Forbidden to Love by Debbie Davies

Sunday, March 31, 2013

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Acacia is the third Erosian. She was created by Prometheus to become Eros' lover. However, Eros' only wanted his true love, Psyche. Allana was created first, but Eros rejected her, then Amora. Acacia was created when Eros rejected Amora as well. But same as her two older sisters, she was rejected as well. But because of Eros' anger form losing his love, she cursed these women to only love him, and was forbidden to love other else.

But when Acacia met Josh, an auraless high school student and found him different from others, Acacia can't help but fall in love with him. But being forbidden to love, loving Josh and Josh loving her could only mean two things -- death for Josh and banishment to Tartarus for Acacia.

My Review

Mythology meets high school drama! An intriguing plot and a very nice cover made this book a hit. During the first words there were confusion on how the story will go, but as soon as I got familiar with the setting, the story consumed me. The characters of Allanna, Amora and Acacia is unique, then add the twist about the love of God who's forbidding everyone to love. The politics and battle between gods were maintained but at the same time, Ms. Davies has perfectly mixed it with modern YA story that made the story really exciting. I totally love how myth and YA harmoniously combined, but it didn't seem cliche even for a second. Every page, a familiar new character would be revealed, but you won't expect their role until the story decides it to be revealed.

The story flows naturally, I already thought it would be plottable but this book took me by surprise midway. I thought it would we a simple forbidden love until they conquered everything, but this is more than that. I couldn't say more! :p


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