In the Middle of Nowhere by Julie Ann Knudsen

Sunday, July 15, 2012

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Summary from Goodreads


Butterflies. Little, fluttering butterflies. That’s what fifteen-year-old Willow Flynn feels in the pit of her stomach every time the mysterious boy is near. But Willow has other things to contend with as she deals with the tragic loss of her father, as well as her emotionally preoccupied mother, while being uprooted to a new house, a new school, a new life, far away, on an island, in the middle of nowhere.

At the beginning of the school year, the sickly, but cute Michael sends Willow the first of many cryptic notes during homeroom. He stares at Willow and gives her the creeps. Michael never returns to school after that, but Willow ends up connecting with the poetic boy on-line where they strike up an unusual friendship.

As Willow attempts to fit in and find her niche in the ever-cliquey high school world, she is further confused by Michael who strives to win her over and mend her broken heart. But will he be able to, especially when his own existence remains so uncertain?

My Review

I have to thank the author first for sending me a copy.. thanks a bunch!

What I love about the this story is that it tackles some real teen problems. Being the new girl, trying to fit in and looking for that group you really belong to. Also, it gives bit of messages with regards to family, reaponsibilities and consequesnces. After reading the book, I find the story to be "ok" thus the three stars :)

BUT (of course, there's always the but), while reading the book, it feels like reading pieces of a teen journal writing for herself and not to tell a story. During the first part, I notice how the author suddenly jumps to another part and then do some recap. The transition of events is not so smooth. It's like counting like this... 1 2 3 6 5 4 7 8 10 9.. Hope it tells what I mean. Also, at the first half of the story, I started to wonder if the book was really supposed to be a love story (the plot was quite misleading) 'cause the first part focuses on Willow's rebellion and friendships and just some glimpse of Michael. Moreover, The story didn't reached me enough to be hooked up with it, there are lot of details and elaborations that it overwhelms the emotions it supposed to express. It just feels like the whole story is not so focused.

The story got interesting at the last quarter of the story when Michael and Willow had their date for the first time with their little brothers. "finally! There's the story!" in here, the story went fast-paced which I love since there's so few pages left and there are still unanswered question. Good thing, all major question are answered. But there are some bits left, which I wished was explained. First, the siblings Tessa abd Jacques, I don't want The story to end with them being the bad guys. It's just that I feel like their characters were not justified. As well as Willow's friends back home. 

All in all it's a nice story. Suggestion though, please try to edit the plot summary showed in goodreads. There's more for this book than a love story of a new girl and a sick guy.


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