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So here it goes...

About Me and the Blog:

I'm an engineer professionally (ECE to be exact), and books is my passion. Thus, the Bookgineer. Don't worry, I won't put any engineering terms in my review (only if needed), it's just the first thing that came up when I decided to do this blog. :)

Currently, I'm into YA and paranormal books, so most of you'll see here are in this genre. But sometimes, my mood change and you'll see something different. But that is very rare :D

With regards to my reviews, I would like this page to serve as a sort of disclaimer as well. All my reviews are based on how I see them. Meaning, they are all based solely on my opinion. I usually do my reviews right after reading the book, so everything I've read, together with the emotions are fresh. I won't discourage anyone on not reading any books, but still, I would say if I like the book or not, if it made me cry or annoyed the hell out of me. As I said, that's my opinion ;)
What I write are not formal reviews, neither am I saying I'm an expert with books. I only write what I think and feel as an ordinary reader.

Most of my books are ebooks. Though I still prefer hard copies, I find ebook handy, always available and practical. 

My Rating Rules:

Totally Love it!!! Read it now!!!

This book is really really good! :)

This book went good!

This book is ok but there's something missing...

What was that??!

Can anyone remind me why I read this book???

Welcome to The Bookgineer! 


Gwynneth White said...

Hi Ana, would you be interested in reviewing a YA fantasy? I've given you the Goodreads link:
If you want to do the review, you can email me at:

Miss Bookgineer said...

hi! I would love to :)
I sent an email, however I'm not sure if above email is the right one. Is it really @4xfourm? I'm not familiar with it :D
just in case, my email ad is

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