Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Friday, March 22, 2013

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Summary from Goodreads

Finally, the highly anticipated follow-up to the New York Times bestseller Beautiful Disaster. Can you love someone too much?
Travis Maddox learned two things from his mother before she died: Love hard. Fight harder.

In Walking Disaster, the life of Travis is full of fast women, underground gambling, and violence. But just when he thinks he is invincible, Abby Abernathy brings him to his knees.

Every story has two sides. In Beautiful Disaster, Abby had her say. Now it’s time to see the story through Travis’s eyes. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15745950-walking-disaster

My Review

First of all, I would like to thanks Netgalley and Atria for giving me the opportunity to have the ARC of Walking Disaster. Eversince I have heard about Walking Disaster, I'm already counting the days. I was so excited that it's already March and few more days before it will be released, and guess luck is on my side for this month for having the copy even before it was released :D

I was so excited reading it that I can't take off the smile in my face while reading it. Who wouldn't? I'm about to meet Travis again, and not just hear it from Abby... but to hear Travis' thoughts directly from him. Ever since I have read beautiful disaster, Travis' thoughts have been a mystery. He's the emotional one, the more vocal when it comes to his feelings and emotions are everywhere when he's around, so a book in his POV is not just a bonus, it's like a Christmas gift in March wrapped in the best cover ever! :D

The whole book was entertaining to read. You know you know the story, but hearing it straight from Travis "Mad Dog" Maddox, it's like a whole new story to a different level. Though I believe a reader won't enjoy much of the story without reading Beautiful Disaster first. All the questions I had when I read Beautiful Disaster were answered directly here.

It's nice to hear how was Travis was during the time when Abby was dating Parker and how is he everytime he and Abby broke up! And the jealousy? haha! Exactly the "other" side of the story. Beautiful Disaster has been a perfect story form me, until walking Disaster came along. Though I find the story fast-paced, and there are parts from BD that were skipped that I was looking forward to, it complements the first books perfectly. It made Abby and Travis' more perfect, if that is even possible.


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