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Thursday, December 13, 2012

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Hi Guys! It's my turn for the review so... Welcome to The Bookgineer!


Maggie is ok. Except for her car that won't start more than it starts and having bad days sometimes, she's definitely ok. Then she met Clay, who is obviously not ok. Actually, saying he's not ok is an understatement. The moment Maggie saw Clay, she can't stop being curious of the aloof mysterious guy and started growing an attraction to him. Everything in him shouts "leave me alone" and her friends definitely sees him as trouble but it seems Maggie is not listening to any of that.

And when she finally succeeds in breaking the new guy's personal wall, Maggie founds out the problem and burden Clay has. At the start both believe that love would make everything works. But as Clay's problem grew bigger than both could handle, would just love be enough to make everything be ok for both of them? 

My Review

This is more than a YA Romance book. It's not just a story of a girl falling in love with the new boy type of thing, it's more than that. This was not written just to make us giggle, roll our eyes with all the love and put butterflies in our stomach. Well, it does that too but this book also give us awareness on one of the major issue of teens right now. Suicide. It is so intense that makes my hand hurt in gripping my phone while reading it. I guess this is the reason why my reader was glued in my hand I can't put it down. The story is so emotional, but at the same time frustrating. There are parts that I want to enter the story just to explain to both of them that hey... he needs help.

The characters are familiar but also different. There's the girl in high school who find her life boring and everything changed when the new mysterious guy came and turned her life upside down. But in my opinion, the characters are the closest to reality compared to other YA I've read. The girl is not the "she-is-beautiful-but-she-does-not-know-it" and there are no secret love of a best friend toward the girl. Also, there are no love triangles that other books' hope in putting excitement in the story. This story is just plain and very real. Though the other characters are just "other characters" they are also nice to read. But still, the story focused mainly between Maggie and Clay.

At first, I am like them. Hoping that they're love is enough to make everything all right. But as I continue reading, realizations come. Realitywise, there are things that teens like Maggie and Clay could not handle on their own, no matter how big their love for each other is. I guess that's where the lesson starts. Those teenagers who are experiencing the same thing, they feel like they could surpass anything, feels like noone understands them and too proud to ask for help. I think this book made a very good point.

But aside all the dramas, I really love when Maggie and Clay are together. The hope of this two is contagious. It makes you hope as well and root for them more. So I'm hoping to read more of this two on the next installment. I'm definitely waiting now and so excited what will happen next.  

Please don't forget to stop by again on December 20 for Clay's Interview! I know you want him too! :p 


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