The Crown of Embers by Rae Carson

Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Lucero-Elisa is now the new queen of Joya d' arena. With her husband, King Alejandro dead from the invierne attack and Rosario, his heir is too young, it is up to Elisa to rule the kingdom.

But Elisa herself is too young, being only sixteen. Good thing her personal guard never leaves her side, the Royal Guard Hector. Also, her guardian Ximena and lady in waiting Mara. Other than these people, almost everyone in the palace is against her. There's the Conde and the mayordomo who believes Elisa is not fit to rule. They do things in their own hands and force Elisa to marry to find his king. And with invierne attacks coming and others that threatens Elisa's life, they have all the opportunities to prove to the people how weak Elisa is on being a ruler. 

So Elisa, along with Hector, Ximena, Mara, Belen, Faher Alentin and Tristan goes on a journey to find the Zafira. A legend that tells whomever bearer gains the Zafira will have the power. Something what Elisa needs right now. But Elisa will be facing challenges and test to prove her worth. And that does not yet include the suffering she's experiencing on falling in love with Hector.

My Review

This book is like reading what goes on after happily ever after. After reading The Girl of Fire and Thorns, I was very satisfied that Elisa had her happy ending even with Humberto dead. So I'm kind of sad to find out on this second book that things are not really going that well with Elisa. Now that the major threat is over, seems like other people in the castle want to rule on their own and Elisa is on their way. It's also sad to know that Elisa feels so alone. After everything that she'd been through, Elisa still has no man beside him to make her feel loved and important. It's just so unfair. :(

You might contradict me and remind me Hector is there. But you see, at the start, Hector's priority is to be her personal guard. And that don't counts as a lovelife. So when Tristan came, I was kind of anticipating Hector's jealousy. But of course, Rae Carson is not the typical writer that writes plottable story. What's the excitement in there???

I'm not used with Elisa being so helpless. It frustrates me because I can't find the great Lucero-Elisa who led the rebellion and beat the invierno saving the whole kingdom. For half of the story, Elisa has become Alejandro as a ruler. I could still Elisa's intelligence inside her, but she lost the courage to act on it. So I was glad when they went on the journey looking for the zafira. Bit by bit, Elisa returned and remembered how she was.

I was quite frustrated on Hector-Elisa love story. Why can't they tell each other how they feel and fall inlove??? And why is Elisa afraid of what others would think if he choose Hector? First, Hector is part of the quorum. Second, he's from a noble family. Third, she trust him with her life and fourth she's the queen for heaven's sake!!! And Hector! Really??? When they had the chance and their lips finally found each other, does you need to destroy the moment by over-thinking everything??? aargh! OK... I'm sorry for venting up here, but after finishing the book, this is all I could do until 2013 waiting for the third book.

There's not that much action in this book compared to Book 1, this book is more on feeling and Elisa's search on what kind of ruler she is. But there's still the deepness that I believe has become Ms. Carson't trademark. It's not just a story, there's definitely a message in there. And on my side, in this book, it's the girl power! yay! Go Elisa! :)


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