Beautiful Chances by Alicia Rae

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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Lily Tidsdale has been running from her past for three years now. Marred by the tragic death of her family, Lily escaped from her tragic past through writing, photography and the beach of Florida. But when he met Kyle Madison, there was an instant attraction between them and Lily find herself drowning to this hunk.

Kyle had made Lily see life in a new way and that includes a new way of dealing with her past, and that is facing them head on. But would Lily be strong enough to face her fears from the past, and will Kyle's love be enough to support her through and through?

My Review:

To read a hot and handsome male lead with him not being damaged is new to my eyes... and imagination of course. I always end up with stories where the super sexy and adorable hunk is damaged. So with Kyle Madison, everything is different. He's not running from a tragic past, he's not from a broken family, and a super-hot guy with no angst in life is so refreshing to read. I find his character really unique. A person from the army but has his domestic sides; he can cook, he do interior designing and very calm and relax. But I love that typical dominant behavior is with him! He's definitely listed in my top book boyfriend! ^_^
 This time around, it's the female lead(Lily) that is carrying the burden. She's the one that needs to work some things out. And it's nice to know she has met this super duper sexy, hot and handsome Kyle to be her boyfriend (I am gushing right now, aren’t I? I'm so sorry, but I can't help it!)
Although Kyle and Lily's attraction was literally an instant one and their relationship came too fast, I like the flow of the story. Lily's stages of grief have been well elaborated and I could agree with how everything Lily is going with it. What I mean is that it was not exaggerated just to put drama in the story. I could imagine that this really could happen in real life and that I could sympathize with her. I also love how Kyle became the support that Lily needs in this phase of her life. 
In term of writing, I find the writing awkward at first. It's like I'm just reading one sentence after the other, literally. It's like I'm reading separate ideas every sentence making the construction of the story not so smooth. Also, the story is written from Lily's POV but it seems like it's from a third person. There are just some things that Lily observes that should have been observed by a third person. But as the story progresses, I got used with the writing style and find it normal.  There are still lot of open issues even when the book ends, so I'm hoping the second book will give some answers for me.

The story was not exaggerated, there's humor, and there's definitely some sense where the story is going. The hot scenes are there as expected but it came out naturally not just to put it there, it became part of the story so the book didn't look like something else. This is just the kind of story I love. :)


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