Brenna Blixen 1 ~ Double Clutch by Liz Reinhardt

Sunday, January 20, 2013

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After a year in Dublin, Brenna is back in Sussex Country on her junior year. Here she met Saxon, and the moment she saw him, she immediately felt the attraction between them. But Saxon dating her potential bestfriend Kelsie made her decide Saxon is in no touch zone. Then she met Jake in tech school and immediately fell in love. A totally handsome guy, as handsome as Saxon, talented and most importantly single. He's really funny and smart, but does not have enough confidence because of his dyslexia.

One day in meeting Saxon and she found out that he is the campus man whore. It seems like he had sex with all the girls he knows, and that was another turn off for her. But Saxon is persistent, especially with her-- the only girl who turned him down. Jake on the other hand started off as friendly. He's the guy Brenna wants to be with, so she did. But no matter how focus she is with Jake, she can't deny the attraction she's feeling for Saxon.

My Review

So, we have a fashionista girl and 2 hot men. Let's get it on!!!

Let me first ogle with the two hot men... Hey! It's my right so don't stop me!

Saxon... *sigh just hearing his name makes my knees weak. A typical bad boy from books. Bad boy in the outside but really a softy in the inside, and oh! Really smart. Photographic memory??? Wow! Just with that, I'm already falling. The only bad side about him is that he smokes :( I admire his determination on Brenna, but since he's not that romantic when it comes to explaining what he really wants, Jake has the upper hand:

“I need to get you out of my system.”

Seriously?! Is that how you get to take a girl out? But since he's so sexy and really adorable with his smugness, I'll let it go.

Then there's Jake. Who's so talented and really smart, if not for his dyslexia. He's the boy next door type, but when his past was revealed, a past that he's like Saxon before, I can't blame Brenna on doubting him. If I met a really sweet guy, and someone tells me he's like Saxon... That's not consistent at all right?
at first, I think that what Brenna feels for him is pity. Him being dyslexic and poor, but as I grow to know him more and more, I'm starting to understand Brenna and feel that Jake is the right one for her. But with Saxon around, I can't tell for sure.

Brenna is not the slutty girl, spoiled or annoying. She's independent, and I guess that's the most important character of her that defined her throughout this series.  She's also mature. Even if there are some actions of her that doesn't seem so, in her own way it is.

Jake and Brenna got together really fast, it's what? The day after they first met?! But I'm ok with that. This story is so packed that courting would waste a lot of pages... Hahahaha

I like Brenna's POV. Her way of thinking is really deep, it makes me see a situation in a different perspective. The writing is simple and was naturally written that it became so easy for me to understand all the situations and imagine what's really happening. All details matches the story and each characters has been given enough importance to be really part of the story, each of them stands out on their own.

This book got me hooked so bad. I just can't stop reading. No matter how I convince myself enough is enough (for the day), I just can't put it down. Every page forces me to take the next page until I finish. Oh! Not just that book, but finish the entire series! Seriously! This book should have. A warning in the cover that says: "Beware of sleepless nights" I just can't stop until I know who Brenna ended up with.

And oh! Beautiful cover by the way. The girl is soooo prettty! :)


Bookworm Brandee said...

This whole series is wonderful! I really enjoyed Brenna - she's so sure of herself in a way I'm still not (and I'm over 40) and yet she's so grounded. And the boys...totally swoony. You won't be disappointed in the next books. :) Great review!

By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. You can find the details on my blog. If you choose not to accept, it's totally cool. I'm just glad I found your it!

Miss Bookgineer said...

yes! I had sleepless nights to finish the whole series. Is it over already or there's a fourth book I haven't heard about? :D

Nominated? really? That's cool.Thanks! I'll visit your site. :)

Miss Bookgineer said...
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