Lux 3 ~ Opal by Jennifer Armentrout

Saturday, January 12, 2013

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Katy is not the weak human as before. After Daemon healed her from almost dying, they have mutated. A lot of happened until then. Daemon was forced to heal Will- mutating him, Blake killed Adam and  then Dawson is back. But Dawson is not the old Dawson anymore, all he's thinking is how to save Beth from DOD and the Daedalus. 

Katy and Daemon has no choice but to promise him to help him get Beth back even if it means cooperating with Blake. The Blake who killed Adam, the Blake who's so desperate that they know they shouldn't trust. But do they have a choice?

My Review

I regret reading this book! Seriously! I should have read this when I already have book 4 in hand. If I just know... I just finished the book and I can't get it out of my head!!! The worst cliffhanger ever... or is it the best? Aaargh!

Before my frustration eats me up, let me go with my review.

This is not "Katy's book." It's like saying this is not my day. This book totally sucks for Katy. Because of Adam's death, her friendship with Dee died. Will still contacts her mother, Blake is back and has all the information on his sleeves to blackmail her, friend gone and as you read the book, you'll agree with me. The only good thing is Daemon. With Daemon around, all the bad things are nothing. 

I didn't realize how much I miss Daemon until I started reading about him again. Oh! His cockiness and overflowing confidence is something you can't find on other leading men. Most of them are modest, described as someone who are so handsome but unaware of it. But Daemon is different, he's very aware of his awesomeness and it's so adorable. I think the only thing that has humor in this book is Daemon and Lesa. Dee has lost her glow when Adam died, and Katy is being swallowed by all the problems.

Katy and Dee's friendship saddens me. Dee has always been the best bestfriend, and now that they're friendship is broken, it breaks my heart. A lot of things is happening and this is the last thing that should happen to both of them. But I can't blame Dee, she's hurting. Though I don't agree with how she blames Katy, blaming Katy is rationale. Come o think of it, all the troubles started because of Katy. 

Blake??? I really don't want to waste my space talking about him. But hell! I need a release to this frustration. Aaargh! I hate you! If Blake is real, I'm going to strangle him!!! 

This is a very good book. More action and twists. Katy has her powers making it more exciting. I heard in some reviews that the story gets really hot between Katy and Daemon, but I think otherwise. Previous books are much hotter, but I like their relationship more now. It became mature. 

Though this book almost killed me at the end, I'll forgive Ms. Jennifer by giving this a five star because it's worth it..more than that even! 


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