Lorien Legacies 2 ~ The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

Monday, January 14, 2013

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Marina is number seven. And she is still alive. She and her cepan are currently hiding in Spain, living in a convent with the nuns. She was never trained since her cepan seems to finally gave up and started denying who they really is. But that wont't stop Marina in fulfilling her mission. She's one of the garde and she's alive. That's what's important.

She has heard the news about a certain boy named John in America. She is sure she's like her. Seven will find him, and determined to fine the other six remaining. It's time for them to fight.

My Review

I was expecting that this is Six' story. SO I was a bit disappointed to read about a different girl. It was like a totally different story at the start since I am not reading much about John. But when the story of Marina and John meets, that's when things get really exciting.

Marina's life is kind of annoying. First, her cepan has this delusion that they would be safe from the Mogadorians through prayers. I'm not saying prayers do not work, but prayers need actions as well. And that's the important thing she forgot -- her responsibility to train Marina and prepare her for her purpose. Good thing Ella came. I adored her right from the start. Finally, Marina found someone who'll team up with her. And Marina's Legacies are awesome! Night sight and healing is totally cool. Well, I still don't know John's purpose since his only serves as flashlight. I'm waiting for another purpose of his legacy, and I haven't read it yet.

I don't like John's side of the story. Maybe because he's with Nine. I'm starting to hate Nine's attitude. And it doesn't help on me getting bored in the story. I'm not saying I'm not liking the story, I like it. But there are times that I feel like they just can't get out of trouble and it's tiring for me because I can't relax everytime a Mogadorian is near. John's character have not yet improved as well. He's still the same selfish and self centered guy and I'm hating him for that. First he lost Henry because of his stupidity, and now Sam..aargh!

Good thing Six is making the story so much better. She's what a garde is all about. Learns how to fight, not self centered, and not proud. I think all of them depends on her. Even Marina who doesn't know her in the start could feel Six will protect her. I always love the action scenes everytime she's in the scene. The actions are much cooler compared with the guys'.

Though I'm quite disappointed and frustrated that the book ended without the six being together, it won't stop me in reading the next book.


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