For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund

Monday, July 21, 2014

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From this book comes a very unique dystopian. It would be confusing at first with all the unfamiliar terms. To be honest, I didn't like the story much until I have grasped what is the setting of this story.

A dystopian story where humans are classified into two, due to a history you could find out yourself. At first, there are the Reduced and the Luddites. Reduced are the punished ones (for wanting to be more powerful than God). They suddenly can't talk ( could only utter syllables thus they have names with only one syllable) and they are believed not to be smart enough to do smart stuffs anymore. The Luddites are the unpunished ones and remained normal and became the caretaker of the world and the reduced. In time, Luddites feared the changes,especially when the CORs came. the children of the reduced, who were born normal, just like the Luddites. They prefer being called Post short for Post reductionist. Post wanted to be treated normal, but Luddites, having used in the superiority from reduced won't agree. 

From here, came our story. A Luddite and a post being friends and falling in love. But how can a Luddite, afraid of change and a post, who all his life wanted change... be together?

A very nice and unique novel that won't let you stop reading even if you wanted to. This book made me forget my work, my laundry and even my food. It's nice to finally find a book that would make me feel like this again. It's been a long time and I'm glad I happen to come upon this book. 

I love Elliott's character. She's one of the few female lead who doesn't need saving, who can stand up on her own and has her own decisions not blinded by love or anything else. She strongly believe on what she was taught while growing up but still know what's right from wrong. She's very responsible but still knows hoe to break the rule, if it means saving lives. Elliott is very outspoken, and a what-you-see-what-you-get type of girl.

On the other hand, Kai is the mysterious one. I still could not understand the depth of his anger o Elliott. Is it because she did not ran away with him, or there's something else, something that Elliott have said. It made me wonder, with the scene where he said "Luddites (pertaining to Elliott) cannot be trusted. Still he returned to Elliott's place, was it for revenge or for the sake of love? I would like to believe the latter. :D

It has been a very complicated journey for both Kai and Elliott. They have their own beliefs that they are trying to surpass to be together. But belief is the most difficult thing to beat. The belief you grew up to, the fear of change and the fear of history repeating itself. I salute Elliott on her decisions. She became very responsible and very selfless. Even if all throughout, Kai hated her for her decision, Elliott did not waver, believing that what she's doing is right. She never wasted her time crying and used the pain she's feeling in working and proving that her decision is right. 


So what's the difference of the changes done that caused punishment to the new changes done by Kai's fleet? How come Gavin and Carlotta were punished but Kai's team weren't when they were doing the same thing? It's something that should have cleared. In my part, as long as it's meant to save a life, there's nothing bad to it. If it's for the goodness of people or if it's intention is not malicious or are not meant to harm others, why not? The "superhuman" abilities gained by Kai, I did not agree much, it's the same thing Carlotta and Gavin did, but they were punished. So I didn't got the idea of that... or maybe, Gavin and Carlotta's are just experiments gone wrong and they were not really punished by God at all. It's just the Luddite way of being superior. Well, I'm not suggesting anything, just my opinion and on how I saw this story.

All in all, it is really a very good read. It's something I could read over and over again. 


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