequel or forcefully make the story longer. Here, the story just went naturally. And when I realize the consequences of her false judgments, I did get annoyed honestly but I think, there's no other way the story could go better.
I love Katy's character because she perfectly matches Daemon's, add to the fact that she's a book blogger as well... so there's no argument here...
Can anyone tell me the books she's referring here?

The one with the character tom? (I'm not sure if it was really TOM..can' remember and can't find it now what part :()

and this one?
"I focused on the one that had a cover of a girl whose dress tuned into rose petals"

I equally love both books, without preferring's because both were very well-wirtten and the story's excitement never died until the second book, I think it even heightened. There are still actions and a lot of totally sweet scenes. 

Collision Course by S.C. Stephens


Lucas West was the one driving when the car crashed. Darren, Lucas' betfriend died. Sammy, Darren's girfriend died. And Lillian... Lucas' girlfriend died. All of them in the car died, except for Lucas. Lucas survived. Lucas remembered all that happened, because opposite of what others assume... Lucas was not drunk. 

Everyone blames him for what happened as well as himself. Spending her last year in Sherridan high, he was bullied and rumored with evetything that's worse by the student body and even the teachers. Good thing she met Sawyer. Sawyer believes her when he said he was not drunk that night. She never questioned him and without saying so, he knows that Sawyer understands him. She became dependent of Sawyer in his everyday, becoming his comfort and home.

My Review:

This is without doubt a very serious story. Not just simple a romantic YA-book, but subtly tackles different aspects of survival, moving on and high school life. It tells a story of true friendship and love, but also tells story of bullies and rumors in school. 

At first, I'm really annoyed with how everyone treated Lucas as a criminal. I just can't believe that everyone blames him even the teachers. Noone stood up for him except Sawyer, and that is just so..aarrggh! 
I don't blame Josh for feeling the way he feels, I guess it's his right as Darren's brother. But of course I'm not justifying anything he did against Lucas, but I sympathized for him. What annoyed the hell out of me is Will's attitude. Firstly, he's not even family. Second, not even part of the tight circle of Lucas before... so what is his problem?! Envy? duh!!! He's an immature bully! not that there are mature bullies, but I feel the need to reiterate! Trying to trip Lucas all the time is so grade school! I don't want to go discussing Mr. Varner.... >:(

As the story goes, it made sense why everyone is the way they's because it's Lucas' POV and we're only seeing what he believes he sees. Then a part of me thinks that Lucas' is kind of selfish. He's getting drowned to his guilt, self hatred and past that he forgot everyone around him. His mom and Sawyer did everything to help him, but he doesn't let them in. Even his denial that he remembers what happened seems like kind of selfishness for me. Of course this is just what I feel while reading this, but maybe it's because I could no relate with Lucas on his griefs. I never had the experience of losing a friend in a crash or just passed away, and I want it to stay that way.

What confuses me is the appearances of Darren, Sammy and Lillian in Lucas' dreams. Is it superficial thing or just all in Lucas' head as he claims? Then I remember a conversation of Harry and Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, this was when Harry met Dumbledore in the King's Cross station after Voldemort "killed" him: 

Harry: "Is this real or is it all in my head?" 
Dumbledore: "Of course it's all in your head, Harry, but what makes you think it's not real?"

So... I'll leave it at that. ;)

I like the dreams, because I know it somehow helps Lucas survive. Though it made him harder to let go, with all the things that's happening when he's awake...he deserves it. BUT... the Lillian hot scenes??? I think these are just unnecessary in the story... to dream of your dead-girlfirend to make out with her is... I'm hearing the word pervert... hahaha Good thing it was justifiend in the end, though I still believe the scenes are unnecessay... it was justified so I'll let that go too. :)

I totally love Sawyer! She's tough but still a girl. She gave everything back to Lucas, love, understanding, support, patience and most of all her silence by not asking and saying too much and it's just right for Lucas to be grateful!

The story all in all is good. It's a good thing that it tackles real teen problems and all, specially the I-dont-want-to-live-anymore issue and showing a better side of everything. :)

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Monday, August 13, 2012

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One Day by David Nicholls

Sunday, August 12, 2012


One Day narrates a friends' story of one day every year for 20 years- July 15. Started July 15, 1988, a day after their graduation, Emma and Dexter's friendship started from a supposed to be a one-night stand. Years went by that they have a complicated friendship, bordering from being friends to lovers... 

As they continue their lives as an individual, they always make it a point to keep in touch. Dexter, always the confident one with high aspirations find himself in the world of TV as a presenter. While Emma on the other hand, struggles to find a job where she would be satisfied. Still, their friendship continues and as their lives. 

Then came a point that we could say that their luck were reversed. Dexter lost everything, while Emma starts to succeed. Still, they try their best to maintain the friendship. Sadly, life has other plans for them.

But Emma and Dexter proved that their relationship is as strong as a rock and once again reunited until they realize that time did not just made their friendship stronger, but it made them realize to whom they really belong to.

My Review

This book totally remind of Rosie Dunne by Cecilia Ahern, a story of friendship that goes for years. But I'm really sorry to say that I prefer Rosie Dunne than One Day. But the book is really entertaining, though I sometimes get bored in some parts, I love Emma and Dex's friendship. It's weird how their loves goes, exactly opposite and never had the perfect timing. When Dex' life is on top, Emma is in a state of denial that she's unhappy. And when things are going good for Emma, Dex is groping. However, I like Emma's character more. Though she lacks confidence and seems like satisfied on anything that goes her way, she never did anything to make her life miserable except for one part, compared to Dex who spent his youth as well as his money with alcohol and women. It's always Emma who keeps and saves their friendship, even if at times, Dex is such an a**hole!

Emma is the smart one, and everyone knows she'll go far, but she lacks the confidence to do it. I sometimes find myself annoyed with how Emma reacts to praises. She constantly belittle herself...saying she's ugly blah blah blah...and other times she claims she thinks highly of herself... I don't know if it's just humility or what...  On the other hand, what Dex only have is his looks and confidence, and he's so lucky. Emma made it year by year, succeeding in the end, and Dex? he was overconfident, that in the end, it all backfired. I think his confidence was just misplaced believing he's a good host..hahaha..Lucky man he has Emma.

Reading a whole life on a book makes me feel good. It's like experiencing it with them, the ups and down. Especially Emma and Dex. But what I love most about this book is he unique writing style. It was written on a third-person overview and each chapter only contains one day per year. Still, it did not feel fast-paced. It's exciting reading it because get excited what would happen next year...hahaha..

I can't say I love how the story ended, well I guess it's Nicholls' way of saying "that's life".. but still.. *sigh
But the other ending... explains a lot about the complicated relationship... sweet!
And what the hell happened to the package from Dex meant for Emma??? How come the girl (forgot the name) never tried looking for Emma??!! it could have made Dex and Emma's life a lot easier!

 I couldn't wait to see the adaptation of this story :)

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Saturday, August 11, 2012


The moment he woke up, one thing is for sure... he can't remember anything except that his name is Thomas. He was introduced to a place called the glaze, and outside the glaze is the famous, mysterious and dangerous maze. Thomas found out that he's not the only one. Every month for two years, a new boy is brought down in the glaze, no memories except his name. It is the boys' beliefs that they were brought here for a reason... to solve the maze and get out. Then unexpected things happened. Few days after Thomas was sent, another person was sent in the box. It is very unlikely since next person should be sent next month... it's always one boy per month, but now it's different. After Tommy, a girl was sent. And to prove that everything is different, a girl brought a message... "everything is going to change"

My Review

The whole story revolved around how Thomas tried living inside the glaze. Meeting everyone and trying his best to solve the maze. The thing that sticked on my mind whilereading this is how Thomas does not easily accept information given to him. Everyone in the glaze thinks black and white. They believe things because that's what they are used to thinking. They belive that no one survives outside the maze at night, but Thomas did not readily accept that info, and I admire him for that. When everyone else is giving up, there's Thomas thinking in a different way. I don't know if it's because he's just new and he's not used to things in the glaze or maybe he's different. I'm going for that he's different! :D

This book was in my iBook shelf for a a month now, not bothering to read it thinking it's quite boring. I could not imagine how a story would go from a setting inside the maze. And boy, I was so wrong. The nearest book I could compare this to is the Hunger Games, but still different. It has a very unique story and so full of mystery. The whole book is a mystery itself! From the moment Thomas woke up until the end, I am consumed with thousands of mysteries. But still, I love it. It's the kind of story that makes you think, yet does not make you skip to the end just to know it.

Insurgent by Veronica Roth


Insurgent started right off where Divergent ended- at the train. On their way to Amity; Tris, Tobias and the others are looking for hope to go on. But Tris is finding it hard to go on, with her parents both dead and the guilt for killing Will eating her up. Still, she has no choice. Erudite is still planning to kill divergents and all those that hinder their way. Now, Tris and Tobias needs to fight and find out the real reason behind Erudite's attack, along with the others who are willing to fight with them. But before that, Tris needs to heal and recover from everything that has happened if she wants to survive this. The only problem is... Tris does not want to survive anymore.

My Review

I love Divergent, and that makes me love Insurgent as well without even reading the book. But I can't help saying that though there's a good story in Insurgent, I didn't feel the excitement from reading Divergent while reading the latter. The characters are still there, everything is almost the same...except for Tris. Though Tris is still dauntless... it's for a very different reason from book 1.. if I may say, exactly the opposite. In book 1, it's all about life, belongingness and survival. Here, all Tris could thnik about is how to end her life with dignity. Aaarggh! Yes, Tris is admirable to be willing to sacrifice herself in their tasks at hand, but it's like she's not thinking. All her possible solutions and first options are to endanger her life. Poor Tobias. The only person he cares and loves can't think of anything else but to die. :( I could feel Tobias' frustration towards Tris' attitude, but since he is the all-ever loyal, gentleman, and perfect Four... of course he never left Tris. He even followed her to die... oh Tobias... just come my way, you're always welcome :D

I came to adore other characters as well, esp. Lynn, Uriah and Zeke. They have strong characters. They're not majorly involve in major events except for the attacks, still, it's like they are making another story to remove the boredom and my frustration on Tris' attitude.

What I love about this book, is the exposure of all factions. We had a glimpse of each faction as the story goes. I finally had my own experience why AMity is amity, Erudite is Erudite and so on. Then at the end, the twists and revelations are so overwhelming!!! Also, the development of the story is really nice. All secrets were revealed at the right time. And even if Tris had realized that she really does not want to die a little bit too late in the story, it's still a good timing. I can't believe it ended where it ended, still... I agree that it's the perfect ending.

The Fault in our Stars by John Green

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The Fault in our Stars tells the story of lives of young people with cancer. Specifically, Hazel Grace's. Living a life everyone is expecting for a cancer patients to live their lives, Hazel Grace's meet Augustus. Augustus' showed her how to live a normal life and taught her how to fall in love. But of course, at first Hazel was afraid. Not because of the fear of falling in love, but of the fear of leaving behind Augustus. But Gus convinced her she's not worth all the pain he'll feel. But of course, life will throw things to them that they don't expect.

My Review

I find the beginning of the story flat. I was wondering why would anyone review a book inside a book??? I find it weird!!! But as I continue reading and gets absorbed in the story, I got used in its flow. The writing is natural, light and calm. It has a subtle way of expressing the feelings that while reading, I'm just suddenly surprise I'm so deep in thought on what Hazel or Gus is saying. Then, I'll just find myself controlling my tears to pour. This is a very unique book- the writing and story. Obviously, this book was very-well researched, if not on a true to life story. And the touch of humor of this book??? ten!

The way Hazel and Augustus think is so deep, it makes me see life on a new perspective. Every words both of them says makes me think. They're compatibility is also good since they think the same. I apologize for my inability to write an organized review, this book just made my mind blank. I don't know why, but it did. Maybe because I just couldn't find a fault on how it is written, First, because I could not relate but after reading the book, it feels like I do. Second, this book just injected some new and very good ideas and thoughts to me that I am still digesting. And third, I've never read anything liek this before, I could not fine any book to compare.

I'm so undecided to tell you if I love the stroy or not. It suprised me, made me laugh, made me think and it broke my heart. But writing wise, this book is well-written and really proved a point.