One Black Rose by Maddy Edwards

Sunday, September 23, 2012

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For the summer, Autumn had planned to go to Maine and visit her best friend Carley. Her plan of spending summer as an ordinary sixteen-year old girl was diverted instantly when he met the attractive and mysterious Holt Roth. If he thought the connection she felt for Holt was something mysterious itself, he met Samuel Cheshire, and the pull she feels towards him is another thing.

Attracted in two different boy in totally different ways, Autumn find herself in between a raging war of Summer fairies and Winter fairies. Unknowingly, Holt is the summer fairy prince and Samuel is the winter fairy prince. Both heir to their kingdom, they are obliged to find their bride. The problem is, Autumn is the candidate. However, Samuel needs to have the bride first, and therefore has the first right to offer Autumn his black rose but Autumn's feelings for Holt is so great he can't accept Samuel.The what worst? If Autumn chose Holt, a war will definitely starts

My Review

Reading this at first is like dejavu. The first time Holt and Autumn met is at the airport where Holt had saved Autumn from a falling man in unhumanly speed:

"you just raced up here in your car... and you... caught him"

Ok, that's Autumn's reaction. Is something clicking in your memory now? If you're thinking Bella after Edward saved him from the truck that's about to squash her...well bingo! we're on the same page. This is like Twilight but instead of vampires, there are the fairies. Holt has also this mysterious character that everyone is attracted to and his beautiful family. So are you getting what I'm telling? :D

Anyway, since I adored Twilight at some point in time, I'll proceed on reading letting the twilight dejavu go and surprisingly, I enjoyed myself. The writing style is simple, but the way the story was created and told is extraordinary. I was expecting a cliche story with fairies and all. But I was wrong. Yes, there's the SOP winter and summer are enemies, but the love triangle is quite unique. For Autumn, everything is simple. She loves Holt, though she's attracted with Samuel, no doubt she'll choose Holt. But in the fairy kingdom, her simple understanding could result to a war. And it's heartbreaking. Other than that, there are other intriguing side stories I would love to hear. Like Mrs. Cheshire history, since it was mentioned that one time, she was offered the black rose twice. 

Holt is sweet, but I feel there's something more with Samuel. Holt has his chance with Autumn, but Samuel never had. So I wish he had more opportunity or moments with Autumn, maybe the readers would more know about Samuel. :) 

I'm quite confuse with the timeline of this story, I just cant believe everything happened in two weeks, considering that there's a part where a week has passed that Holt and Autumn stopped seeing each other. But other than that, I like how the story went.


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