Girl on Tour by Caisey Quinn

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

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There’s a reason why I didn’t jump right off to this book after reading Girl with Guitar. Don’t misread me, I loved the book, especially its ending. That’s why I took my time before reading this book. I have this big hunch that I won’t enjoy much how this book will end, so I made sure I have the third book first before reading this. So in case there’s a cliff-hanger, a frustrated ending or something else that would make me sleepless, I have the third book to hope for. I can’t afford to be sleepless these days!haha!

Trace and Kylie’s love story is doomed in this book. I feel it! The title itself will give you a hint. Kylie will be on tour, and Trace as well, but they will be on two different tours. Distance would tear them apart, Trace’s drinking problem would cause problems, and Kylie’s own problems as she struggles to be on top of the industry would make it hard for both of them. Will their love survive the music industry, that is full of lies, manipulations and drama? This book will surely take you along inside their world.

Honestly, I didn’t like Trace that much, and this book didn’t help my love for him. I admire Kylie’s character, her innocence, and her cow girl character. But I think Trace’s taking advantage of that. He always say he loves Kylie enough to do everything, but here he is, lying about his drinking and all. There’s not much drama going on between the two other than their relationship is taking the toll of the distance, secrecy and everything going on in each of them. Mostly, it’s all about Kylie’s drama in her tour and Trace’s drama in his own. I guess that’s what made them drift apart. Or maybe they are just meant to be that way.  

I can’t say much about this book. Usually book 2 are always like this, the in-between (obviously), the book that will prepares the reader for the finale on book 3. It’s where all the problems will arise, it’s where 2 lovers will drift apart from each other and will make the reader anticipate book 3 to know if they’ll end up together or not. This book is that, and something more. Book 1 gave us a glimpse of what The Entertainment looks like, how Kylie was able to surpass all and make her dreams come true. To enter the music industry, the ever glamorous Music Industry. But in this book, we could see the claws of this industry, how ugly it is for others, how stressful and devastating it is for some. This book showed the strength and thickness needed to survive it. We already saw what it did to Trace, so now we’ll see how Kylie Lou will survive it.


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