Girl in Love by Caisey Quinn

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

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After Trace left her to go to rehab, Kylie survived on her own singing, making songs and being the top artist she always dreamed of. But she can’t feel any happiness on what’s going on around her. She feels numb. Ever since Trace left, the only way she knew how to cope is to feel numb, build walls around her and never to trust anyone again with her heart. The old Kylie was gone, and took her place is the top artist who only knows how to work, and doesn’t have fun.

Good thing she has found true friendship with Lulu, Lily, and Mia (unexpectedly). Steven and his band. With their help, Kylie made it through almost a year. But she knows the pain is still there, and being numb is the only way not to feel that pain. Until Trace returned, out from rehab. And now, their label wants them to be on tour together. Will Kylie be able to keep herself from feeling once again? Will Trace be able to take her back? This is the 3rd and Final Instalment of Kylie Ryans Series.

I knew it when I said book 2 will kill me from its ending. Good thing I have this book on hand. I immediately grabbed this book right after I finish book 2. I guess my sleeping for tonight will be out of the question. Anyway, I’m sure this book is worth it.

I felt sad for Kylie. She’s so heartbroken and feels so alone. I guess I would also feel that same if someone like Trace did that to me. I also get her point that it’s not just the “I’m going to rehab you can’t wait for me” line of Trace that made her feel betrayed. It’s something more. It’s that, when the going gets tough, it’s not her that Trace trusts to handle him. It’s not her that he runs to talk about his fears and problems. For someone like Kylie who loved Trace unconditionally, that stings a lot.

I still don’t like Trace. Regardless of how many times this story say how hot he is, I just can’t feel that attraction. Or maybe I’m not just into that mature guys. I prefer Steven actually. If he’s not totally into another woman (which I also grew to like), I would definitely root him for Kylie. Kylie experienced so much during the year without Trace, and I feel like it’s so unfair for Trace to suddenly pop up and ruin everything. I totally believe that Trace doesn’t have the right to treat Kylie like that. Leaving and breaking her heart, then when he’s okay, take her back. Even if he says it’s best for her, I think Kylie deserves better than that. But since these two are the lead, I would have to settle for less and be satisfied with their story.

Trace’s saving grace would be his patience and determination to take Kylie back. His love for her is undeniable, and I find it cute. I love cold Kylie here, she tried her best to keep away from him, unsuccessfully obviously but I admired her for trying. Besides them, I have enjoyed Lulu and Mia’s character. Totally opposite but they have showed their loyalty and friendship to Kylie, and I love them for that. The lyrics for the songs are amazing, I hope I could really hear them in the radio.

It’s a push-and-pull relationship between Trace and Kylie, but it fits the story too well. And in the end, it’s just perfect for these two. The epilogue is great, I love how I had a glimpse of the “after.” 


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