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Friday, February 22, 2013

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My Review

Honestly, I was disappointed with how this story went. Farsighted has a potential and in this book, Simmi blew everything! The story is not anymore about something, it's all about Simmi, Simmi and Simmi. I've never read such a self-centered character as much as Simmi is. She's so self-conscious leading to her sickness, her love life and everything. The story was lost, the powers of the main characters were put in the backseat as Simmi goes on and on about herself. Such a waste of space, when there are other things that the story could focus on. 

First, she goes pretending she loves her boyfriend, then goes cheating on her. Then, she couldn't have the guts to face the consequences and just blame everything to her boyfriend. Aargh! I was really on the point of putting the book down, but I need to finish it to have my review. And in the end, sad to say, I was hoping for a redeeming move from Simmi, but I didn't. Instead, she used her newly acquired power to put everyone against their will.  

I don't want to further this review, I might say inappropriate things that could harm the blog tour, but I hope you feel where I'm getting at. This is a two star for me.


Emlyn Chand said...

Thank you for your review. I'm sorry Open Heart wasn't your cup of tea, but I appreciate you're sharing your thoughts on it. No hard feelings at all!

Em :-D

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