Everealm by J.D Wright

Saturday, February 20, 2016

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After the death of his father, the King of Junacave, Breestlin is crowned the new queen. Trying hard to be the good monarch for the kingdom, just like her father, Breestlin has her hands full. But with the return of her past love -- Rowan, the search for a new wizard for her kingdom’s protection and his father’s half-brother trying to take the kingdom away from her, Breestlin seems to need more than a pair of hands.


A captivating story with the perfect touch of humor.

Honestly speaking, I got intrigued by its title, Everealm. It reminds me of a certain book I love (Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta.) As the story goes, I grew enjoying it. Bree and Rowan‘s story is interesting. A princess and the knight growing up together. However, I find the side stories distracting. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sid, Dagan, and Finn. But I just feel like their stories should be written separately as they are taking the spotlight away from Bree and Rowan. I like Bree and Rowan’s story, but with everything else going on (even the Queen Mother’s love life!) side stories became a bit distracting and it feels like Bree and Rowan’s story was not fully developed. Regardless of this, I still find the whole book enjoyable, especially Bree and Finn’s banter. I am team Browan of course, but I just find the camaraderie of these two very entertaining. 

It’s a new world the author have successfully portrayed. And with the characters in it, it became real for the readers in the period of time that we are reading it. I know there’s so much more that is going to happen in the Junacave (how do you even pronounce this???) and I am sensing a big secret is about to be revealed… oh my, there will be more trouble in paradise I guess. I am excited to read the next books. :D


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