NetGalley --- Frozen by Melissa De La Cruz and Michael Johnston

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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A dystopian story where everything is frozen. It’s an original one (based on what I have read about dystopian stories) and there are humans, magical creatures, military, marked ones, all living in Vegas where there are casinos playing poker. Okay, that part is a bit scattered. It could have been a great plot if not for the weak background. It wasn’t explained how the earth ended up frozen, and yet there’s the sea where they were able to travel. It wasn’t explained why the government ended up being overly-strict to its citizens and how people with “marks” came out to be and persecuted. It’s like the authors assumed that the readers would already know these things. And the characters, I find them detached. The characters have potential but… (there’s always the but.. I’m sorry) but as a reader, I couldn’t reach them at all. There’s no emotions. It’s like watching a movie performed by very bad actors, by uttering their lines in a monosyllabic way.
To make it fair, I like the idea of the story, it’s something you could realize, some of it could might happen (I hope not) in a very far future if humans won’t be responsible enough on the future and on mother earth. Garbage everywhere, poisoned water, people too dependent on gadgets that they forgot the importance of education. I found myself laughing hard with the “textlish” that was introduced here. It’s like what we call “jejemon” in our country. It’s a way of texting which is kind of funny. And for it to be spoken… really? So hilarious.. haha!

At first there’s this big deal about the “marked” ones and Nat being the center of it all, so how come I never get to see anything elaborating the extent of her power, and then at the end. I just feel like this story is full of inconsistencies. Soon, I found myself comparing this to the “series of unfortunate events” with all the things they encounter and escaped smoothly. And with all that, I didn’t feel panic, thrill or excitement. As I’ve said, the story kind of detached.

But still, I will give this 2 stars for its potential, I hope the authors will still have the time to do something to repair some of the inconsistencies and work with content more to make it stronger and detailed.


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