Fall to You by Lexi Ryan

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

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-----------------------------SPOILER ALERT------------------------

Oooohhh.. so that’s what happened. This book is the second installment for Here and Now series of Lexi Ryan. It’s an alternating story of the before and after the accident of Hannah. For readers, you better read the first book first before jumping right on this book. I myself got confused while reading this even if I did read the first book. Haha!

It’s good to know exactly what happened to Hannah during those missing year of her life and to know what happened after book 1 ended. I need to put a spoiler alert on this review because it’s really hard to make a review/rant about this book without spoiling anything.

Let’s start with all my questions in book 1. So why did she pulled away from her twin sister? Well, this was definitely answered in this book. I guess I understand Hannah in this part. With her insecurities and all, knowing that your all-time crush turned to be fiancé started to date you just because your sister asked him to. And because that certain sister was asked first. Really? And in the end, to find out that that sister liked him too?! And because she’s too selfless and all, she gave way for you? Twisted? At that part, I guess I sort of feel Hannah being self-centered, agreeing with Meredith, or maybe, clueless?

Then there’s Max’s real intention, so in this book, Max was cleared, he’s actually the good guy, the boy-next-door type and Hannah became the cheating girl. I was a bit confused here. I was made to believe Max was the bad guy, the jerk that’s using Hannah for the money and all. But no?! He’s really the good guy and I was about to kill Hannah myself for letting go the good guy? Why on earth does the good guys always lose against the bad guy? Frustrating…

Well to be fair, Nate is not actually a bad guy, but he kind of is here compared to Max. Max is the one willing to wait and marry her and Nate was the one who wont' commit. Or maybe not.

And Hannah? I kind of hated Hannah here. I know she’s confuse, I understand that, I know she’s having a hard time, I know that. With the amnesia and the pregnancy without knowing who the father is, I get her. But it’s not an excuse to be with one man then jumped right off to the other when the going gets tough. Is it all about sex? Because I am having doubt if she’s really in love with either of them. At book 1, she decided she’s choosing Nate even if they’re over. I admired her for that. Then, when Nate dies, she suddenly grabbed Max. Seriously? Is this how she’s coping? This girl is giving me a heart attack. I think I need to come with her mother in the hospital for a check-up. So in the end, when Nate returned (as expected and what a cliff hanger!) I laughed! I think Hannah deserves this, to be confused and all. I pity Max of all. Because when Hannah gets confuse, she’s going to turn to Nate (this is what I expect )  and Max will be left alone once again. So Hannah, I hope you choose wisely and please, please,be careful to these men’s hearts. Especially Max. Oh well, I guess I started to fall for Max. haha


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