Lost in Me by Lexi Ryan

Monday, August 4, 2014

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A captivating story with perfect combination of mystery, love/romance, family, friendship and life lessons.

I really love the writing of this story. It is very light and very easy to read. ( I finished it with one sitting) This is the kind of book that makes you convince yourself that you’ll stop after one chapter to continue the next day but ended up reading all night. I have just finished reading the first chapter and all I’m thinking is how is this going to end. The amnesia part is the unique twist of the story. Hanna just woke up from an accident and realized she forgot the last year of her life, she’s thin and she’s engaged to Max, who she had a crush on since she was young. Suddenly, Hannah woke up and she’s living everything that she dreamed of but then circumstances happen and she met Nate, who happen to be someone who knows her and it seems like they have something Hannah can’t deny. An attraction. But she’s already engaged to Max, so what really happened?

The story focused on Hannah’s struggle to bring back her memory to answer all her questions. Who is Nate in her life? Is she cheating on Max? Is Max cheating on her? Why did he pulled away from her sister during the last year? And how did she ended up falling from the stairs that caused her to lose her amnesia?

I love how the pace of the story. It’s just enough for readers to want more and continue reading but not get frustrated at the same time. Each chapters reveal something that would solve the but mystery but would keep you reading for more. Sounds addicting? Definitely!

I love Hanna’s character. Everyone has their own insecurities, but that didn’t stop her from being successful in life. Though at some time she can’t remember, that did, I still admire her way of handling life. What I didn’t like about her is that she can’t remember anything but is willing to directly jump to the guy who told her he was engaged to. Even if it was Max and many say they are engaged, how could she just want to make out with him instantly? Then to another guy afterwards? Isn’t that a bit awkward?

As for Max, he’s a hottie as I’ve been told. But I guess he’s too good to be true. And Nate, I could have loved him, I am about to but I feel him so detached and not much exposure for him in this book. I’m hoping for a better Nate at the second book as this book almost killed me with the ending.


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