Immortal Essence 2 ~ Beguiled by Rashelle Workman

Sunday, January 13, 2013

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Venus is back to her world. After being granted the immortality, and rejecting her soulmate Michael, Venus is now back to her kingdom as the Princess together with her beloved Formytian guard Zaren. 

But there's something she haven't found out yet regarding Michael. He is still in his world and not being poisoned by it's atmosphere. She found out a part of him is alien like her -- a kelvieri. But there's something more he does not tell her. And in the end, all things are revealed as she found out the truth on what really happened to her parents and who she really is.

My Review

Honestly speaking, I couldn't remember much about book 1. All I can remember is that Venus is an alien who fell in love with a human, Michael. And in the end, they returned to Venus' planet. I can't even remember the name of the planet until now. :( but what I can't understand at first is why Venus is with Zaren? Isn't Michael her soulmate?

As I go on, bit by bit  I remember what happened in the previous books. Oh yes! It was Venus' mission to find Michael's soulmate, then in the end it was found out that they were each other's soulmate. But Venus rejected her love. For what reason? Until now I don't know :(

I prefer the first book actually.  I like the simplicity of the story of an alien girl falling in love with a human boy compared to the complexity of gods' rivalries. The story is short but is full of twist and actions. The story also has a fast pace that it feels like I'm missing a lot of details.

I'm really confused who's Venus should really be with. The beginning convinced me that it's Zaren, but Michael is her soulmate. So I really don't know what's happening. Venus and Michael's story was not built up that much compared to book 1, that's why it's s little bit shocking hearing the end of the story.


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