Netgalley -- Threats of Sky and Sea by Jennifer Ellision

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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A new fantasy series that I’ll add on my favorite list. Book 2 will definitely in my TBR!

This is a story about Breena, living a peaceful life with her father (as most stories go) in a bar until visitors come to take her father away, claiming something about her father she never knew and could change her life forever.

They brought to the king as prisoners, and promised to be freed if Breena could make her father tell what the kind needs to know. Here she meet Caden, the rebellious prince, Aleta, his bride-to-be and Tregle, a fire elemental.   

Soon, Breena will realize that she’s the secret his father is keeping. She’s what the king needs as a weapon.

I love Duke Secan's character. Once I found out who he is, I noticed how royal he acts. Though frustrating most of the times, I learned to love his character. I'm seeing Ed Stark of Game of Thrones in his character.

The book has also portrayed very effective villain through the King and Lady Kat. I can't remember a character that I long to suffer as much as the king and lady Kat. I guess that proves how good the writing of the story is.

As for Caden and Breena (I love the names by the way) I think they still need character development. While all the supporting characters have this foundation on their characters which made it strong. I find they're characters lacking something I can't pinpoint. Especially Caden's.

There are also inconsistencies like Tregle's character. At first he can't control his power and he's just new but he's already reporting to the king regarding the troops?

I find the story quite slow. I'm halfway through and I still don't know where the story is going. GOOD Thing I'm enjoying Breena's life in the castle. But all in all, it's a promising story. It’s lke the story of “The Last Airbende” but with a twist to make it a story for girl teens. I'm definitely recommending this to readers who love this kind of genre.  I'm also looking forward to the next book. I am quite excited about it :)


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