A Song for Julia by Charles Sheehan-Miles

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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A book full of emotions. If they’re going to ask me to give a one-liner for this. That would be it. This book made me feel happy, confused, agitated, excited, teary-eyed, heartbroken and calm.

Julia is a straight-A Harvard student who was managing an anti-war protest when she met Crank. Crank, a singer in a band called Morbid Obesity immediately was taken back by Julia’s mysterious and goody-too-shoes type. Though exactly not his type, there’s something about her that got him asking her for a lunch. To his shock, Julia agreed and from there started an attraction between the two that either of them couldn’t comprehend.

Julia has this emotional baggage that I believe is too much for her age. She went through so many things alone, I fully understand why she chose to leave alone and her fear of trusting anyone again. But I admire her strength of being where she is, her decisions in life ( though she had her down times) and her simple way of rebelling to her parents. It’s not just to have something to rebel against as Cranks had said, but it’s a rebellion because it’s what she wants and where she could be happy.

Crank is a rock star. Can I elaborate more? Definitely a hottie, currently included in my top book boyfriend! ***sigh Anyways, he’s just all look. With tattoos and all but really a softie inside. He was a playboy, are rock star licensed to be that??? But that immediately changed when he met Julia. He went through hardships as well, but nothing compared to what Julia had experienced. But he made good of it and became mature from his experience.

 These two have a hot and called relationship. At first they were all like “I don’t do relationships” then Crank had this realization that he wants something more. And Julia was always panicking and running once Crank hints something about their relationship and future. But I admire Julia for trying her best to overcome her fear. And I was head over heels to Crank for his patience and determination towards Julia.

The story is perfectly written through dual POV of Crank and Julia. From these, readers could immediately capture the emotions of both characters and fully understand why they did what they did, said and decided. The other characters also gave color to the story. Every characters, even if they have small roles in the story have something to contribute in how the story ran through. I totally love Sean, not because of how he is, but because how normal he could be. Crank’s father jack was hilarious as well and such a fatherly figure. I suddenly missed my dad after reading this.

But what I love most in this story is that it’s not a simple story of a boy meets girl, they fall in love and the end. There are other stories that runs around their story that gives the story more depth and sense. A combination of love, family, healing, forgiveness and life. A full package to a very endearing story that will make the story sigh and satisfied in the end.


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