Lorien Legacies 3 - The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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Four and Nine are together, but Sam is gone -- Trapped in the cave, captured by Mogadorians. Six, Seven and Ten are together. Yes, there's Ten. A young girl who can change her looks to different ages. She's the baby Four has seen in his dreams taken to the second ship that left Lorien that fearful night. Now, Six and her group are on to look for Eight. Soon they will be together, the seven of them to fight the Mogadorians and return to their planets. 

My Review

First, let me praise the cover. It's really cool, especially that sandy texture and the symbol that feels like it's embossed. It looks and feels real in the hands. 

There's a lot of happenings in this book. Bit by bit, things are getting clearer and a greater story is being unfold. I was expecting to hear a lot about the obnoxious Nine,  and luckily though confusing I didn't. The title is a bit misleading. Come to think of it, I never heard much about Nine's story except his very cool place and car. Thought there's now the mystery on who will really kill Setrakus Ra. Is it Four? Nine? or Eight? I really really hope it's Four, since he's the most built up character, and I really wish to find some purpose on those lighty things in his hands.

Finally, on the third book, I'm seeing direction where this is going. On the first 2 books, It's like just walking on the park, enjoying the scenes and everything. But now, I know where I'm going. Lots of actions and everything are now being explained. I finally get a glimpse of who really Nine is. Yep! Behind that obnoxious boy, there's something good in him, and I'm starting to like it. Though it seems he does not take things seriously, he does. He has just a different way of handling them.

In the end, when they all of them remaining got together, I breathe a sigh of relief. Finally! After almost 3 books of anticipation, they are finally together. And boy... aren't they strong?! Each of their legacies are complement of each other. As a group, they are more stronger... that's for sure. I was so excited for them to face Setrakus Ra and end everything up. I have been really tired with this sction-packed series and I just want it to end and get their hea. So imagined my surprised when I read an open ending and found out that there are more 3 books!!! I thought this is just a trilogy!!! Well... I blame no one but myself. I took the books without thinking twice, never checked goodreads and just based everything else on the movie I saw, so that's it. I'm being punished by waiting for the next three books.

But I'm willing to take that punishment of course!!! Now that these seven are together, I'm so sure it will bem ore exciting and fun. Nine and six in the same place? Sarah and Six and Four? oh boy...I'm so excited. I just wish Sam is with them already.


basicallyaboutbooks said...

MUST READ! This book has been sitting next to my bed for soooo long. OMG and there are 3 more books!

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