R2R - Divine Vices by Melissa Parkin

Sunday, August 10, 2014

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This book clawed its way in my heart page by page. It started slow, really slow. But it never got boring. There’s a lot happening in the story that there’s no time for me to feel any boredom. Though I was kind of getting frustrated waiting for the climax of the story. I’m already halfway and it’s still about the chase of Jackson Matthews to Cassie. I could feel the looming danger ahead, the dark mystery of Cassie’s past and Jackson as well, but it seems like I can’t reach it. But when the climatic event came, boy, did it came. It’s so full, intense and breath taking that I’m getting tired just reading all of it. Ms. Parkin defined plot twist into a whole new level! I would like to talk more about this twist, but I would like the reader to enjoy it themselves. Haha!

Cassie’s character is the typical heroine. A beautiful girl who thinks of herself as ordinary. Had a sad life due to what happened in the past. She has her sidekicks, which are Gwen and Ian which are equally unique and entertaining to read. They both gave life in this book as well. I even thought Gwen would make this whole story into a Nancy Drew mystery novel with her bubbly detective character. I enjoyed the banter of Cassie and Jack. Jack successfully brought Cassie out of her shell but in a really annoying way.  I was torn between loving and getting annoyed with him! Seriously! He’s a knight in shining armor in the making but we can’t deny that he’s sort of a jerk! Haha! Sorry Jackson, but that’s the way you are made. Well, when everything were cleared, when the real motivations were revealed, and all else came to the open, how the characters are, were justified. Sadly, I feel like half of the book was wasted with minor things and for me, the book actually started on the second half so the 2nd half became overwhelming with information. But still it’s just a matter or arranging the plot and events, but in general, the book came out really good.

This book is a perfect blend of mystery, fantasy, horror, some drama, comedy and love story. What I enjoyed most in this story is how the story was fitted to some biblical events. It shows how much research was made in the book. It’s a story that tells about demons, angels, nephilims and urban legends. It’s like Dan Brown meets Stephenie Meyer and Cassandra Clare type of book.

It’s the first book of Meliisa Parkin and I was requested to write a review for it. I’ve seen the plot and it’s really good so I accepted. I haven’t seen much review form this book other than those given with ARC same as me. This book reminded me why I started book blogging. It gave me the opportunity to introduce good books like this one but are not that popular. I highly recommend this book, I’m sure for those who love this kind of genre, it’s something you shouldn’t miss. Actually, it’s something you should anticipate reading. J


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