[R2R] The Color of Grace by Linda Kage

Friday, December 28, 2012

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Not Interested -- that's what's Grace has said when the famous jock of the opposing team asked her of her name. It was one of the regrets of Grace since she can't get him out of her mind especially that green eyes. And now that she's transferring to his school, away from her home and to her friends, part of her wishes that he remembers her.

But when she met him again, Ryder already has a girlfriend clinging to him everywhere. Realizing that the only part of her that wants to be in that school was already killed with Ryder having a girlfriend, Grace felt all alone. Bit by bit, she and her old friends grow apart because of misunderstanding, her mother is changing-- no longer the friend she has, and her new stepfather acting weird and creepy towards her.

With everything that's happening to her, Ryder is always there.  Noticing even the slight changes in her clothing, appearance and moods. It seems like Ryder knows all the problems and fear she's having, no matter how good she hides it. 

My Review

Is this another story of a girl moving to a new school, then ending up with the famous jock? Yup is it! Sometimes, it gets tiring to read the same kind of stories over and over again, but the the other part of the story made me continue reading.

I was only expecting a young-adult story here, where the characters' biggest problem is unrequited love. But as I continue reading, there's something mo in this story. The storyline has potential, but there are lots of anticlimactic events. Like when Ryder end up crying when he should be comforting Grace. Or when Grace's problems doesn't been emphasized due to love problems and other high school stuff.

I want to like Ryder. He's gentleman, clever p, friendly and he's very popular. But I feel like he's too good to be true. Is there really someone like him. Though I totally loved him in the end, on how he handled things including Grace, most of the times, it feels like he wasn't given much opportunity as the leas character. Honestly,  his bestfriend's exposure was better.

it feels like there's something that's missing. I didn't see the characters developed. The problems were solved, yes. But that's just it. Still, all in all, the story went nice and didn't end up as a shallow one.


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