Lorien Legacies 1 ~ I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

Friday, December 21, 2012

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There are nine of them who came into this world, along with their Cepan or guardians. They're from the planet Lorien, and when the Mogadorians invaded and destroyed their planet, 9 children who are meant to restore their planet once again in the future, was sent to the closest living planet -- the earth.

 A magic was cast upon them, to protect them against the Mogadorians who are hell bent to kill them. They can only be killed in order. Otherwise, the injury will bounce back to the one who did it. Three has already been killed, and now, they're coming for four.

This is the story of four, and how he lived his life hiding from the Mogadorians And hiding his real identity to the people of the earth pretending to be a normal high school boy. Until he and his Cepan Henri chose Paradise, Ohio as they're next hiding place.

Here, now john, experienced to be a normal person by having a real friend who accepts him by what he really is and fall in love with a girl.  Until, john could not leave paradise, even if the Mogadorians are close.

My Review

I  have watched the movie first -- a lot of times, before I even decided to read this. Actually, I chose it as a gift when my boyfriend asked me what I want to have for Christmas. So here it is, a set of the Lorien Legacies. At first, I was glad that what I'm reading is what exactly I have watched. Exact lines were used and the setting is almost the same. But then, as I continue reading, I'm taking back everything I say. I ended up so different from the movie. Well, the major story is still there, but what exactly happened, and what really came to be is totally different. So I was quite disappointed for awhile.

The pace of the story is also faster in the movie compared to the book. I guess iy's natural, but I'm only in chapter15 and when I replay the movie in my mind, I'm already halfway through. Anyways, I'm still enjoying it so I proceed.

It's really a nice story, enough actions and enough history and details to keep you informed and not out of place. Four's world has been defined elaborately that you can believe it's really real. What I just don't understand, is why these Mogadorians after them, they have already destroyed their planet, and they're planning to invade another one, so how come they still want them dead?

Four's character quite annoy me. He's uncontrollable, inconsiderate of Henri and his power gets into his head. Maybe because I'm aware of what will happen to Henri, that I can't blame anyone but four on what happened. I really like Henri and his dedication in protecting four, but he's so selfish that he forgot that it's not just his life that is in danger but Henri as well.

It's a  very good start for a trilogy. An elaborate introduction of what's happening, and living enough mysteries for the reader to keep going. It's not a cliffhanger that would kill readers in anticipation. What I noticed while reading this, is that it made me relax in reading. I could go on and on as long as long as I want just for the sake of reading, but I could stop anytime and continue later, without me being anxious on what will happen next. Except for the climatic part of course! ;)

Off to the next book now :)


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