One Black Rose 2 ~ August by Maddy Edwards

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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Summary from Goodreads

Autumn hasn't even begun to deal with the fallout from the Solstice Party when she is dealt another blow, courtesy of the one person she is starting to trust above all others: Holt Roth himself.

Now she’s left to enjoy the rest of her summer on her own. Alone, that is, until something sinister washes up on the shores of Castleton. Autumn doesn't know what’s going on, but it soon becomes clear that her life is in danger and the Fairies, led by Samuel, will have to come together to help her, whether she likes it or not.

My Review

Finally! I got a hold of this book. I've been searching for this for a long time. It's not really a famous series, but I just can't stop until I finally know what happen to Autumn, Holt and Samuel.

I mentioned before that One Black Rose is so similar on Twilight Saga. Well, except for the fairies of course, but the happenings in the book was so much alike Twilight. And this is still my claim for this book. Book 2 means New Moon. And what's that? Yep! Holt is gone. :( I'm dreading the read once I found out that Holt left Castleton to keep Autumn and his family safe from the brooding war-- the war that could be caused by Holt and Autumn's feelings for each other. Though it's sad not to read a lot about Holt (I missed him as well !) there are lot of things happening that could occupy my mind. Like the water sprite, the mystery of Samuel and Susan, Nick and Carley and lots of things. Sadly, Autumn just can't stop feeling blue without Holt which almost got in my nerve...almost!

Although the love triangle surrounding Autumn, Holt and Samuel was not that strong in book 1 because of the assured words of Autumn that it's Holt that she loves, here in book 2, doubt is starting to creep on me. There's really something between Samuel and Autumn. How could they not?! They're the one supposed to be together! But I didn't had the chance to know Samuel much. The story is more focused on what's going on around the characters that the characters themselves are left behind. I wasn't able to get through the characters, no specific details about them, reasons behind their actions and who they really are. For example, Samuel. Throughout the book, he's been there for Autumn, protecting and and caring for her. You'll know he's feeling something about her. But you'll never have the chance to explore that thought, because Samuel seems always far away, fay away from your grasp to fully understand him. All we know is that he's always there to save Autumn. Then there's Susan. She's nice, yes. That's given. But that's all, we never have the chance  to know what her actions are all about. Then there's Holt. She loves Autumn, ready to face war just to be with her. But I want to know more how much she loves her. I never had the chance :( But that's ok. Because at some part, it adds to the mystery to keep us reader going.

I love the ending. I love how the story went and what happened. But I feel like it's vague, lacking of details. The whole story is vague actually. I'm so loving the story that it doesn't bother me, but this book has a great potential that if the words and writings are improved more, it would be such a greater book as it is.


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