Something More by Mia Castile

Sunday, January 13, 2013

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Nyla had planned everything for her college life. And now, she's off to her new life in Chicago. A new city for her college, new apartment and new friends. The only thing she haven't plan is seeing Jamison there. Brother to her sister's bestfriend and her archenemy -- the bully. So when Jamison started being nice to her, she has doubts of his motives.

Jamison gave up his plan for college to follow Nyla in Chicago. She doesn't know why, but when he saw her during their graduation, he has this sudden fear of not seeing her again everyday. So he set off to Chicago to find out what the pull she has to him really means.

My Review

I like the simplicity of the cover. It's not that extravagant, but the photo is really nice. The girl is cute as well, so I was quite disappointed when I read that Nyla has the long brown hair and bangs, so not the girl in the picture. At least they should have made it match. I was really hoping Nyla would look like the girl in the cover. Also, How is Nyla pronounced? Is it "Nayla" or "Nila"?

Just like the cover ,the story is simple. Very straightforward and I would categorize it as a feel-good story. A lot of times, I get confuse with the transition on which side of the story is being told. First it's Nyla's then out of nowhere, it would go to Jamison, then there are sides of other characters as well. Maybe I'm just used on first person POV. Other characters did not have enough exposures, the story just focused around Nyla and Jamison. But of course, I'm not complaining. :D

The idea of the story though is really cute. It made me smile in this certain line:

"It wasn't until graduation day that he looked at her and was terrified of the thought of not seeing her every day"

I must admit, the thought is so sweet and romantic. My boyfriend once said almost the same line to me in a letter (we're not a couple yet that time) so the line made me remember that. *twinkling eyes 

If you're looking for drama, angst, or action, this is not the book for you. It's just something you could read on rainy days, when you feel like reading something sweet and relaxing. Its also just a short one, so it won't take much of your time.


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