Under the Never Sky 2 ~ Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

Sunday, January 13, 2013

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Aria us back, the only thing Peregrine wanted. Aria is now with her. But being the new blood lord of the Tides, there are a lot of thing in Perry's hands. The doubt of his people to a young blood lord, the aether that has come more often, and other Tides that are still loyal with his brother -- the former blood lord, bringing Aria-- a dweller would just make things worse. But he doesn't care. As long as Aria's beside her, he would do everything.

Aria needs to find the Still Blue. A place that says to be free from Aether. She needs to find it, to Free Talon from Hess. Perry will surely come with her, but right now, Perry is needed by his people, so she decided to do it on without him. Together with Roar, they travel to the Rim, to get the location of Still Blue from Sable and for Roar to get Liv (Perry's sister) back. 

My Review

I was surprised that under the Never Sky has a second book. I totally fell in love with first book and it also ended well. So when I saw this book 2, I know I really need to read it. Good thing I did! It was a long time since I read book 1 so it took me awhile to get familiar with the story again. I even have to read the last pages of Under the Never Sky just to warm up. That's just when I realized that there are a lot of unsolved problems in book 1 that I should have expected a second book. Maybe I was just so satisfied that Perry and Aria are back together that I forgot about everything else. sorry about that :/

I'm so happy to read more about Perry and Aria. But this book didn't focus much about the love story of this two. A lot is happening to focus on that thing... :( They need to save Talon from reverie, Liv from Sable and fine Still Blue for the Tides. Aria and Perry needs to solve the problems on their hands on their own. They both know this, but until the end, they try to deny it, wanting just to be together. But still, things needs to happen.

Because of the distance between the two, there was a moment of doubt in my part, a moment where I think roar will be good for Aria. It feels like betraying Perry, but when Perry started doubting Aria and that annoying Kirra, I can't stop it. But deep inside me, I'm still rooting for Aria and Perry. i still can't understand much about the render thing, I hope it was elaborated.

The post apocalyptic world Veronica Rossi has created is so realistic.  It made me fear of that world praying that would never really happen. But it's so exciting that I want to explore it more along with Perry and Aria and find the Still Blue for the whole people's salvation.


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