The Iron Fey 2 ~ The Iron Daughter

Monday, December 3, 2012

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Meghan Chase now needs to uphold her side of the contract. Now that Ethan is safe back home, Meghan is now at the Unseelie court and she's anything but safe. She's the daughter of Oberon, the Seelie king, a half-blood faery immune to iron and now and is now a hostage by the Seelie queen, her father's mortal enemy and her love's mother. But here in the Unseelie court, her love is nowhere to be found. Though he's there physically, the Ash she knows during their journey to the iron kingdom is MIA. The Ash in this court is the Ice Prince. The cold and soulless youngest prince of the Unseelie court. 

Doing her best everyday to survive the winter court, Meghan also needs to prove to everyone of the danger the Iron Kingdom has to NeverNever. But noone believes her. Even when the scepter of the season was stolen by the Iron faery, no one believes her but Ash. And with the Scepter stolen, Winter and Summer are preparing for the war. Again, it is up to Meghan and Ash to save the day. But with forbidden love in the way ,how will the two succeed?

My Review

I'm so excited for this second installment, but the story's plot at the start is getting me frustrated. It started with Meghan reminiscing the past events on book1 and even put a paragraph with the exact words from Winter's Passage which for me is kind on useless and waste of space. Though it's nice to have a reminder of what happened, it's kind of tiring to read the story again and again epecially when I have already read the first books/novella which is sort of a requirement here. OR maybe, I think this way because this is my second time reading this story and I did a marathon (meaning, just read Iron King and Winter's Passage a couple of days ago).

Reading about Grimalkin always made my day. I love how he talks and I love how he always say "because I am a cat." The way Grim talks strongly expresses how smart he is. Then there's Iron Horse. Amongst all Iron Fey, I love Iron Horse the most. You could feel his loyalty towards the Iron Kingdom. Don't want to put spoiler here, but I just wished I could read more about him.

I really like how Meghan was presented in this story as a strong character. Finally! Now, she has her power and her determination is stronger than before. She's definitely so different from the Meghan we saw in the first book. Meghan in this story has lost the innocence and fear of the NeverNever. From just the few months she lived in NeverNever, she immediately got familiar with how the NeverNever works...almost. :/ And the best thing is, even if she knows how cunning the faeries are, even after all the deals and contracts she experienced, she still does not think twice in doing contracts with them for the sake of her loved ones... which I believe defines so much what Meghan's character really is. Loyal and selfless.

I love Ash.I will always love him. But here, Ash's attitude annoyed me a lot. He has full of dramas and too proud. But since I love him, I understand him. I sympathize what he's going through. Growing up in the Unseelie court as he describes and falling inlove and knows that it is forbidden, who wouldn't act the same way as he is? And when he's breaking Meghan's heart by saying they can't be together, my heart is breaking with Meghan's. The pain of breaking was perfectly captured by Ms. Kagawa in her writing. It's as if I'm the one breaking up with Ash! :((

A perfect ending. Though of course it's not yet the ending since two more books are ahead, I just want to say how romantic the story ended.


The Readdicts said...

Oh, I'm yet to start with this series! I love how Grimalkin makes your day! That's so nice. ;) I better start reading this soon! Great review, Ana! I look forward to your reviews of the next installments in The Iron Fey series.

Sarika @ The Readdicts

Miss Bookgineer said...

Currently doing the review for the next books now... I'll wait for yours! :D

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