Dreamless (Starcrossed #2) by Josephine Angelini

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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Dreamless starts off where Starcrossed ended. As usual, I was intigued why it's titled dreamless. Good thing I got it in the middle part. Now that Helen and Lucas believes that their love is forbidden, they can't do anything but stay away from each other. No matter how they force themselves to remember that they are cousins and are not allowed to be together, they just can't stop the way they feel for each other. But there are more suppressing things they need to think and do than their love for each other. Their responsibilities for their love ones is most important. Helen is determined to stop the furies in haunting the demigods to kill each other. Now that Hector is an outcast as well, she promised that she'll do everything to bring back Hector to his family.

My Review:

There's the love triangle I'm waiting for! Orion is the best character to compete with Lucas. Though I'm still rooting for Lucas, who else can compete with Paris but Adonis himself! haha
Still, I'm totally frustrated with Lucas and Helen, they are being eaten with their heartache. Of course I don't blame them, I would feel the same if I'm in their shoes. But... because of this, they didn't even thought of doing the math!!! Hello! Ajax died 19 years ago and Helen is 17 only, isn't that some basic his family should know. Especially Castor, Pandora figured it our immediately, how come Castor and Pallas didn't??? I really thought this would be cleared up in this book so I was quite disappointed. I hope Helen and Lucas would be ok for the next book, my heart is breaking along with them. I think Angelini has some grudge with Helen. You see, she's literally put her to hell everyday and stil deprived her for the love of her life. Poor Helen.. :(
Daphne is such a mystery, I don't know her motives why she told Helen and Lucas are cousins. Maybe, she want Orion for her, but still I'm not sure about my guess. Since she has little exposure in the book, I can't figure much about Helen's mother.  

I'm being overwhelmed by mythology characters, but I'm loving it. I really love Angelini's version of Persephone and her part in the story. A lot of gods and demigods were mentioned. Though they were only told for a small amount of time, their parts and connection in the story is so natural and really made the story more amazing. Angelini's talent of putting mythology, Ya and fantasy story together is incredible. The story became a new mythology, still preserving the gods' famous characters. ALl characters are alive (myth gods and angelini's characters) and you can feel each has their own individualities and own stories. It feels like if Angelini wanted to, she could create different books for each character without elaborate introductions, that's how strong she made them.


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