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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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This is an unexpected read.
I didn't realize that there will be a next book after Fallen Crest University. I don't religiously follow Tijan's website, however, Tijan's one of the authors I have on my to-read list automatically. If it is Tijan, no questions ask, I have to read it.

The awesome threesome are back home, and it is nostalgic to see them go at it again with the fallen crest high gang. It's like fallen crest high all over again, but this time, they have matured a bit -- Sam's and Mason's love is indestructible, there won't by anything separating this two (i think so?? ) and Logan is settled with Taylor. Still, there's that family bond that will never go away between the three, or four if you add Nate, or five now, adding Matteo?

Fallen Crest and Roussou rivalry is back as well, with Budd in Prison and Brett gone somewhere ( i am quite disappointed on Brett's absence, i really love his character). But this time, it's not 
just about the rivalry, there's too much going on, and you don't know who the real friends and the real enemies are.

For the past books, it is clear who the bad guys are, who to hate and who to love, but this time, it's so much complicated. Sam's mother is back, did she really changed? I finished this book and still I'm not sure. Same goes for James Kade I might say. And the other characters? There's a very thin line between being the good guy and the bad guy. Even Cass, I'm serious here.

There's too much hate in Sam now, from all what she's been through, and there are times that she's being the bad guy in the story, which I sort of love. It's just shows that Sam's character is not perfect. There's doubt in her heart, her inability to easily trust and forgive, which is so understandable after everything that has happened. But what I love most is what Mason has become. He became the loving and supportive boyfriend. He was always mature, He's more expressive now on how much she loves Sam and how he's willing to protect Sam:

"Do you realize the lengths I'll go for you? he asked softly

"I scare even myself Sam. There's nothing I won't do for you"

Yeah, no more explanations needed. Mic drop.

With all the complications, I am expecting more on the next book (ih yes! there would be - Fallen Crest Forever - expected publication, May 16, 2017)


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