Divergent by Veronica Roth

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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Divergent means having an aptitude test result that could not conclude where faction you belong. Not Amity- the peaceful one, not Abnegation-the selfless, not Erudite- the smart ones, not Candor- the honest nor Dauntless-the fearless. Being Divergent means you have a bit of all, they are dangerous but Beatrice does not know this until her results said she was one. Undecided, Beatrice found herself choosing Dauntless as her faction, leaving her parents in Abnegation and her brother who at the same time chose Erudite. 

Under her new faction, Beatrice now Tris, felt the freedom and joy she never felt before in Abnegation. Though sometimes she doubts if she really belongs with the dauntless being divergent she is, time passes by, with the initiation she experienced and tests she passed that she realizes that there's no other place where she belongs except where she is. She gained friends as well as enemies, admirers, and even a lover in Four. Four respected and believed in her as a dauntless and made her feel things she never felt before in her old life. It makes her happy and terrified at the same time. But when everything is perfectly falling in it's place, Tris found out things. Things that does not only affect her new faction, but her old faction as well. And being divergent, she's in the middle of it all. Now, Tris needs to decide who she really is and use everything she learned in abnegation and dauntless to survive and save her loved ones.


Give me a second to breathe.....
Ok... just finished reading Divergent and it left me so breathless... I think I forgot to breathe for the last 3 chapters.

There's a touch of Harry Potter here, with factions or houses and all that. But since there's no magic here, this makes it more mature so I love it! :) The book is full-packed, there's no single boring line.

I love every bits of this story, especially the initiation. I grew to know Tris in every tests and I grew to love her more and more. And Four? First, I really love his alias, "four." That, solely made me love him. Since the story is from Tris' POV, I didn't get much of Four, but with every scenes he's with, his intelligence, gentlemanness, courage, braveness and everything else...he's just so perfect!!! Sorry for gushing.. I'll try to stop, just don't mention his name for awhile.

For the other characters, I love Tris' friend even Al. Bet there's something about Christina, though a candor, I can't help doubt her loyalty towards Tris, and after what happened at the last part.... oh no..

I love the laid -back feel of the story at the first part, then emotions gradually increase as the story goes on until I'm forgetting to breathe when the near comes. At first I didn't much focus to the political issue of this book, but when it became a big pasrt near the end, I became so attached to this book. The book focused on the initiation of the dauntless and Tris' detemrination to pass that I'm surprised with a new climax. Still, I love it!haha

Aside from a very entertaining story, Divergent expresses a very deep message. That is, everyone has a bits of Erudite, Dauntless, Candor, Amity and Abnegation within us. It is up to us which of this faction will prevail, but we can;t hide the fact that we are all divergent. It's our nature :)


snugglemybooks said...

Oh goodness. I've seen so many good reviews of this book, and I honestly want it soo bad.
To my dear Divergent: I'm sorry. I have too many TBR books as of now, but I'll come back for you, my love! I will!
Anyway, I love factions honestly, and I really, really am glad they have it in this one. I've been craving for a Harry Potter-type house thing.
Thanks for this review, it clears up the Erudite and Candor, etc. description it showed and now I definitely know it's going on my TBR. *sob* And it grows longer.

Kim at ssnugglemybooks.wordpress.com

ana cat quiambao said...

haha.. I understand your TBR dilemma, but I suggest you put it on your next to-read book... It's worth it I swear..I'll wait how it'll go for you :)

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