My Beautiful by Alicia Rae

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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Lily and Kyle’s story is far from over. Even if Lily already took the leap to face her fears from her past and fear from falling in love with Kyle, there are still other things that Lily has to close before she can really move forward.
There’s the mystery behind her late sister being pregnant, her acceptance of the death of her family, her acceptance of the remaining family she has, the threat of her stalker and her relationship with Kyle. Will Lily be strong enough to face everything and finally leave the past behind and really move forward?

My Review

The story started exactly where the first book left off. It was like I just turned into the next page of book 1. However, I’m quite disappointed that the second book is literally a continuation of the first one. What I mean is, the second book turned out to be like just a next chapter. No new plots, no new stories and no new story for Lily and Kyle. But looking at the brighter side, there are a lot of unclosed issues from book 1 that I am expecting this second book will fill me out.

At first, I am enjoying how balanced the story is. The story is evened out on Lily and Kyle’s relationship, Lily’s problems and sometimes, Kyle’s past. But as the story progresses, I notice that the hot scenes are increasingly occurring. It even came to a point that after reading one part, they just slept and when they woke up I was just like: “Not again!” haha! What this book never fails to do is to surprise me. I thought I figure everything out, but suddenly, I’ll be shocked in what’s happening because I never saw it coming.

I also noticed that it’s seldom for Kyle and Lily to have problems in their relationships, all major happenings happens outside their relationship and Kyle is just always there to support Lily. It’s not that I am complaining. But is there really such a perfect relationship? But I am expecting more on book 3. It seems that there’s something in Kyle’s past that will test their relationship.  

The book is light and heavy at the same time. The combination of humor and drama of the story is amazing that I never realized I am holding my breath until I laughed it out loud. I am very hopeful for the third book. The first 2 books almost revolved around Lily only, I’m hoping to know Kyle better. Waiting for the third book now. ^_^ 


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