One black Rose 3 ~ Autumn by Maddy Edwards

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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Summary from Goodreads

As summer trickles into fall, Autumn is forced to confront the choices that she and Holt have made - or been forced to make. Now they must stand together to face the forces that are trying to tear them apart. Against family opposition, imprisonment, and physical danger, their bond will be tested. 

Will Samuel stand next to her through everything? 
Will she and Holt come through unscathed, or will they be ripped apart forever? And how will the opposition of Mrs. Cheshire and Logan Roth play out? 
Autumn, Holt, and Samuel will face their biggest test yet. And Autumn will finally have her Rose.

My Review

Oh my! Holt and Autumn are so much in trouble! Now that Autumn is in transition of being a fairy, you would think everything is now fine and danydy. That finally, Autumn and and Holt will now have their happy ever after. But with Mrs. Cheshire alive, that will not be possible! In fact, it's just the beginning of another suffering in Holt and Autumn's love story.

I got a bit frustrated in this story. I never had the chance to see Autumn and Holt really together. As in together. It was mentioned that they are almost married since Holt had reserved his one black rose to Autumn, thus making her a fairy. But the problem is, I never saw (or read) them being inlove. It was just implied that they do, but I never had the chance to see them happy together, sweet together and professing their undying love for each other. I'm not asking for cheesy lines but I was looking for something... a proof that they really love each other-- moments when they're together. I don't know if you understand where I'm getting at. But you see, these two have the "you and me against the world" thing but I just can't feel the love that pushes them to fight.

Autumn has been such a selfish person throughout this book. All she could ever think about is that she and Holt should be together. She doesn't care if others are hurting or in grave danger. As long as she's with Holt, she doesn't care about anything else. It's all about her, her and her! Which is really annoying. To think that Holt is suffering and she's almost flirting with Samuel or enjoying herself in a party, it's just so weird. A mother lost his sons, a mother willing to kill the supposed-to-be future queen of his son, a woman who'll do everything for her family are all put behind because of the selfishness of Autumn. There's a bigger picture inside the story but it only focused on how Autumn wanted to be with Holt no matter what.

I really love the story so it hurts to say those words. It has really the potential of being a great story, but somehow the story got misled. With all its flaws, this is such a good story. This book made me cry in the end. Sad that I didn't had the chance to know more about Holt. Irritated on all the missed opportunities that I should know more about him, how great his love for Autumn and what's going on inside his head. Same goes for Samuel. I just wished I grew to know them more before it ended. 


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