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Sunday, August 3, 2014

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I have been intrigued with this book when LiteratiAuthor had sent this email. The cover itself shows a bog story. It's something I feel like would touch me. So I signed up to this blog tour. I hope with my help, this book reached lots of readers and touch their lives as well.

Below is my review for this book...

Have you heard that line when some people say "I don't want to be forgotten" i think Nate immortalized his wife, Shannon through this book. I think it's the best way of remembering your love ones. It doesn't matter if you'll put it on public or save it for yourself. It’s just something to remember her, and at the same time, I believe it helped a lot in Nate’s process of recovering from Shannon’s death.

This book is literally a compilation of the pages in Nate’s blog and some of the comments by guests. It tells the struggle of Nate after losing his wife. But other than that, Nate had successfully told Shannon’s story and introduced her to all the readers. At first, my thought on this book is that it’s like a simple textbook about grieving. It’s a personal diary that should stay as personal. I can’t see enough story for it to be a book and found it kind of boring. It would have been great to leave it as a blog as what it is originally intended. Nate’s post are robotic, and I don’t feel much emotions.

But as I continue reading (though at times I was tempted to stop) I became attach to Nate’s story. It’s kind of addicting. I have this feeling, a sense of duty to finish until the end just to make sure Nate will be doing okay. Somehow, Nate’s everyday journal got through me and touched my hear even without me knowing it. Then I start to understand. Nate’s not robotic, it’s just his way or coping. I guess that’s how we usually are. Feeling numb, devoid of feelings at first, now believing what’s really happening.

I started to enjoy Nate’s new stages of grieving. I guess his part (and others same as Nate’s) is the hardest. To lose someone and not be able to get angry at that person, because it’s not her fault. It’s not anyone’s fault. I agree with the original stages of grieving. It’s easy to get angry at first. Forget all emotions and focus on just one thing. Anger. But in Nate’s case, that can’t be.

I related to Nate at most of this part when I had my fair share of loss (not as much as Nate had). I thought it was me, but I guess it’s the same for most of us. When grieving, it’s easy to understand. It’s easy to be considerate of others. Hurt is a universal language, it’s like you could connect with everyone when you’re hurting. Sometimes, being happy makes you forget.

But other than grief. This is a great “in memory of” book. Page by page, I came to know Shannon. At first, I’m thinking, this book is meant just for the family and for those who know Shannon, but this book introduced Shannon in a way that everyone that read this book will know her, will love her and will agree that Shannon was cheated in life. That she deserves a better and longer life. I hope I could visit Shannon’s tree someday as well J

I salute the author, Nate Bennet for creating such a wonderful book despite of his grief . He turned his grief to something that would forever make Shannon be remembered and for readers to be aware of the mithochondrial disease. I’m wishing him the best in life as his life continue with his new partner and Shannon in his heart.


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