Indebted (Premonition #3) by Amy Bartol

Friday, July 20, 2012

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In this third book of Premonition series, Reed and Evie's struggle to be  together continues. Though already bonded, this does not stop the others such as Brennus, the leader of the Gancanagh and other creatures and coveting the half angel Evie. With the enemies knowing the greatest weakness of Evie, they used Evie's loved ones to get to her.
Evie was forced to make a contract with Brennus in a "persephone-Hades-style" contract. And as she lives with the gancanagh, she learns they real nature, understands them and almost felt belongingness with them. But Reed and Russel would not let that happen. This third book tells the battle each of our beloved characters are fighting. Evie's struggle to free herself from the contract, Russel's undying love for her soulmate and Reed's battle to save Evie and her loved ones.


I have mixed emotions with regards to this book. At first, I'm totally annoyed on Evie's stupidity. I'm controlling myself from shouting and pulling my hair off due to frustration. What in the hell does "stay put" and "stay behind me" don't you understand Geneveive???!!! I can't believe you did that to Reed! Aargh! If not for Reed, I would have stopped myself from reading this book.

Then, the gancanagh intrigued me. They don't seem bad in the inside and I'm starting to like their characters a bit. But it makes me confuse on Evie's thoughts with them. Evie's character with Brennus is not that consistent. Sometimes, she thinks of them as enemy, then as her family, one part even tells she loves Brennus. I know the idea of "playing the part" but it seems like she's not playing it. 

Then, there's her soulmate Russel. For the previous books, I'm enjoying the love triangle between Russel, Evie and Red. I even love the idea of soulmate vs true love. But with Brennus. And now Casimir on the picture, isn't it just too much to have so many characters wanting for a single person. Yeah, I get it that Evie's special... But still...

My heart breaks for Reed. What Evie's doing with her is so totally unfair. I know they love each other so much but it feels like Reed is being betrayed... And it's just so unfair!!

In general, I like the story eventhough in most parts, it annoyed the hell out of me. But, It feels like the author has so many ideas to put in the story that she can't choose so she just threw it all up in the story. It's just too jumbled. Gancanagh on the left, fallen on the right, ifrit somewhere and dominion in front. It's just overwhelming... Still it ended up nice. I hope next book would just focus on to something and not it to branch too much.


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