Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

Sunday, August 10, 2014

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Colleen Hoover did it again! A new love story that surpasses other love stories. With books like this, it’s hard to look for the next book to top it up. This book made me feel like I’ve been reading lots of boring love stories. It amazes me how Ms. Hoover could create such a heart wrenching and super romantic love story. She’s one of the few authors who could write a book, put the title in the cover, with plane background and could still capture tons of readers. I think, being a “Hoover book” is enough.

The title is so perfect for the story.

When Tate decided to temporarily leave with his older brother, he met Miles Archer. Even starting on the wrong foot, Tate can’t deny the attraction she feels for Miles. The mystery, the silence and the man who never had a woman beside him for 6 years got Tate want him more. But when Miles showed the same attraction towards her, everything gets complicated.

Miles don’t want anything other than the physical contact. 2 rules, no questions about his past and no expectations in the future. And Tate would get anything she could get even if agreeing with this rules, even if she’s seeing a tragedy in the making.

“Love isn’t always pretty, Tate”

It’s not a typical love story. It won’t give butterflies in the stomach and make you giddy with love. It’s not really a light reading, it contains heavy emotions and a very hot and strong attraction. It’s not a teen love story, instead, a very mature one with heavy emotional baggage on the side.

I find Tate a strong and independent woman. A woman with her own career and can stand on her own, so I’m quite surprised to see her agreeing with Miles. I believe she deserves better than that. But I guess the saying is true “You deserve what you think you deserve.” I guess Tate is expecting for more, there’s this hope deep inside her that it could be more between her and Miles.

What made a very successful man close out? Honestly speaking, I got frustrated with Miles with all the drama in his life. I can’t imagine how dark his past is to deny love like what’s Tate is offering! It’s just that, I can see for myself how good they are together, he can see it too but he keeps pushing Tate away. It came to a point where I would rather Tate leave him be and find someone better. But as I keep reading and found out how Rachel broke him (I was starting to hate Rachel,) I realize Miles has a good reason. Uhmm, not really good but good as it can be. I think I can’t judge Miles after finding out his past.

Other than these two, I enjoyed Cap’s character as well. He’s like the wisdom in this book. The parent figure that gives rationality in their story. He always has the “quotable quotes”

An emotional story about grief, forgiveness, moving on, second chances and moving on. It would make you admire people who have experienced and survive this kind of love. 


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