The Iron Fey 1.5 ~ Winter's Passage

Friday, November 30, 2012

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To save her younger brother Ethan from the Iron King, Meghan Chase, the half-faery princess of the seelie court made a contract to the unseelie prince and her forbidden love to help her go to the Iron Kingdom. In return, Meghan Chase will voluntarily go with Ash to the unseelie court and be a captured by Mab, the Unseelie Queen. And now that Ethan is safe back home, Meghan needs to uphold her promise. 

But on their way to the Unseelie Court, they sensed that someone is going after them. An ancient hunter, older than anyone could remember and very powerful through all the faery stories he's in. And it's coming after them.

My Review

This just shows how good Ms. Kagawa in doing stories. To create an adventure to a simple journey in going to the Unseelie court and introducing such a powerful character at the same time is amazing!

It's nice to have this story. I think this tells a lot on what's Ash is feeling for Meghan and the battle going inside her. He's bringing the love if his life to the his court. It's like bringing Meghan to her death, the thing Ash wanted to protect her from.  

It's a very short story but tells a lot. I remember that this novella helped me a lot in my frustration during the time I was waiting for Iron Daughter to be released. :)


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