Independence by Shelly Crane

Friday, January 11, 2013

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Now that Marcus' family is defeated, left with no powers at all, It's minus one on all the problem Caleb and Maggie are facing right now. Both of them, now leader on their own. Maggie to the whole race, and Caleb as the new champion of the family, there's a lot on their plate. Her father and brother Bish newly mated, Maggie's true father in the scene, Marcus who don't want to give up.

But with everything that's going on, Maggie and Caleb will have to face bigger thing...that is their wedding. Against all odds, these two will get married, and show everyone that they are really meant to be together as each other's significance.

My Review

The book started right where it ended which made me a bit confuse. It's been a long time when I've read the first book so I needed time to get familiar with the happenings. I've anticipated this book for months, so when it finally came, I was a little bit disappointed. Maybe it's just because of the long waiting and my expectation for this to be so great grew higher and higher. 

The natural sweetness and cheesiness that I have loved between Maggie and Caleb went overboard in this book. I prefer the innocent love, thoughtfulness and sweetness the two had in book 1, but this time, it seems like two infatuated teens who are getting married. I love Caleb since the beginning. But in this book, he ended up obsessed. Same goes for Maggie. 

Also, there's too much happenings and side stories to fit in 1 book. The marriage, Maggie's ex, Maggie's mother, Marcus and everything else. There's too many side stories that the book looks scattered. There are stories that I felt should left unsaid since they just added to number of words but did not help at all in the story. And there are characters that has so much potential but were left out. For example, I don't think Maggie's ex trying to get her back should still be part of this book. It was clearly shown on previous books that Maggie don't want anything to do with him. Then there's Maggie's mom and Haddock. Though Haddock did some great things in the end, I feel it's not enough to build his character which could be so good. Then, Maggie's mom could have given a better story, but she only ended up becoming an irresponsible parent. I was expecting a twist like she is in contact with another Jacobson enemy.... There goes my imagination again! Haha

(spoilers ahead)
The only thing I loved about this story is that the wedding went well without anyone getting in the way. Before the wedding, my anxiety is killing me that something will happen that will jeopardize the wedding, good thing my guess is wrong. Honestly speaking, I was expecting ghat the wedding would be the end story and everyone would live happily after, so I was a bit confused when they got married in halfway through the book.  But after that, the story became better. There's still too much cheesiness, but now I did see some direction in the story.

I love Caleb, ever since the first book i fell in love with him. Significance made me obsessed with imprint stories, so I'm sac to put a not so good review, especially this is the last one.  Then I heard that Significance will be put into movie, so that made my day :) I hope it would be good as the book :)
For more information about Significance Movie, here's the facebook page for this:


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