The New Haven Project: Anomaly by Gilliland and Gourgon

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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New Haven is an institute where special kids like Caitlin are taken to be experimented into- experimented to determine what their real capabilities are. Five years ago, Caitlin was forcefully removed from New Haven. Caitlin should be thankful, but being taken forcefully meant her separation with her soul mate - Chase.

And now, living a normal life and pretending to be normal, Caitlin received a letter informing her of a younger sister she does not remember. Determined to meet her sister, Caitlin travelled to Las Vegas, only to find Chase again instead of her sister. Here, she found out that Chase is once again under the custody of Bethany Stone, the same directress of New Haven. And that's just not it, New Haven was rebuilt, and Chase and her sister are now part of it.

Torned between being with Chase and her fear for the methods of New Haven, Caitlin struggled to decide what he believes is right and wrong. But choosing what is right means leaving Chase, but she has no choice. She won't let anyone do to other children what they have experienced.

My Review:

Undeniably a page-turner. I'm reading this book while walking, on my way home, waiting in-line and while working (don't tell my boss!). I can't stop reading! Every time I try to stop and rest my eyes, I could not stop thinking of Caitlin, Chase, Kismet and even Izzy. The characters are so adorable... all of them! I think this is even better than Xmen with the love story and all! The book is a perfect mix of action, heavy drama, romance and light comedy.

I really like Caitlin's character, she's not the typical damsel in distress heroine, she's strong and dependent. I really like her power- telekinesis and empathy.  With the book written in her POV, I could see all side of the stories. Still, some mysteries are left. However, I'm quite disappointed that her powers were not put in good use at the right time. About the romance part, I'm really confuse who's she's really going to end up with- Chase or Kismet?? of course I'm rooting for Chase! I feel for Chase, why he has to do what he's doing. But does she needs to feel Madison as well??? Can't we just remove that part? I'm starting to hate Madison, and  with Chase feeling her as well, it just lessen the sweetness of the soul mate part!

This book totally broke my heart, I did not end up crying but still, this book is full of emotions. And I'm so thankful for the last part, the teaser part I mean. At least now I would not spend my day crying for Chase. :) 
Hands down to the authors!


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